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Oh snap.

So, we sent Knox’s diapers off a while back to be converted from velcro to snaps, and they turned out awesome! “Convert My Diapers” did a fabulous job on them, and we were very happy with the results. They look like totally new diapers, and I definitely wish I had bought snaps from the beginning! Live and learn, right?

These aren't actually ours, but this is what the converted diapers look like.

While the diapers were away for a few weeks, we had to use disposables. This was bad news. They worked just fine (we used Target’s Up and Up Brand), but they caused me to develop a small problem: I don’t want to do diaper laundry ever again. Oops.

I used cloth exclusively (even on vacation) for over a year before I ever strapped a disposable to Knox’s tush. Eventually, we decided to use them occasionally if he was on antibiotics (diarrhea city) so I didn’t have to scrub that situation out of the cloth and so we could cake his cheeks in more potent diaper rash ointment. Then, I figured, using them on vacation was a good plan, too, so I did. These small ventures did nothing to deter my love for cloth, whatsoever. I jumped right back into it with no problem.

However, a month without diaper laundry PLUS a newly pregnant/ nauseated sniffer= no thank you, stinky laundry. I still love using the actual diapers just as much as always (CLOTH DIAPERING 4EVAH!!), but my gosh, I am so unmotivated to wash/ fold them, now! It’s definitely a love/hate thing with the diaper laundry- some days, it’s no big deal and just as normal a part of the routine as brushing my teeth, but others, I don’t know, it just strikes me as such an annoying task.

I decided that I have to get over this and made myself sit down and stuff diapers last night. Guess what? It took five minutes and didn’t even hurt. I’m cured! Okay, maybe not totally, but at least I’m getting back in the swing of things. I decided that on days when I feel like I”m going to vomit, it’s totally okay to delay the laundry until the next day, and if that means Knox has to rock Sesame Street characters on his butt, so be it. I don’t think adding vomit to the diaper pail would help matters much, do you? My thoughts exactly.

Peace out, Velcro!

The velcro on Knox’s cloth diapers is no longer with us. Well, at least it won’t be with us once I finish ripping it off. We decided to move onward from the aplix closures on his bumGenius diapers and delve into the world of snaps. Why? 1) Knox now likes to remove his diapers through his clothes and 2) the velcro tabs don’t freaking stick anymore. All of the tabs have started to curl up on the ends, which makes it kinda tough to secure them in place. Shockingly, the newer 4.0 diapers are giving us more problems than the older 3.0s. I always hang-dry our diaper shells, so it’s just the washing that’s taking a toll on them. While the aplix was in good condition, we loved it, but it’s gotten progressively worse since after about a year of use.

I looked into doing this snap conversion myself, as there are plenty of tutorials online (like this one) that give step-by-step instructions. However. I figured I would spend around $40 for supplies and endless amounts of time (one site estimates 30 minutes PER diaper… multiply that times the 30 diapers we have, and that’s 15 hours of my life gone down the tube) on this conversion. Hence, my decision to make someone else do it! I am sending this off to this lovely lady, who is going to convert them for $3.25/diaper. Normally, it’s $3.75 a diaper, but I am removing the velcro before I send them, so she gives a $0.50 discount. Also, we get a 10% discount off the top since we are sending in so many. I will spend around $90 to have this done, which is only $50 more than I would have spent doing it myself. Um, yes please!

They will go from this:

To this:

I hate having to spend more money on our diaper stash, but I figure with the amount of money we’ve saved by using cloth, it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what we would have spent on disposables. Speaking of, we are using disposables while our diapers are away… they’ve kept everything contained, thus far, but they stink! He pees 800 times  a day, and man, it reeks the second he does it. Ick. Oh well, it’s only for a little while, so we’ll make do. Oh, and all of his pants fall off! Those cloth diapers give him such a fluffy butt, he wears a size bigger pants than he would if we used disposables, so he is rocking a saggy tush at the moment.

Can’t wait to get our new snappy diapers! At least I now know, if I ever buy more, get snaps! They may be a little more “complicated” to use, but they hold up!

A Sudden Fear of Heights (and the Applecheeks winner!)

My child is suddenly terrified to have his diaper changed. I have no idea what happened, but yesterday at work, I went to change his diaper. I put him on the changing table I have used since he was eight weeks old, lifted his little legs for diaper removal, and he gasped, grabbed the sides of the table and sobbed. Tears poured down his tiny cheeks and he held on for dear life. Normally, Knox loves to get changed, dressed, or whatever else and generally jabbers like crazy and carries on quite a conversation with me on the changing table. I am at a loss as to what has caused this! He definitely hasn’t fallen off the table or had any traumatic diaper changes, and he was fine until yesterday afternoon. The only thing that was different was that I was sitting in my desk chair, and I normally stand up to change him, so maybe the different angle startled him?? I don’t know! I feel so badly for him, and he has gripped the changing pad like his life depended on it at every change since then. Hopefully this will pass soon, poor guy!

On another note, the winner of the Applecheeks cloth diaper giveaway is comment #55 (chosen by by Samantha Cuhel:

“I like them on FB! I’ve heard some many awesome things about their diapers, but haven’t gotten the chance to try one out yet. Hopefully I’ll get lucky and this will finally be my chance! :)

Congratulations, Samantha! You have won a $25 gift certificate to the Applecheeks store! Shoot me an email at and we’ll get you your prize. Thanks to all 102 of you that entered!

What works and what rocks

As you guys know, I had been having some issues with our current diaper washing routine- things weren’t getting as clean as they had before we got our front loader, and I was getting frustrated. So, I did was so many of you guys recommended and tried Rockin’ Green detergent. And?? I love it! I definitely think it’s working better with the front loader than the Charlie’s Soap did (though we’ll keep using that for our clothes since it works great on those), and it smells awesome! I got their “Classic Rock” formula in “Smashing Watermelons” scent, and it’s great. I just use a heaping tablespoon in each wash cycle, and it has worked like a charm. They smell cleaner and some of the residual staining has come out, too, which is great. I am officially converted. Plus, their detergent scoop has a magnet in it and sticks to the washer! How cute is that? Yes, I love gimicks. :)In addition to trying out a new detergent, I also had the opportunity to test out a new kind of diaper- Applecheeks Bamboo diapers. Guys? I love it. The best part of this diaper, hands down, is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO REMOVE YUCKY INSERTS. Yes, that’s right. They agitate out in the wash! It’s amazing, I tell you. They call their covers “envelope” covers, and that really describes pretty well how they work.

This diaper is also really trim since the insert is made of super-absorbent bamboo. They’re really soft inside and cute on the outside. I am generally not a huge fan of snaps, but these seemed to be placed really well for a good fit. They are not one-size, though, they come in two different sizes. I guess that’s why they seem to fit so well. Knox wears a size 2, and they are adorable on him. See?

If you would like to try out Applecheeks for yourself, you are in luck! Applecheeks is giving one of you a $25 credit to their online store! All you have to do to win is “like” them on Facebook and tell me you did. You have until next Friday to enter.

Have a great weekend!

Disclosure: I was not compensated to review these products. The opinions within this post are my own. I purchased my own Rockin’ Green Soap and wanted to share my experience. Applecheeks provided me with a diaper to review and this post contains my honest opinion on them.

The verdict: Cloth Diapers v. Front Loader

After having washed our diapers in the new Whirlpool Duet front loader for over a month, now, I feel like I can adequately gauge how well it washes them. And? Unfortunately, it does not compare with our old 1990’s top loader. It washes our normal clothes just fine, but I can honestly say that the diapers are not as clean as they were with the top loader. I have experimented a LOT with different washing regimens and routines, but I just don’t think they’re going to get to the level of cleanliness that they did before. That’s not to say Knox is sporting rank diapers or anything- they smell fine, the issue is that we’re getting a lot more staining.

Before we got the new machine, barely any of his bumgenius diapers had a stain on them, and if they did, it wasn’t noticeable to the average person (just to my stain-obsessed eye). Now, a good 1/4 of them have some sort of stain, which I despise. My current wash routine is as follows:

-“Rinse, drain, spin” cycle on cold with an extra rinse (low spin)
-“Whitest whites” cycle on hot with 1 tbsp Charlie’s Soap and extra rinse (medium spin)
-“Whitest whites” cycle on hot with soap and an extra rinse (high spin)

I’ve taken that last scoop of soap out, and it seems to work better with it. The whole spin thing is because if you do a low spin, less water is removed which makes the diapers heavier, so the machine adds more water to the cycle. One good thing is that I don’t get nearly as many “diaper chains” where the velcro all gets unstuck and you pull out a string of 20 diapers, which means they don’t look as worn as quickly. Also, our water bill is about $30 less, so yay for that! However, I am at a loss as to what to do to get these things CLEANER! I would love any advice on this subject. Maybe I should try some different detergents? I have heard a lot about Rockin’ Green and wonder if it would work better for us with these new machines. Halp!

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