4 Months… and 5 Months

Yeah, so I’ve been a smidgeon slack on Brody’s monthly posts. Oops! Today, I’ll be combining his four and five month posts into one- I don’t want to forget this stuff later on!

4 Months

At four months:

-Brody is one big boy! At his four month well check (on 6/14/12) he weighed 16 pounds, 10 ounces, was 24.5 inches long and his head was 42.5 cm.

- Wears size 9 months or 6-12 months

- Is liking the car a little more- only cries about 1/3 of the time

- Is rolling from stomach to back and from back to stomach and has been for a while now

- Is a terrible sleeper… still! Sleeps four hours at the longest stretch at night and is then up every 1.5 hours. He cat naps during the day for 30 minutes at a time. It’s maddening!

- Loves food! He nurses every two hours, hence his chunkiness!

- Is a smiling machine- he will also giggle, but he’s much stingier with his laughs than his smiles. It doesn’t take much to get a grin out of him!

- Is a major mama’s boy!

- Loves his swing in the morning and will swing quietly while I get things ready to go.

5 Months

At five months:

- Brody weighs 18 pounds 6 ounces (7/24/12). He’s so big and cuddly!

- Is still in size 9 months but has outgrown a few pieces, and can wear size 12 months. He’s going to be a linebacker!

- Rolls clear across the floor. He uses this as his mode of travel!

- Is off of Prevacid- yay! He throws up much less now, which is very nice.

- Is so much better in the car! Thank goodness!! He rarely cries, unless he’s been in there for a while.

- Is loving the Jumperoo- we just got it down from the attic last week, and even though he hasn’t figure out how to jump, yet, he loves being upright and playing with the toys.

- Really wants to go places. He gets so mad, and I know it’s because he’s bored. He tries so hard to get up and go!

- Entertains himself for a while on his gym mat with the dangling toys

- Is sleeping for longer during his mid-day nap, probably an hour. It’s like a whole new world for me, having two boys asleep at once!

- Goes down about 9:30 at night for four hours. The past few nights, after I feed him, he’s down for another three to four hours. I hope that continues!

- Loves his big brother… fascinated by his every move!

- Is teething like crazy. No actual teeth in sight, but his gums are driving him crazy! If he’s anything like Knox, it’ll be months of that before anything comes through!

- Has definitely found his voice- he talks all the time and is very vocal!

- Loves to blow bubbles

- Sucks his thumb or his fingers… pretty much whatever he can find!

- Is enthralled with Trevor. He will stare at him for the longest time, and everything Trevor says cracks him up. He’s another Daddy’s boy in the making, I think!

- Still loves bath time and having his diaper changed.

- Tries to rip his painting off the wall during diaper changes. He really, really wants to hold it!!

- Is now eating solids. I waited until six months with Knox, but Brody is so darn hungry all the time, I figured I would do my boobs a favor and give him another option!! I tried before he was five months, but his belly was not ready for it- ┬áhis little body had major constipation issues! We waited three weeks and tried again, now he’s doing much better. He scarfs it down and cries when it’s gone EVERY time. I think he’s going to be our big eater!

- Is eating organic whole grain rice cereal and organic apples, so far. I’m going to start him on Oatmeal tonight, instead of the rice cereal, since it’s a more nutritious option.

- Is getting less grouchy and much more sweet. This is a welcome change!

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  1. Megan Smith says:

    How adorable is he!! He is such a big boy! And I am always so behind on the month to month post. This month which was actually almost a week ago now, is going to be combined with last months too!

  2. Jaclyn says:

    He is such a big boy! And getting cuter and cuter with every picture… I love the rolls!! I skipped the rice cereal and such as first food and went all crazy hippy and did avocado! I too read somewhere how rice doesn’t have any nutritional value so I figured, why use it all! Granted our first eating experience was avocado and DIRT! Soo… not sure of the nutritional value in potting soil! Lol

    • Jessica says:

      Ha ha, Jaclyn! Yes, dirt probably isn’t the best first food! We did avocado with Knox right away, and he loved it!

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