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Christmas at the Barn

Oh, hello, again. I’ve taken a little vacation from the ole’ blog this past week while I’ve celebrated the Christmas holidays with my family. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas- we definitely did. I’ll be taking this day-by-day since we did a LOT over the last week! The start of our Christmas celebrating began last Friday night at an amazing event held by our church called “Christmas at the Barn.” This is the first year they did it, and I REALLY hope it’s not the last. They rented a Christmas tree farm and turned it into an amazing, family-oriented celebration. It was bitterly cold that night, but there was a bonfire and space heaters were spread around the place. There was a lot to do, there was a live nativity, hayrides, live music, a s’mores station, cookie decorating, a photo booth and just a generally fun time with friends.

The first thing we did was visit the nativity. It was so neat! They had live animals, including a camel, some sheep and a donkey (these pictures are not the best… it was very dark outside!)


The camel was awesome, but oh my gosh, that guy was HUGE. Knox was very interested in him until Trevor carried him a little too closely. Let’s just say that camel was super curious about Knox and nearly got nose-to-nose with him. Can you tell Knox was unsure of this situation??


Ha! Luckily, he warmed up to it!


Next, he checked out the sheep. He was talking to them saying “baa!” He liked to touch these- I guess they were less imposing than an eight foot tall camel.


Next up was a hayride. We didn’t anticipate quite as much excitement as we got on this hayride. We were the first group to get a ride- it was a big tractor pulling a big trailer full of hay. It started off nice and calm, but after a few minutes and an overzealous turn, our driver took out about eight fully-grown Christmas trees, and I started to wonder if we’d return from this ride in one piece! The boys really liked it and didn’t seem phased by our near-death experience as tree limbs threatened to knock us out of the trailer. It was pretty funny, though, and a lot of fun. Knox even started to sing- some of the other kids were singing Christmas carols, so he made up his own and sang as we rode. So cute.


After that, we went into the barn. It was so pretty- they had lights strung everywhere and our old contemporary worship leader (he recently changed churches) was there to sing, which made me SO happy because he was awesome and we miss him (and his family- hey Danielle!).




After this, the boys were ready to leave- it was very chilly and bedtime for them both. On our way out, we visited the photobooth they had set up. There was a box full of props and they turned our photostrips into ornaments for us. It was a perfect way to end the night!


Next up… Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas to All

I hope each and every one of you has a beautiful Christmas, surrounded with family, friends and happiness!

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:14

And just for fun, the token crying For Santa picture:


Life lately

I’m lacking the motivation to write a substantial post today, so instead, here are some snippets from our life lately.

Knox has started to love eating his breakfast while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I vacuumed approximately four pounds of crumbs out of the couch last week thanks to his choice of eating locale.


Target has some really odd fashion pieces right now in the women’s section… I think Brody is the only one that can possibly pull them off!


Brody is a fan of the pretend food in the play kitchen… I think he is ready for some eggplant parmesan.


Trevor has been in a class for the past two weeks, so Knox has been with his Grandpa (Knox calls him Geepa) every day. He is learning how to rake, though apparently, he was looking for a button to turn them on… if only that kind of rake existed!


Geepa wears him out in a hurry!


Brody is now pulling up on everything in sight… including his brother! Luckily, Knox thinks it’s hilarious and doesn’t mind being a ladder for Brody.

Today is my last day of work until the new year, so I am THRILLED to be getting so much time with my family this holiday season. Especially considering by some miraculous turn of events, Trevor did some shift swaps and is actually off between now and December 28! So excited to have all of my boys to myself for eight whole days!

Job Interview #1

I had a job interview yesterday. I have been applying like crazy to any and everything I can find that remotely resembles a job I may enjoy. I applied last week for a marketing coordinator position with a law firm. I received a call on Monday asking if I could interview this week, and that interview was scheduled for yesterday afternoon. The actual interview was with a legal staffing firm that handles the hiring for this particular large law firm. I get the gist that it was kind of a pre-screen to make sure I am who I say I am, to check on my work history and make sure I don’t have two heads or something. The girl that interviewed me was probably the same age as I am, which was kind of strange for me, but hey, obviously they have nothing against young people!

If they like you, they send your info on to the law firm, who then decides if they’d like to interview you themselves. She did tell me that she would be sending my information and resume on to the HR people at the law firm, so *hopefully* I will get a call soon for a second interview. I hope! Through this whole process, I’ve just been praying a lot for God to put me where He wants me to be. If I’ve learned anything in the past couple of years, it’s that I have no idea what I should be doing with my life! I think it’s time to rely on God to push me in the right direction. I’ll keep pursuing everything I can, but I have adopted the mindset that when it’s time, it will happen. There’s a reason for all of this, though I may not know it yet. I am hopeful that I’ll find something by March, but if not, hopefully our house sells so we can bunk with my in-laws and have less financial stress!

One of my professional references asked me for my resume because she heard about a job opening up, so I hope that these leads turn into something great! In the mean time, if anyone is in need of a Marketing Guru, just let me know!