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So, um, oops. I haven’t posted a monthly update on Brody since his five month post. Yeah, he’s definitely eight months old, now. Poor second child! At least I have actually been taking his monthly pictures!! Let’s back-track a bit, shall we?

Here’s cutie pie Brody at six months old:

Seven months:

Eight months:

At eight months old, Brody:

– Is getting CURLS!! Love. Love. Love.
– Weighs 22 pounds
– Wears a size 12 or 18 months
– Does the “army man” crawl all over the place
– Gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth… real crawling is just around the corner!
– Sits up on his own (but can’t get down without just making himself fall)
– Sticks his tongue out ALL the time, especially when he’s concentrating. The cutest thing!!
– Has the cutest squealy little laugh. He especially loves when people pretend to sneak up on him and “get” him
– Loves Knox! Follows him all over the place
– Is a big eater. He finally nurses less often, generally still every three hours, but that is an improvement! He likes to snack. :)
– Likes most any kind of food, but even if he doesn’t, he still keeps eating it- he just makes an awful face while he does it!
– Loves to eat Baby Mum Mums, but puffs still make him gag
– Loves to drink water out of a sippy cup
– Sleeping much better than he used to! Generally goes down for the night between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. and sleeps until around 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. Then, he eats and goes back to sleep until 7ish. Naptime is touch and go, he does best with a morning nap and an afternoon, but some days, he rebels and only takes an afternoon one.
– Babbles a lot and is trying out lots of new noises
– Is such a happy, smiley baby- his personality is really coming out, and he is a silly little thing!
– Is incredibly social and people-oriented. He must always have people around!
– His favorite toys are his plush soccer ball, Knox’s Sesame Street school bus, the ball popper and anything he can fit into his mouth!

He has turned into such a sweet little boy, and I truly fall more in love with him each and every day. I’m beyond blessed to be his mother!
– Loves the ladies! Generally prefers women to men and is so flirty!

Car puke & a baby in the sink

Those things go together, right? We had a showing scheduled last night around 5, so I rushed home a little early, did some last minute straightening and we were all out the door. We hopped in the car with both kiddos and had plans of going to Chick-fil-a for milkshakes and Kohl’s for some new pants for Trevor. Well, let’s just say that Knox had other plans. Not twenty minutes into our outing, we were driving down the road and BLAWAHKKDKDECH. That’s the sound of explosive vomit spewing from Knox’s mouth without warning.

We pulled over, I cupped my hand and started shoveling half-digested chicken and goodness knows what else off of my son, and stripped him down in the parking lot of a pediatrician’s office. Trevor ran inside for some more paper towels, as I assured a wide-eyed Knox that everything was okay. He kept repeating “okay, okay” as he held both hands out to his side, not wanting to touch his vomit-covered self with vomit-covered hands. Poor thing. So, I had to creatively clean the carseat as best I could and  and strap Knox back in there and get home in a hurry. Luckily, my phone had already notified me that the lockbox had been opened at 5:12, so I knew we were safe to go back home (yay for technology!).

One day, wouldn’t it be nice for a carseat manufacturer to make a seat that didn’t require an engineering degree to disassemble for cleaning?? I mean, get it together, Britax. Geez.


While a very pale Knox recovered on the couch with a sandwich and some Disney Junior, I decided just to go ahead and bathe Brody in the kitchen sink instead of hauling the sick one upstairs and disrupting his rest. My gosh, that kid is so stinking cute!! He had the best time ever in the sink. He did learn that trying to eat water coming out of the faucet at full speed makes you sputter and choke, but aside from that, he thoroughly enjoyed his time in the kitchen sink!








Because every kid needs an embarrassing naked picture of themselves that their mom can show to their future girlfriends.

Dancing flowers

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. I have to say, getting older is much less fun once you pass 21. I don’t get excited about birthdays anymore, aside from my usual birthday dinner or alone time with Trevor. However, I must say, it is a LOT of fun to see your kids get excited about your birthday. While Knox honestly has no clue what a birthday is, he does understand two things: cake and presents. Trevor had to work yesterday, so we celebrated on Monday. I came home to the smell of something baking and the sight of Trevor and Knox covered in flour. This was a ruse, seeing as how they didn’t actually use any flour, but it definitely accomplished its purpose of making me laugh! Trevor had baked me a birthday pie (well, Marie Callendar actually baked it, but he did assemble the crumbly topping and put it in the oven which counts in my book!!) in lieu of the traditional cake.

He also took Knox to go pick out a gift for me. My actual present is the dinner we’ll be going out for this weekend and a pair of cowboy boots to be chosen by me (woo hoo!) because Trevor is terrified to buy clothing of any sort for me. For the first time ever, Knox actually picked something out for me all by himself. Trevor took him to the Christian bookstore and let him decide what he wanted. Trevor said he beelined for a little “love” figurine immediately, so they grabbed that, and then he saw it… the solar-powered dancing flower.

How I have lived 27 whole years without a solar-powered dancing flower is beyond me, but it is officially my new favorite thing.


Not because it’s useful or beautiful or even at all serious, but because he chose it. I love being a mom.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

– Romans 12:12

Perfectly chosen, sweet boy.

Toy control

Our house has been on the market for just over a week. I must say, selling a house? Stinks. I am constantly on pins and needles hoping that I get calls for showings, and I am obsessed with keeping the house clean. The beds are always made, dishes washed, counters scrubbed AND there are fresh flowers in the bathrooms, for crying out loud. I know a week is not very long, but can someone just go ahead and buy it please??

I’m sure a lot of sellers with kids wonder what the heck to do with all the toys. For us, I moved the boys’ large toy basket out of the living room and up into the playroom while we are in selling mode. It’s important for buyers to see the home’s features, as opposed to being distracted by endless toy clutter. I brought down a small basket from the shelving unit in the playroom so that if we have a showing, I can quickly tidy up the toys and stick it back in its place. I also carry the Jumperoo into the playroom for showings, as well. Our end table has shelving built in, which is where we keep a stash of their books. Knox generally prefers to play with his Magnadoodle, toy laptop or read a book, so he’s very content with this set-up. Brody is also a book-lover in the making and just likes to be where Knox is playing. Honestly, I think the boys like having less toys in the living room. We used to keep their massive toy basket in the corner, and now that the huge thing isn’t there, the boys have turned that corner into their “fort.”


They play together a lot now, especially since Brody has mastered the army man crawl and follows Knox everywhere he goes. I feel badly for Brody, though, because it takes him so long to get somewhere, and by the time he crawls to Knox, big brother is on the move again, leaving Brody in his dust. Oh well, he will catch up soon!

We did pack up a LOT of toys and put them in a storage unit. We rented a small 5×10 unit down the street for our “clutter” to make the house seem larger and more open. We moved some superfluous furniture pieces in there, and probably ten or so boxes of random stuff. We packed away toys that don’t get played with everyday like those random stuffed animals that seem to multiply and puzzles that Knox hates (which are all puzzles, by the way). Then, we left the favorites in the playroom and tried to make their rooms more about the necessities (aka sleeping and getting dressed). This is what their rooms look like “for show.”

Knox’s room only has a few of his necessary stuffed animals on the bed for sleeping with, a basket of books on his nightstand and a small zippered pouch of his favorite little animal figures. The rest of the toys are organized in a basket in his closet.

Brody’s room just has a small basket of toys on the floor that can easily be stuck in the closet for a showing, as well as books in his book slings on the opposite wall. We also open the blinds on their windows to let in lots of light and make sure to keep the diaper pails changed frequently!! Poop smell does not sell houses. Just so you know! I didn’t want to totally “de-kid” their rooms because we don’t know how long it will take to sell our house, and the kids do actually live here! So, I tried to make it clean and welcoming without being too stark for the boys. I’ll share some more selling tips soon, hopefully they work for some of you guys too!

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