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Vacation Fail

We got to the beach on Saturday, ready for a full week of family fun. We got back home Tuesday night. If you’re good at math (or are capable of counting to seven) you’ll notice that we were NOT there for a full week. Why ever did we leave early, you ask? Well, the reasons are two-fold: 1) the weather and 2) Brody. Our first two days were gorgeous, then the good ‘ole hurricane brewing in the Gulf came into play, and sent lots of gloomy rain to the coast of South Carolina. The forecast was not so great, with the weather folks predicting rain for the rest of the week. Our plan was for a very inexpensive vacation, spending our days on the beach and eating at the beach house, not spending lots of money on indoor activities/shopping. Add to that, Hurricane Brody, and things were really looking less-than-favorable. He was a total grouch. To the point where we were about to lose our minds. He was obviously getting sick with a stuffed up nose and a dry cough, so we couldn’t really blame him. His typical toys were not there, we had no swing or Jumperoo for entertainment, so it was either hold him 24 hours a day or be miserable. So, after we realized we were facing four more days homebound with a screaming baby, we made the logical decision: to get the heck out of there!

It is worth noting that we did NOT pay for our hotel for a week- my parents own a condo on the beach, so we are able to use it for free. Otherwise, our butts would have been camped out in the rainy weather, regardless!! We did feel guilty because Knox was having such a great time, so we vowed that if we came home, we’d give him a great vacation in our own town. So far, so good! After a very loud drive back home (Brody slept for 45 minutes, then screamed for the other two hours… it was awesome), we got some much-needed rest and Brody was instantly happier. Maybe he’s just a homebody!

Yesterday, we took Knox to the local bouncy place to jump on all the fun inflatables. We’d never been there before, and he had a fantastic time. Today, we went swimming at my parents’ house, and he had a blast! That kid knows no fear when it comes to water and with his puddle jumper on, he jumps in, dunks under, and really never gets tired of swimming.

While Knox has fun, we’re trying to help Brody feel better. We do not want him sick for his surgery next week! Even though we left the beach, we are still thoroughly enjoying our time off together, from the comfort of our own home.

I can’t say that I don’t miss that gorgeous sun and sand, though… Brody was taking a nap in the cabana for this picture, we didn’t get a full family beach shot!

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Take it easy

This week, I am taking a much-needed vacation with my boys. We are enjoying the change of scenery and are soaking up the sun and the salty air. I can’t express how much I love to be at the beach- I swear the ocean soothes the soul!

Last years vacation was in May (Brody was conceived about two weeks later, so he didn’t get to experience that trip!), and Knox was terrified of the beach. He screamed in the sand, he screamed in the ocean, but he adored the pool- needless to say, we spent our days soaked in chlorine. This year?? He literally ran to the ocean. He was thrilled with the sand, and we have a hard time getting him back inside! He has had a fantastic time jumping waves with us and getting buried in the sand (his absolute favorite). Brody took an amazing nap on the beach so I was actually able to relax in the sand. I bought one of those little half-moon cabanas you stake down for $25, and it was perfect for us! It gave Brody complete shade, enough privacy for me to nurse and still let in that cool ocean breeze.

Today we ran around to a few places and didn’t go to the beach, so I am itching to get back out. I’m so glad we waited this late to go because the temperature is a perfect 80 degrees, so we don’t feel like we are going to combust after an hour outside.

It’s definitely not the most restful of vacations considering we are still chasing Knox all over and toting Brody while he screams, but still, it’s nice to get away from real life for a while!

I’ll be back soon with pictures!

Body after Baby #2

Remember the days when I used to whine and complain about how my stomach wasn’t as flat as it used to be and how I had a couple stretch marks on one side? Yeah, I’d pretty much like to punch my old self right in that barely-marked stomach. Let’s be honest here. The damage that one child can do to your body is pretty much nothing compared to the damage done after subsequent children. My mom used to tell me that she was right back in a bikini after she had me (the first), but that my brother (the 2nd) did her in and then my sister (the 3rd) destroyed her. I can attest to the fact that this is so, so true.

Six months after giving birth to Brody, my fears of insane stretch marks have subsided a bit. {Oh and yes, I’m going to show you pictures. Because I like to keep it real. Just promise not to throw up much, okay?} This was my stomach towards the end of pregnancy with Brody, complete with angry and dark stretch marks on the left side (his preferred spot) of my stomach. It was a hot mess.

I was seriously sick about these things. I just knew they’d stay forever and ever and EVER. Yeah, not really. Some of the smaller ones have faded almost totally away, but the big boys are still there, just way less red and obvious looking. Mainly, they’re wrinkly looking. From far away, you almost can’t tell they’re there…. almost. From far away, actually, if you squint a LOT, my stomach is almost normal looking.

Then you look closer, and you see that the real culprit is the loose skin. Darn that skin!! And my poor, poor wrinkled belly button. It will never be the same. That’s what happens when you’re short and your belly is massive. That sucker popped out at week 12 with Brody and it looks as though it’s never going back to normal. So sad. I miss my old belly button so much.

The worst part is what happens when I bend. Are you ready for this?


You could see the “I love Pink” logo from the top of my underwear in that picture. I cropped it out so I wouldn’t receive hate mail from Victoria’s Secret. Because that is pretty much the antithesis of an ad campaign for them! In addition to that, um, situation, I definitely have a pooch that isn’t going anywhere. Essentially, I look three months pregnant all the time, now. Four months if I eat a cheeseburger. I’ve come to terms with it. I’m pretty sure that if I actually exercised, it would go down a good bit, but that loose skin is probably going to plague me for all eternity. Thanks to breast feeding, I am down below pre-pregnancy weight by a couple of pounds, so it’s not a weight issue. It’s a body-after-children issue. I deal with it by not looking at it and always wearing a shirt.

One issue that I am actually dreading with the entirety of my being is how my boobs are going to look after weaning my bottomless pit of a second son. They were a sad, sad sight to see after nursing Knox for 13 months, and things can only go downhill (pun intended) from there. Time to buy stock in The Miracle Bra.

Luckily, my kids are super awesome, so any time I get aggravated with my body, I tell myself they’re worth it and that I can always have a tummy tuck and a boob job when I win the lottery. So, go ahead. Tell me- how did your body fare after you had kids? Or did this blog post serve as some very effective birth control for you if your stomach is still taut and flat?

Rain, rain, go the heck away.

When it rains, it pours. We found out yesterday that Brody will have to have surgery in two weeks. He was born with Hypospadias, where the urethra opens just below where it should. In many cases, this can correct itself, and seeing as how Brody’s was very mild, the doctors thought that it would. The only “complication” was that he was unable to be circumcised at birth and would have to have a follow-up with a urologist at six months old. I didn’t talk about it on the blog because it was really a non-issue, and honestly, what little boy wants a bunch of women talking about his willy on the internet? I figured he’d appreciate the lack of discussion!

I took him to the pediatric urologist yesterday, and after the doctor took a look, he started discussing Brody’s surgery. I was completely caught off-guard. I honestly had not even thought about the surgery because I had been told so many times that it would likely correct itself. The surgery itself will take place at the children’s hospital on September 4. We have to be there at 7:15 and the surgery should start around 9:15. Basically, they are going to have to go in and snip the membrane between the urethral opening and the natural opening to help correct things. He will have to have a catheter in place for about a week after the surgery, and will have a lot of dissolvable stitches. Brody will have to be put under general anesthesia for this surgery, and I am a nervous wreck, to put it mildly. Right now, I honestly just can’t think about it. I dread this surgery. I am scared to death about the actual procedure, as well as his pain level afterwards. I can’t bear the thought of my child in pain, and it makes me physically ill to think about it.

Y’all are probably getting sick of all of this doom and gloom and my zillion prayer requests, but this is real life over here! Sometimes bad stuff happens, and I’m not about to gloss it all over to make everyone think my life is perfect for the sake of appearances. So if you would, please pray for my sweet little Brody and for a very safe, safe surgery!

Oh, Soy.

After being inundated with what feels like an encyclopedia’s worth of information on Autism over the past two weeks, I was wondering about the GFCF diet (aka no gluten, no dairy) for Knox. Some people swear by it, though most doctors/ professionals I speak with have only seen a handful of kids respond to it. I decided to start slowly and switch Knox from cow’s milk to soy milk, just to see. Well, if ever there was a horrible plan, that would be it.

Knox LOVES milk. He drinks it three times a day, and will always request it with a happy “PWEEE!” (please). I made the switch and started giving him Silk Fruit & Protein last week. He really liked it and drank it with no complaints. A few days in, I noticed a change for the worse in him. He was completely out of it all week last week. He barely made eye contact, very uninterested in interaction, he was making a noise in the back of his throat (he does this when his throat hurts) and kept scratching at his eyes. It finally hit me that the soy milk was bothering him. He was even starting to cry for no reason randomly throughout the day. He obviously did not feel well. Then, I noticed the tell-tale food allergy diaper rash, and knew my suspicions were correct.

I immediately switched him back to normal milk and saw a difference right away. I talked to our pediatrician, and he agreed that it sounds like a food allergy. Trevor is also allergic to soy, though as an adult, he does not have to avoid it, but he is technically allergic to it, so Knox does have a predisposition to this particular allergy. I have decided to take Knox off of soy completely, and man alive, there is soy in EVERYTHING! Many of his favorites, including his organic cereal bars that are a breakfast staple, have soy in them.

Just one day into his soy-free diet, he seems so much happier. It seems that some of his Autism symptoms were worsened when on an increased level of soy, so I am hoping that some will decrease when it’s eliminated totally. This morning, I was greeted with lots of direct eye contact and a much happier boy. We plan on having Knox allergy tested sometime soon, but we’re focusing on getting him in with the developmental pediatrician (who is not accepting new patients… until I call them 500 times a day and beg, perhaps) before doing something invasive and stressful to him.

He was feeling much better yesterday and even chose to interact with Brody several times- this is a rarity, and we were loving watch them play together. Brody acted like he’d won the lottery- he adores Knox and was even permitted to touch Knox’s hand several times, ha ha! Here is photographic evidence that Knox does, in fact, love his brother (and me… he’s pulling my shirt to get me to lay with them!):

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