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Knox turned two and a half years-old on July 16, and even though I don’t do monthly posts for him any more, I couldn’t resist a milestone update on my biggest boy. Knox has really turned the corner, lately, and started saying so much more. We are so proud of his progress! He had his 30-month well visit at the pediatrician’s office yesterday, and his doctor was absolutely thrilled to hear about the new developments with his language. He said Knox definitely has a high IQ, now we just have to help him get with the program, socially. He is very encouraged after hearing about the new developments over the past few months.

At 30 months-old, Knox:

–       Is 3’1” tall and weighs 33 pounds.

–       Wears size 2T clothes and a size 8 shoe.

–       Is in the super-fun toddler picky eating phase. His meals of choice are grilled cheese (gwiw chee in Knox language), chicken nuggets, cheese pizza, cheese quesadillas, Chick-fil-a, and anything sweet. He loves fruit and eats at least one fruit/veggie pouch a day to sneak in some green foods to his diet.

–       Still loves his whole milk, though now he prefers it with chocolate! Drinks a glass in the morning, after nap and before bed. It’s the one time of day he will sit still enough to be held and cuddled, so I’m not cutting this out any time soon!

–       Is talking so much more. I don’t think I could even list all of the words he has said, but the ones he uses often and on his own are: Dada, cookie, please (pwee!), eat, grilled cheese, oh no, aw man! (this is HILARIOUS), oh dear, oh no, diaper (di-puh), giraffe, dog, cow, sheep, monkey, lots of other animals and their sounds, Amen, night night, good night, crazy (he LOVES for me to tell him he’s a crazy boy… he comes up to me grinning says “cwazy!”), no, bye-bye, I do, kiss and makes a kiss sound, up, more, gotta be (<–from the Veggie Tales song… I don’t think he knows what it means, but he always says it). Like I said, he says way more, but these are the ones we hear on a daily basis without prompting.

–       Can say his ABCs and sings them ALL DAY LONG. He just goes around the house singing and will pick it up and stop in random places. If he sees a letter somewhere, he will start the ABCs from that point onward.

–       Knows all of his letters, even in random order. Can identify them when written, and loves to say the letters of his name (K-N-O-X!) whenever he sees it spelled out.

–       Can count to ten (and randomly knows 14 and 30… I don’t know where he picks this stuff up!)

–       Loves to draw and scribble on paper, a chalkboard or on his magnadoodle

–       His favorite toy is his LeapFrog My Own Leaptop… which I highly recommend to any kid that likes electronics and needs help with their letters!

–       Would watch TV all day if we let him (we don’t… only one hour a day, sorry Knox!) and his favorites are “Finding Nemo,” “The Princess and the Frog,” and any “Veggie Tales.” He loves “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and watches an episode each morning while he drinks his milk and eats breakfast.

–       Is a fantastic sleeper! If he takes a nap, he sleeps for about 2.5 hours, and if he doesn’t want to sleep, he stays in his bed and plays with his stuffed animals for two hours. We leave him in his room during nap time, regardless, because he needs that time to rest and calm down. At night, his bed time is 8:00, and he generally falls asleep within 45 minutes and sleeps until about 7:30 a.m. He has stopped climbing out of his bed and will stay in there until we come into his room to get him. Such a good boy!

–       All of a sudden loves stuffed animals! He doesn’t play with them much during the day, but loves to sleep with them. He has a whole pile on his bed. Of course, he likes to sleep with them all piled on his head, so we have to go in when he falls asleep and move them so he doesn’t sweat like crazy!

–       Loves to be outside more than anything, especially if he gets to be wet!

–       Loves swimming! He loves to jump into big pools, and if he gets in his baby pool, he slides and goes under water on his own. He thinks it’s so funny to dunk his whole head under the water, and he even holds his breath now. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a big time swimmer!

–       Absolutely loves books. Sometimes in the morning, we will walk into his room to see him sitting in his rocking chair with ten books in his lap. We read at least three every night before bed, but he reads on his own all day long. He has memorized most of his favorites and can fill in the blanks if we pause. His favorite books are: God Knows All About Me- I Love You Through and Through- Moo, Baa, La La La and anything else by Sandra Boynton- Goodnight Moon- Clifford books- Spot books, etc.

–       Has started pretending to read. This is adorable!! His books apparently are all about Trevor and cows. His made-up stories all say “Gotta be, Da-da, cow!”

–       Loves bath time and is so excited if we add bubbles or a color-changing tablet to his water

–       Is so silly! He has Trevor’s sense of humor, big-time!

–       Loves to be tickled and is incredibly ticklish! Even the palms of his hands are ticklish!

–       Loves to jump on the furniture… we’re working on this!

–       Is testing his limits recently, and has started hitting. He will hit Trevor and then look at me to see what my reaction is. I wonder who the disciplinarian is in our family?? :) He’s even starting hitting inanimate objects (like the couch) then looking at me. I ignore him unless he hits a person, then I have to hold his hands and tell him we do NOT hit! I think this is pretty typical for his age, but it drives me nuts! He also likes to tell me “no” when I tell him “no.”

–       Even though he is not very conversational, he is developing a smart-aleck attitude. He was playing with Brody’s swing one day (which is off-limits to him) and I gave him the look. He looked at me and said in a sassy little voice “No, no, ‘top it!” I about died. He has also mocked Trevor when he told him “no, Knox!” Knox says “no, Knot!” LOL

–       Is super affectionate and loves to hug and kiss. He will hold my hair and pull me down to kiss him multiple times in a row. His new favorite joke is to pucker up like he’s going to kiss me then lick my face! I say “Ew, don’t lick me!!” and he cracks up and tries to do it again. Silly, silly boy!

–       Jibber jabbers all day- the kid is never silent! He knows what he’s saying, even if we don’t!

–       His favorite animal is a giraffe. They have a giraffe toy in the nursery at church and Knox goes looking for it every week- he always finds it (even if it’s in the teacher’s cabinet… oops!).

–       Does not have separation anxiety! Loves preschool and church nursery. He starts back to preschool in September and will be going three days a week. We can’t wait!

–       Has speech therapy once a week and intervention once a week. Does occupational therapy once or twice a month to work on his balance, which has improved tremendously with age.

–       Is fantastic in the car, but he always has been. Never a peep from him!

–       Is now forward-facing in his car seat. I was so sad to turn him around!! The weight limit for his seat (Britax Marathon) is 35 pounds, though, so I knew it was time. He seems to be enjoying his new view and expanded leg room. {Soapbox: the AAP now recommends that children be kept rear-facing until at LEAST age 2. They are seven times safer in a crash facing the rear of the vehicle, so this is hugely important!!}

Well, I’m pretty sure that’s enough information for you. That’s the longest post I’ve done in a while!! I love my wonderful little Knox, and he is so incredibly sweet and happy all the time.  We are very blessed to be his parents!!

Silly flash face:

He’s so darn cute… love this face!

He is a big fan of Krispy Kreme!

Gorgeous boy. Love him so much.

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  • Reply Megan

    He is so cute! I love that he finds the giraffe even if it is her desk!! He is determined!!

    July 24, 2012 at 1:24 pm
  • Reply Little Wife

    How cute! What a busy, growing guy.

    And who doesn’t like Krispy Kreme?? =)

    July 24, 2012 at 8:03 pm
  • Reply Tam

    You have EVERY reason to be proud! Knox sounds like such a sweet boy, and very similar to O in many ways. They would be such great buddies!

    O wouldn’t DARE hit his daddy, only me. Hitting is going away now and we’re dealing with throwing things – food, toys everything. Also LOTS of tears and big emotions around these parts.

    July 24, 2012 at 11:33 pm
  • Reply Salima

    Wow, I’m so glad to hear of Knox’s great developments! My son is also almost 2 and a half. He shares a lot of the similarities as Knox in his own growth. Such as his choice of meals (chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese are his favorites), he has to have chocolate in his milk (we use sugar free to cut down on the sugar intake), talking and counting, loves to sing (his favorite shows are sesame street, yo gabba gabba, and blues clues0), loves to swim (and take showers with daddy), loves books, loves to jump all over the furniture (that’s a boy for you!), very affectionate, and silly as ever- his faorite thing to do is lick mommy’s nose- he think’s it funny and when I say, ewww gross, he really laughs! Isn’t it a joy to have a little boy. And you have two which is double the fun!

    July 26, 2012 at 10:31 am
    • Reply Jessica

      Salima, they sound super similar!! I love having boys!

      July 26, 2012 at 11:14 am

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