An Upcoming Arrival

I found out last week (at 35 weeks), that I would be induced between 37 and 38 weeks. With my high risk status and the fact that I am on blood thinners, the doctors feel that Ford should be born as soon as he is full-term. Of course, I get that news from the PA and had to wait a whole week to talk to my doctor about it and get some more details. I was really looking forward to my appointment yesterday so that I could talk to my doctor, get more information and ask some questions. First I had an ultrasound, and Ford passed with an 8/8 as he has every time… my little over achiever. And seriously, I cannot wait to kiss those lips!!


Of course, my appointment ended up being switched to another doctor. Because OF COURSE IT DID. I was quite surprised, so I was a little flustered when Dr. J came in for my appointment. She checked my cervix, which is a weekly thing, and I’ve progressed each week so far. Sure enough, I am now a “loose two centimeters” dilated and still about 60% effaced. So I asked her about this upcoming induction, and she said my doctor and her nurse were on the phone with the hospital right then scheduling it, so they’d call me soon with the day and time. She asked if I had any questions, and I told her I really only had some questions for my own doctor about the delivery day, but I did ask her about how they would induce me. She said by breaking my water and starting me on a very low dose of Pitocin. Blech, is what I say to that. I do not want Pitocin, not even a little because I really want a natural (no epidural) birth, and I know that will make contractions stronger and more painful. I figured I’d argue that point with my own doctor when she called me later. So that was it.

An hour later, I get a phone call from my doctor’s nurse. They’re inducing me Monday morning at 5 a.m. Like, this coming Monday. I’ll be 37 weeks and 1 day pregnant. That already had me stressing- I wanted to be closer to 38 weeks, but they were pretty insistent to do it sooner rather than later. Then, I get this one: my doctor can’t even deliver me. She had two inductions already scheduled for her on-call day of Tuesday, so she wasn’t allowed to have another one. Who’s delivering me? Dr. J, who I literally just saw an hour before and asked ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because I had no idea she’d be delivering me. So by this point, I am about to cry because I am so frustrated. Then, I ask if they can just break my water to induce me, knowing my history of super fast labor after my water breaks, and they said no, I had to have some Pitocin, too, since I won’t be “in labor” technically, which I was with Knox and Brody (and had been for weeks upon weeks with them). The good news here is that I am progressing on my own, so I will not need to come in the night before for Cervidil or any of that fun.

After I had a smidgeon of a mental breakdown about all of my plans bursting into flames, I called Trevor, vented a bit and calmed myself down. I don’t feel in control of this situation, and as a control freak, that makes me anxious and irritated. However, let’s be honest, I am in control of nothing. God is in control, and He’s protected Ford and I thus far, so I am going to have faith that He is who He says He is and that we will be just fine. At the end of the day, would I like a natural birth? Absolutely. Is that the most important thing? Nope. I want two things: a healthy baby and a healthy me. Anything else is icing on the cake. I know that I can say “no” to any intervention that I don’t feel comfortable with, and I will do that if I feel pushed beyond reason. But I get the feeling that my doctor will take it slowly with the Pitocin and the nurse said they can turn it off completely once contractions pick up, which is good.

My main prayer here is for Ford and that he be ready for birth and be able to come home with us two days later. My after-birth experience with Knox and Brody was night and day: 10 days in the NICU versus rooming-in with us and going right home. I’d like to repeat the latter experience, if you please! Knox was born at 36 weeks and Brody at 37.

So my friends, here is where you come in. Please pray for a healthy baby, a healthy mom and as natural of a birth as possible. I’ll update you guys via social media on Monday, so follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram to make sure you don’t miss anything. Love you guys, and thanks so much for the prayers and support!!

Here’s one of the last belly pictures there will be! Right at 36 weeks and 1 day, a week before his birthday. Yes, he is lower, and yes, I can feel the difference. Oh, can I ever feel it.


Ford’s Nursery within the Master Bedroom

When we found out we were expecting a third baby, thoughts soon turned to where he would sleep. We wisely just finished our forever home with only three bedrooms, not thinking another baby was in the near future. After talking it over, we decided that at first, Ford would sleep in our room.

Our master bedroom is spacious enough that we were easily able to accommodate a crib and dresser, allowing Ford his own nursery space within our bedroom. I have to say, I am over the moon with how it turned out. Our first two boys  co-slept with us forever, so this may actually work better than him having his own room at first, anyway. I went with a calming neutral palette with rustic touches that would blend in with our room, but be appropriately “baby” enough for Ford.

Here is the view right as you enter our bedroom:

IMG_0138 IMG_0139

And into Ford’s space…  I love this sweet crib. We were going to re-use Brody’s crib, but it was HUGE, so I decided we needed to get a new one. I’ve always wanted a white crib, and I love the classic look of the Jenny Lind. It fits so much better in this smaller space, and I’m so glad we got it!



The over-the-crib art was a source of a lot of brainstorming and re-brainstorming. My original idea was messed up when we moved the large armoire that stood in this space (that now lives in our closet) and re-discovered a huge outlet hole in the wall. I planned something more airy with the wooden bunting letters and a rustic ladder, but since we needed to now cover a big hole, it was back to the drawing board! Luckily, I found this Bible verse art at the ever-amazing Hobby Lobby (on clearance for $29!) and made it work. I like it even better than my original plan.

IMG_0144 IMG_0145 IMG_0146 IMG_0166 IMG_0147

I love a good gallery wall. Maybe that’s why they’re all over my house! This one was a lot of fun to put together- I wanted something that would be able to transition easily back into an adult-only space when Ford moves in with a big brother down the road, and I think this fits the bill. There are lots of Bible verses in this space, which I love. This baby is a direct reminder to me of God’s amazing grace, generosity and provision. Some of these prints and pieces, I’ve collected over time and have no idea where they’re from, but the ones I do know I’ll add to a source list at the bottom of this post.


IMG_0155 IMG_0157





I love how this space came together, and I cannot wait to welcome Ford in just a couple weeks (more info on his early arrival coming soon)!


Source List:

Crib: Jenny Lind in white
Sheets: Pottery Barn Kids Harper Clover Geo in Navy
Crib skirt: Pottery Barn Kids Preston (no longer available)
Dresser: DIY refinished
Hamper with liner: TJ Maxx
Over crib “Bless the Lord” art: Hobby Lobby
Wooden name letter bunting: Hobby Lobby
Frames: Ikea
Wooden frame with bow: Kirkland’s
Metal teal arrow: Hobby Lobby
Arrow: Target craft section, “stained” with acrylic paint and water wash by me
Burlap and metal “W”: Kirkland’s
Wooden Star: Carolina Pottery (for $3!!)
“Live a Quiet Life” print: Gracelaced
Changing pad cover: Summer Infant Ultra Plush
Changing area basket: Wal-mart (a few years back)grace
Diaper bag: Pottery Barn Kids Black Harper Tote
Curtains: Amazon Tahari Home
Wall color: Revere Pewter by Sherwin Williams

34 Weeks

So, I’m a little bit pregnant. I seriously look back at the past few months and wonder how on earth we’re already here at this point. The holidays and twice weekly doctor visits have made the past few weeks fly even faster. January is a month of craziness for me. I’m working as far ahead as humanly possible at work and making sure my assistant is ready to take over some key areas in my absence when I’m out. I have to-do lists piled all over my desk, organized by month. If I can do it in advance, I am doing it! My plan is to take 12 weeks of maternity leave, which I am really looking forward to. I only took eight weeks with Knox and Brody, but I was also able to take them to work with me afterwards, so eight weeks was plenty long enough. Ford is the first baby I will actually have to leave, and I don’t think I’m going to care for that much! Luckily, Trevor and my mom will be the ones watching him, so that’s a little less stressful. I love, love my job, but the idea of staying home with this baby for 12 weeks is heavenly.

I’ll be posting baby “nursery” pictures later this week. Ford is bunking with us, but he has his own distinct areas, so it feels very much like his own tiny nursery. I finished everything up over Christmas break with that, finally hanging the last piece of art over his crib. I have been in insane “nesting” mode, and it’s to the point now where I’ve done everything I can think of, so I  am having to find new things to obsess over. This week: freezer meals are beginning. Give me a week, our freezer will be overflowing. I’m a little bit out of control when I get fixated on something!

How far along? 34 weeks, 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: 20 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Yes indeed. I am outgrowing so many shirts, but I REFUSE to buy more maternity clothes at this point. I have been shopping in the normal women’s section and buying up all the tunic-length shirts and oversized sweaters I can find!

Sleep: I don’t fall asleep until much later than I have been (9 p.m. was my bed time for months early on in this pregnancy). Generally, I’m going to sleep around 11 now, but I wake up in the same position I fell asleep in. I sleep like a rock.

Best moment(s) this week: Over the past few weeks, it’s been amazing to experience Christmas with our boys and spend lots of time together as they’ve been out of school. Also, finishing up Ford’s nursery was great!

Movement: All the time. These twice-weekly appointments are kind of hilarious- they monitor for his movement, and I don’t think he stays still for a second of the entire NST or ultrasound.

Food cravings: Dark chocolate is my friend. Soda wants to be my friend, but I am kicking it to the curb. La Croix sparkling water is my sub, and it’s working out pretty well.

Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: Just Braxton Hicks thus far. My doctor will start checking my cervix on Thursday… very curious to see how that goes!

Belly Button in or out? Obviously, it’s out.

What I miss: Bending without falling over. Wearing normal shirts that cover my entire stomach.

What I am looking forward to: Labor and delivery. Call me nuts, but I am really looking forward to that part! I’ve been reading up on natural birth again, and I am going to attempt to do it. I tried with Knox and that didn’t go well- I feel like I’m preparing more this time, mentally, for that, so hopefully it helps. My Hypnobirthing practice  is hilarious- I cannot make it through the mp3 without falling asleep! I guess that means it’s working, since the point is to relax! Who knows what that lady is telling me at the end of that recording!

Weekly Wisdom: Drink lots of water. Even if you think you’ve had enough, drink some more.

Milestones: Twice weekly appointments? Is that a milestone? Sure.

33 Week Baby: From Ford’s ultrasound last week. I swear, he looks so much like Knox. And the LIPS on this kid. Trevor’s mouth is copied and pasted on all three of these boys!


34 Week Belly: (if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you may want to do that!)



Christmas 2015

This year was probably one of our most fun Christmases ever. The boys were SO into the anticipation and really “got” the concept fully. We did so much leading up to Christmas to get them excited, like visiting Santa Claus, seeing Christmas lights and talking it about, oh, every day. I also found a great app for my phone that lets Santa “call” the kids, which the boys freaked out over. It was a lot of fun!

Trevor was supposed to work on Christmas day, but a super nice guy at his station offered to switch with him- he said his kids were grown, and if Trevor would work New Years Day for him, he’d work Christmas. We were so, so grateful for that kindness!! Having him home with us was awesome. On the 23rd, we took both kids to our Christmas “Eve” service at church- obviously, fire was the highlight of their night. We had lots of hot wax dripped on our hands as we tried to make the kids hold still- they were pretty wiggly and very noisy- I was glad there were other loud kids in the there, too!!

IMG_5605 IMG_5603

On Christmas Eve, we always go to Trevor’s grandparents’ house for dinner and hanging out- they live right next door, so it’s an easy commute! Before we left, I dressed the boys in their Christmas jammies and took a few pictures. They were such hams!


We always eat finger foods and desserts on Christmas Eve, and Brody was a big fan of Nan’s chocolate cake. “It tastes like delicious, Mommy!” We have fun hanging out with his family, and the boys LOVE to entertain everyone with their antics. Brody started mooning everyone, and at that point, we figured he was delirious and it was time to go home!

IMG_5661 IMG_5675

When we got home, it was wrestling the kids to bed and setting out gifts.

IMG_5691 IMG_5692 IMG_5693

I was telling Trevor that night, having kids at Christmas is even more fun than being a kid at Christmas. It’s just such a great feeling to watch their expressions and feel the excitement. I could barely sleep, just being so excited to see them in the morning! Santa was very good to these boys this year, and he even remembered Ford :) Knox got an off-road scooter, Brody got a balance bike, then they each got some goodies that fit their personalities. Some of the hits were Knox’s marble run and Brody’s billion marvel super heroes. They both LOVE Disney’s “Big Hero 6” and are always talking about Microbots- we found some little magnets at Learning Express that look just like them that thrilled Knox and Brody both (that’s what Knox is excitedly eyeing in the picture just below):

IMG_5730 IMG_5736 IMG_5747 IMG_5756 IMG_5779 IMG_5809 IMG_5803 IMG_5812

Last year, Knox didn’t react to much in the moment, he was very overwhelmed by the whole process. This year, he was way more into it and showed lots of excitement, which was great. Brody was a present-opening machine- he loved it! Knox preferred to open something, then play with it before moving on. Of course, Knox is always thrilled to see a box of organic Pop-Tarts… Santa always leaves him some in his stocking!


Playing superheroes is Brody’s favorite thing to do… good thing his Daddy is usually up to the task!


After we opened our gifts and played for a while, Trevor’s parents stopped by for brunch and to give gifts to the boys. The huge gifts were Ford’s, but his big brothers made quick work of opening them (they were his new crib and mattress!) on his behalf. We had fun hanging out with Mimi and Poopa and playing with lots of new toys (especially their light sabers, or as Brody calls them, “light Vaders”).

IMG_5820 IMG_5826 IMG_5852

After a few gifts, Knox got very overwhelmed and needed a sensory break (or three). He started crying and getting very upset over little things, so we knew he’d had too much input that morning. We gave him some time to play with Play-doh and sit in his room with a toy or two to wind down. He was totally fine again after he decompressed for a while by himself!


Then, that afternoon, my brother, Austin, and sister, Kayla, came over to hang out with us. They were there for about an hour before my mom and stepdad arrived. We did gift exchanging with them, then Kayla and I finished up cooking Christmas dinner. The funniest thing was that Kayla and I gave each other the same gift: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition. We are both huge Harry Potter nerds and were equally thrilled!  I managed to get zero pictures of Kayla, but she was there! She works in a bakery and always brings Knox and Brody adorable cookies when she comes to visit… she decorated these Scottie dogs with Christmas sweaters, and even Brody thought they were precious.

IMG_5894 IMG_5879

He told me, “Mommy, he’s so cute, I not eat his head.” Of course, the head was eaten very quickly, but at least his intentions were good! Austin got Brody a football jersey, which he proudly wore with his baseball helmet and said “I’m a football player!!” Zero personality, this child.


More of my family arrived closer to 6 for dinner, I think there were 13 of us total. It’s always a lot of fun, and the food is awesome (if I do say so, myself). Austin and Kayla ended up spending the night with us that night, and Austin stayed one more night after that before he headed home to Florida. It’s always fun to have a sibling sleepover, even as grown-ups! Austin always brings his toy Aussie, Jake, along, whom the boys adore. Jake is the funniest little dog- he loves TV, especially animal shows. This is him watching Puppy Bowl footage on Trevor’s phone.


Of course, our children also terrorized him with their light sabers and remote-controlled cars a bit, just to show him their immense love for him.

We had a wonderful, wonderful day spent celebrating the birth of Jesus with our families. We can’t wait for next year, when we’ll have one more little boy added to the mix. I hope you guys had a great Christmas, too!


31 Weeks

I’m basically to the point in this pregnancy where I feel like if I bend over too far or too fast, this baby is just going to shoot right out of me. I feel  like a turtle on it’s back any and every time I sit or lay down. I sit there wobbling ineffectively for a few seconds until I can get enough leverage to actually move.

Next week, I start my twice weekly OB visits. Since this is a high-risk pregnancy due to my MTHFR gene mutation/ high clot risk PLUS my history of preterm labor, I’ll receive an ultrasound and an NST every week to make sure Ford is growing and thriving. So far, he is looking great (his head measures a week ahead of the rest of him… typical of my boys!!). I’m definitely having more and more Braxton Hicks, some of which are uncomfortable, but there still isn’t a pattern to them, which is a good thing. Generally if I drink a lot of water and rest, they subside. I tend to work myself to death in every area of life (hyper-productivity is a bit of a curse sometimes), so I really have to remind myself to take it easy and chill out.

Here’s my little pregnancy survey for this week:

How far along? 31 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 20 pounds. I may actually stay within the 25 pound range, which is what I hoped for this time.

Maternity clothes? Obviously. Have you seen my stomach?

Sleep: Getting worse. I get up at least once to pee, and I have the most bizarre and vivid dreams. It doesn’t make for a super restful night. Plus, yay for my back hurting all the time.

Best moment(s) this week: Hanging out with my husband. We had a very off week last week with our schedules and three Christmas parties (that we attended sans spouses)- we didn’t spend any time alone together! It’s been nice to see his face again and cuddle on the couch together in the evenings.

Movement: Constant.

Food cravings: Chocolate and peanut butter. You guys, Trader Joes Chocolate Peanut Butter Salted Caramel Truffles. I can’t even with the deliciousness in that bag. I pretended that one bag is a single serving, and you should do the same thing. Holy moly.

Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: Just Braxton Hicks thus far. I’m assuming they’ll check my cervix next week with my history of preterm labor and these contractions, so hopefully that will yield some good news (i.e.: not dilated).

Belly Button in or out? As previously discussed, the belly button situation is extreme.

What I miss: Good solid sleep.

What I am looking forward to: Getting Ford’s crib set up, and I am starting to get really excited about all of the newborn things like nursing, baby cuddles and that baby smell. Also, I just got a book on Hypnobirthing and am excited to dig into that method a bit more. If you have experience with that, let me know!! I’m also re-reading all of my birth books, and am currently halfway into “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.”

Weekly Wisdom: Take a break more often than you feel like you need one. Chances are, you need more than you think you do!

Milestones: I’m pretty sure I’m starting to waddle. If that isn’t a sucky milestone, I don’t know what is.

Belly pic at 31 weeks and 2 days:


I came home the day I took this picture and my amazing husband told me “Babe, you look hot.” I happily repliedl, “aw, thanks, babe, that was so sweet!” He’s so smart of a man, he knows just what to say nowadays. Then Brody comes over and sweetly says, “Aw, Mommy. Look at your beautiful scarf! You look like a snowman!!”

Gee, thanks, child of mine. Trevor told him, “Brody, one day you’ll learn the things NOT to say to women!”

And because I love them to pieces (even though half of them thinks I look like a huge snowman), here are some pictures with the biggest boys, too:

IMG_5551 IMG_5549

That crooked grin on Knox is identical to his father’s. It’s part of what still makes me melt when I look at Trevor, so needless to say, Knox can basically do no wrong when he smiles that way! And cutie pie Brody never ceases to have a silly expression on his face (even with a busted up nose!). Happy Friday, friends!

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