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Oh my gosh, why didn’t I buy groceries yesterday.

This is a note to say that if I don’t blog ever again, it’s because I have died of starvation. We had zero food in the house this morning, so aside from coffee and a bite of Knox’s banana, I am running on empty. I was going to stop on the way to work, but Screamy McGee forbade me from pulling into any drive-thru. At that point, I had to make a choice: listen to crying that would make me bleed from the ears for five more minutes or forgo eating breakfast. I chose sanity over nourishment. This may have been a fatal error.

I have scavenged my office and my bag, and I am not proud to say that I just ate an expired Baby Mum Mum. So the chance that I may come down with some sort of expiration disease won’t even be worth it because, well, those things melt and do absolutely nothing to satiate hunger. I am *this* close to eating Brody’s lunch. However, that would make me feel horrendously guilty (and probably nauseated), so I have resorted to eating Splenda packets that I found in my mom’s desk. I am currently drinking a glass of water with two Splendas. This is an indication of how freaking hungry I am because I do not use artificial sweeteners, but I figured it would be better to do that than pass out. I keep telling myself this is what Bear Grylls would do as I scour the place looking for a source of “food energy.”

For the love of all things good, someone please bring me a doughnut.

That is all, and if this kid would ever stop crying or someone else would get here, maybe I could go somewhere to feed myself.┬áThat is the end of my “coffee break” AKA blog break. Note to self: next time, choose food.

It has to be said.

I love Pinterest. Truly, I may even have a Pinterest problem. Every night before bed, I read my Bible, check my email and do a little Pinterest-ing from the comfort of my bed. That’s really my only alone-time during the day, so it’s highly coveted. Amidst all of the pins blowing up my feed, sometimes, things stand out. Not for a good reason, mind you. Y’all, there are some things about Pinterest that are really annoying. For example, probably my biggest pet peeve involves something typed frequently as a note for pins. This particular phrase irritates me so badly, that I even made an e-card (you know, in the spirit of things): - Pinterest Etiquette Rule #1: Never type

Pin that (and don’t you dare type “pin now, read later” in the comments!), and stop the madness!

The evolution of a family picture

Knox’s preschool teacher requested a family picture for him to use in a class activity. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that we don’t have one. Seven months after the birth of our second son, we have yet to take a “good” family picture. You know, where we’re all put together, looking in the same direction and at least appearing to be in good spirits. So, I told Trevor that this weekend, we HAD to take one. We went to Trevor’s parents’ house to watch the Carolina football game on Saturday, so we gave his mom the task of capturing that elusive picture on my iPhone. As you will see, the perfect picture remains elusive. Because it did not happen in this photo session!! Most of the pictures include a little blue-eyed blur named Knox, who is in perpetual motion every second of the day. If you take out a “real” camera, he’ll pose like crazy, but he has yet to understand that a phone can be a camera, too. So, that was strike one against us. Strike two was trying to make him hold still and smile at the same time. Strike three has a name, and it’s Trevor. As you’ll see, my dear husband decided that it would be great fun to make faces during every. single. picture. for the first 20 frames or so. Here are some of the more entertaining selections from our photo session:





This is my favorite. I may frame it because it is so “us.” AKA a hot mess.






In the end, with not a single good picture in the batch, I did what any desperate mother in my position would do: I photoshopped one.

Even the doctored one is blurry, but you know what? For now, that’s as good as it’s going to get!!

Note to self: schedule a professional family photo shoot before the Brody has to take a family picture to school.

A day of firsts

Yesterday was a good day full of new experiences. First off, the most amazing thing ever happened as I was leaving for work. I told Knox “bye-bye!” as I headed to leave, and he replied with “bye-bye. Mommy! Bye-bye!”

That was the first time he’s ever called me “Mommy.” Sweeter words have never been spoken! I hugged that little man tight and did not want to leave at all!

After that, Brody and I actually did have to leave, and it was his first car trip in a real car seat- he is officially too big for the carrier now.

We moved Brody into Knox’s Britax Marathon and got a Britax Frontier 85 for Knox. He will be able to use that up until he doesn’t need a seat anymore, so it made sense to buy that one instead of another Marathon we’d have to replace with a booster eventually.

Seeing as how Brody is no longer in a carrier, he also sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time at lunch. And yes, he had a wardrobe change by that point

He really liked sitting up and had a great time hitting the table. He also tried to eat the edge of the table no less than 47 times before I finally just wiped it down with a sanitizing wipe and gave up.

He was happy until I gave him baby food. We had hamburgers and, well, he really wanted one. Sorry Mom, but this picture is too awesome not to share.

Have you ever seen something sadder in your life than that poor, skinny, starving baby lusting after a cheeseburger? I know. It’s just terrible.

When we got home, we had a meeting about Knox’s new ABA therapy, which was very exciting. I’ll devote more time to discussing that later, but I think it’s going to be great for him. I’m looking forward to hearing more from my biggest boy very soon!


Right now, I’m basically neck-deep in my never-ending to-do list. It’s seriously overwhelming to not only have the regular demands of work, marriage and parenting, but throw in Autism, therapies, a food allergy, a sick kid and you have one tired mom… And those are just part of our plethora of parenting issues pertaining to only one of our kids! I feel like I am stretched far too thin these days. To add to the general insanity, I am now working for Keller Williams doing residential real estate in my “free” time. Why? Because I am crazy. Totally insane, even. Do you ever feel like things will never get easier? I just feel like I can’t get ahead. If I pay off one bill, another pops up in its place. If I try to increase my salary by working more, I lose precious family time. If I spend two hours at the grocery store dissecting Ingredient lists, I get home too late to use said ingredients to bake a soy-free pound cake for Knox. Let’s not even talk about the intense mom guilt I feel over never having made baby food for Brody. Aside from mushing up an occasional banana, I feed him baby food from a jar. Not that that’s bad or anything, but I made everything Knox ate for over a year myself. Funny how things change with that second baby!! Anyway, this long rambling paragraph serves to say: I’m tired. I’m over-scheduled. I’m struggling to keep it all together. The end. Now I’m going to try to grab five hours of sleep before I have to wake up and attempt to keep a two year old neat and well-groomed for picture day… Yeah right!

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