This week should be a great house-building week (if the rain and the cold stay away). They have started sheet rocking and putting up the hardiplank siding. The brick is also almost finished. Here are some progress shots:

We have a fully shingled roof… always a good thing!


Siding going up


Front steps were finished yesterday- now they have to do our brick-base craftsman columns out front


Deck and screened porch are finished (minus the screen)


Some brick detail on the front… and a big mess. The whole construction site aspect drives me nuts… there’s trash everywhere and it makes me want to break out in hives.


Knox testing out the shower


Brody learning that he cannot, in fact, fit through the rails on the deck without getting his big head stuck in them.


Our master bedroom… half-way sheet rocked! Our ceilings are 10 feet, plus with the tray ceiling detail in here, they’re SO high! We love it!


That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll have more to show this week when they finish with the drywall and siding. It’s starting to feel more like our house!

Two, Four, Sick

Last weekend, we had a joint birthday party for Knox and Brody. Since we don’t really have a home of our own right now, a home-party was out of the question. Initially, I thought we may do a weekend trip instead, but then, I realized that a trip involves driving for extended distances with two kids in the car, so I changed my mind on that one. Instead, we booked a local gymnastics place for a joint party. The night before the party, Brody woke us up at midnight by throwing up in our bed. After he did it, he acted much better and fell asleep. The next morning, he was totally fine, too. We figured he must have drank too much milk the day before and it upset his stomach (because he asked for “sopasilk meek” aka “chocolate milk” 435 times during the course of the day), so we decided to proceed to the party. I let the moms of other little kids know, just for full disclosure, what had happened, but they were all okay with it since it seemed like a single occurrence.

We just started to set up at the gym when “BLAAAHHHH.” Vomit ensued. I felt like such a punk for 1) bringing Brody sick 2) inadvertently lying to the other moms about Brody not being sick, and mostly, I just felt so sad that Brody had to go home!! Trevors’ parents took him back to their house while we stayed and had a birthday celebration for Knox. Brody threw up once more once they got home and was then totally cured. Knox had the time of his life jumping in foam pits and bouncing on trampolines, and we discovered that a gymnastics party is even more fun for the men than the kids.

2014-02-08 11.18.38

2014-02-08 10.55.17

This is my husband pushing my brother (inside the circle) into a giant foam pit. The lady from the gymnastics academy nearly had a heart attack and made them all sign a waiver promptly following the taking of this picture.

2014-02-08 11.24.46After playing for a while, we had cake (a gorgeous firetruck cake made by my talented sister, Kayla, that honored both Knox’s love of fire and Brody’s love of trucks) and sang “happy birthday” to Knox while he drank a juice box and acted very nonchalant about the whole thing.

2014-02-08 11.42.01 2014-02-08 11.38.07

We saved the top tier and let Brody blow candles out the next night when he was up to snuff. He enjoyed eating the fire hat off of the Dalmatian, too. 2014-02-08 19.27.00

This weekend, we opened Brody’s gifts (Knox got his back in January) with him one day late, thanks to the crazy weather situation and being totally snowed-in for three days. 2014-02-14 14.46.42

So, all-in-all, their birthdays were a little more spread out than we had intended, but they were both celebrated and loved-on, which was the goal! Happy birthday, fellas!

Hey, Look! It’s a house!

They’re moving right along on our house. Of course, today, it’s nothing but ice and snow here in South Carolina, which is just lovely considering we don’t have shingles, yet. However, I am choosing to ignore that for today and just be excited that it’s looking so great!


The past few times Trevor and I have been over to the house, it’s been around 6 pm, so it’s too dark to take pictures inside. I plan on going over this weekend and taking some new pictures. It’s so exciting! Every time we go over (at least every other day), something new has been done. In the past two weeks, we’ve gotten a roof and last week they did our front and back porches. The screened-in porch is framed, and they’ll be starting on the deck soon. They’ve roughed in our plumbing, ductwork and electrical, too.

We got our first draft of kitchen sketches for cabinetry, so I just made my adjustments and sent them back to our contractor. I also have been busy choosing lighting fixtures. By “choosing,” I mean obsessing over. Here are the ones I know for sure:

Dining Room:

4c96645f8c66317aeb9bbc2cff675bd4Paxton 8-Light from Pottery Barn 

Foyer light:

Spazio+Three+Light+Pendant+in+Iron+Oxide Minka Lavery Spazio 3 Light Drum Pendant from Wayfair

Breakfast Nook:


Burlap Drum Pendant from Shades of Light

Master Bathroom:


Pullman Bath Light from Shades of Light  

Then, there’s the island lighting. Oh, the island lighting. It’s stressing me out. A lot. I know I want two big, chunky pendants, but I can’t decide between:

Big lanterns (source)


Industrial-style pendants (source)


My favorite, I think, are the metal pendants, but it’s SO hard to find some I like in our price range.  Eventually, I’ll make up my mind! In the mean time, I am now on to paint colors. I’ll share those soon!

We’ve been framed

And in then very best kind of way. We now have exterior walls, the interior is framed and the ceiling is almost finished being framed. The roof is next on the list, and since it’s going to be a wet week, that can’t happen soon enough! It’s been so cool to watch walls go up. The house felt so small when only the floor was framed and we were looking at chalk outlines on the subfloor where our rooms would be. Now, it feels gigantic! We have 10 foot ceilings and the biggest windows I’ve ever seen- everything is already feeling so open, light and bright (and not just because we don’t have a roof !). We can’t wait for mid-May, which is our anticipated move-in date. What a great 6th anniversary present that would be for us! In the meantime, we go by nearly everyday, though taking the boys makes me want to have a coronary because they want to run everywhere and hang out of open window frames- doors and windows are highly anticipated!! I don’t think they understand the whole process, but they know it’s our “houzz” and love to visit the site. They’ll get it eventually.

Here’s the exterior:


Trevor and Brody in the mudroom (this is the small window you see on the very left in the picture above… I tell you, HUGE windows!)

Back wall of the living room- that door will lead to our screened-in porch:

The boys in our breakfast nook- we will have a built-in banquette here for cozy breakfasts:

Knox and Brody in their new rooms (well, Knox is in his wall but still)

Silly boys playing:


Down the long hall from the mudroom (lots of wall space for hanging pictures!)

Hi, I’m Austin. Oh wait…

Knox’s jokes tend to take on a life of their own, and this time, well… the joke’s gone a little too far.

Here’s how it usually goes when Knox tells the “Austin Joke”:

Trevor: Knox, who am I?
Knox: Austin!!
Trevor: I’m not Austin, I’m Daddy!

::Brody meanders over… attention must be his::

Brody: AU-DIN!!!
Trevor: I’m not Austin, I’m Daddy!
Brody: HAHAHA!!

… and hilarity ensues. We’re not quite sure why Knox decided to make my brother, Austin, the punchline of his joke, but this has become a favorite game of the boys’ to play with Trevor. They think it is so, so funny, and we thought it was all just fun and games.


Me: Brody, what’s your name?
Brody: Au-din.
Me: No, you’re Brody!
Brody: AU-DIN!!!!!!!
Me: No-

Well, then. I’ve heard of strong-willed children, but seriously, a nearly-two-year-old that decides to change their own name?? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve met my match with Brody Austin!


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