So, um, oops. I haven’t posted a monthly update on Brody since his five month post. Yeah, he’s definitely eight months old, now. Poor second child! At least I have actually been taking his monthly pictures!! Let’s back-track a bit, shall we?

Here’s cutie pie Brody at six months old:

Seven months:

Eight months:

At eight months old, Brody:

– Is getting CURLS!! Love. Love. Love.
– Weighs 22 pounds
– Wears a size 12 or 18 months
– Does the “army man” crawl all over the place
– Gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth… real crawling is just around the corner!
– Sits up on his own (but can’t get down without just making himself fall)
– Sticks his tongue out ALL the time, especially when he’s concentrating. The cutest thing!!
– Has the cutest squealy little laugh. He especially loves when people pretend to sneak up on him and “get” him
– Loves Knox! Follows him all over the place
– Is a big eater. He finally nurses less often, generally still every three hours, but that is an improvement! He likes to snack. :)
– Likes most any kind of food, but even if he doesn’t, he still keeps eating it- he just makes an awful face while he does it!
– Loves to eat Baby Mum Mums, but puffs still make him gag
– Loves to drink water out of a sippy cup
– Sleeping much better than he used to! Generally goes down for the night between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. and sleeps until around 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. Then, he eats and goes back to sleep until 7ish. Naptime is touch and go, he does best with a morning nap and an afternoon, but some days, he rebels and only takes an afternoon one.
– Babbles a lot and is trying out lots of new noises
– Is such a happy, smiley baby- his personality is really coming out, and he is a silly little thing!
– Is incredibly social and people-oriented. He must always have people around!
– His favorite toys are his plush soccer ball, Knox’s Sesame Street school bus, the ball popper and anything he can fit into his mouth!

He has turned into such a sweet little boy, and I truly fall more in love with him each and every day. I’m beyond blessed to be his mother!
– Loves the ladies! Generally prefers women to men and is so flirty!

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  1. Elizabeth

    So my gosh his pictures are beyonf adroable! He is such a handsome boy!!! Happy to hear everything is going well with Mr. Brody!


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