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Water Baby

We went to a swim party for my little cousin this past weekend, and I knew Knox would have a great time. I just didn’t realize how great of a time it would really be! The last time he was in a pool was last May on our vacation to the beach. However, the way he acts in the bathtub now, I figured he would love it even more. Every single day when he takes a bath, he dunks his face under the water and laughs. He loves to be wet, and he loves to splash.

When we first got him in the pool, he wriggled to try to swim by himself, not realizing how deep the pool was. Even when he’d swallow some pool water and come up sputtering, he’d laugh about it. He was even starting to kick his legs and try to float on his back. That’s when Trevor showed him how to jump in the pool. Oh. My. Gosh. I swear, he jumped in 50 times in a row. He’d get his toes right on the edge, then either jump or just step in and Trevor would catch him. Of course, he hadn’t taken a nap on this day, so I knew he was going to wear himself out. I think Trevor was pretty tired, too, after playing this game so many times!

… and the aftermath. This was five minutes into the car ride home. We even had to skip the birthday cake because he was fading fast!

We had been talking about getting a baby pool for the back deck at our house, but Trevor’s dad beat us to it. He brought over the biggest hard plastic baby pool that they make, complete with built-in sliding board. To say that Knox is in love is perhaps the understatement of the century. He would spend every waking second in his pool if we’d let him. The first day he and his Grandpa played in it, I think he was literally in it all day- probably four or five hours total. He never got tired of it, and by the end of the day was even taking the slide head-first! This boy knows no fear! He also thinks splashing his mother is HILARIOUS, especially when I tell him not to! He looks at me and smirks while he does it. Little toad! He likes me to watch him while he goes down the slide and balances at the top waiting for me to count him down. He loves that I say “whooo!” when he goes down and has started looking back at me when he is finished and says “WOOO!” He also likes to “float” and dunk his head under the water… is this not the face of a truly happy kid?

The next morning, at 7:30, he was ready to go back in. He came and grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door, and when I refused to open it, he took matters into his own hands. Darn child-proof door knob foils his best plans!

He’s been in his pool every day this week, and I don’t foresee him slowing down any time soon! We’re thinking about swim lessons for him… this may be our little Olympic swimmer!

A new me… at least the hair.

So, I did it. I highlighted the heck out of my hair. For a quick refresher, this is what I was going for:

And this is what I got (forgive the crappy lighting!):

I love it! I think it’s very fresh, summery and different from how it was before. I am excited to mess with it a little bit more, obviously, my stylist curled it for me today to give me that wavy look. I’m curious to see how it looks straight, too. All-in-all, I would say it was a good move, granted I’m ready for it to be about a foot longer!  It will take a few trips to give me that all over color that Alessandra (because we’re on a first-name basis and all) has, but I think this was a good first visit. Right after processing, the highlights were way too blonde, and before she even showed them to me, she said we were toning them down, so she did. I like the color a lot now! Hopefully I’ll be happy with this look for a while. I definitely feel refreshed, and I’m so relieved that I’m not platinum blonde… I was getting nervous when she was brushing on all of that blonde color!

I wish I were a Victoria’s Secret model (doesn’t everyone?)

The state of my style is really pretty sad. It’s not that I don’t want to be fashionable, it’s that I don’t have the resources to be… the resources being time, money and energy. Such is life, I guess, but I am feeling particularly “blah” right now. My standard outfit consists of jeans and a shirt, generally coated in a film of baby vomit and spotted with breast milk. I know, it’s super attractive, try to not to be too jealous. When it comes to clothes, I cannot spend money on them. I don’t know why, but the feeling of stress that accompanies a big pile of new clothes is immense. I generally only buy myself clothes when I have a reason to go out and get dressed up or if I go to an outlet or something like that. Otherwise, it’s a random shirt here or there on super clearance and a new pair of jeans when I am feeling particularly spendy.

However, I need an update. My plan to bribe myself with hair extensions is now kaput. My hair stylist informed me that the extensions have gone up in price, and by “gone up,” we’re talking doubled. Yes. Double. I cannot and will not spend $600 on hair extensions, as much as I would love them. So, being that I’m having to grow my hair out the natural way (over a LONG amount of time), I have to do things to keep myself from getting bored and chopping it off. So, I decided to go ahead and get more highlights. I hadn’t had color on my  hair in years when I got highlights before Brody was born, and I loved it! Now, I am thinking I’ll try something a little more… drastic. Here are my inspiration pictures for my hair that I’ll be taking with me to my appointment tomorrow… too bad her body doesn’t come with her hair color, because I’d be all over that makeover!

In case you live under a rock (or just close your eyes when you see Victoria’s Secret ads like I do to avoid extreme depression), this is Alessandra Ambrosio, the Victoria’s Secret model. It’s pretty much my ambition in life to look like one of the Vicky’s Angels, but, alas, I was not blessed with height or big boobs, and I’m pretty sure no one wants to see my stretch marks strutting down a runway. Plus, I’m pretty sure you have to be from Brazil to look like this… they’re total freaks of nature (ie: unnaturally gorgeous) in that country- remind me to NEVER vacation there. Anyway, this is the look I’m going for with my hair, so I hope I don’t end up looking like a fool after I get a zillion highlights! I like that you can still see her dark natural color underneath, but the lighter color on top makes her look summery and fresh. I am excited for a change, and hopefully this will give me incentive to keep growing my hair out so I can feel kind of stylish again! Have any of y’all made big hair changes lately?

Paint, stain and fake age spots.

Despite the fact that I’ve been dying of illness all weekend, we managed to get a LOT done yesterday with our house projects. Thank goodness because I am starting to panic that I won’t be finished by my self-imposed July 7 deadline (the day I’m hosting a double baby shower at our house). The beadboard in the kitchen was essentially finished aside from missing some crown molding. When Trevor removed the existing molding, he discovered some odd angled cuts- his grandfather, Pop, used to be a builder and explained that Trevor needed to “cope” the molding- luckily he knew exactly how to do this and came over and helped him finish that up yesterday. Yay! I can’t wait to get our open shelving up on this wall so I can have an organized kitchen again!

While they were coping, I was painting. And painting. And painting. Have I mentioned that I loathe painting? I adore a good “before and after” but the “during?” Does anyone actually like the “during” part? I think not. Anyway, I finally painted the beadboard wallpaper in the dining room with a white semi-gloss, and it looks great! I am so happy with my decision to use that in there because it really ties together the kitchen and dining room. I still have to repaint the red the same rusty orange the kitchen used to be/kind of still is, but that can wait until after the baby shower!

I also spent a good portion of the day sanding. I had to sand the butcher block for our island re-do before I could stain it. We brought it inside briefly after Trevor cut it to get a better idea of how it would look. It’s sitting on top our our existing top, and you can see we went shorter with it this time. We wanted to broaden our walkway in the kitchen to make it feel bigger, so I think this will help a lot.

Ikea had a thin protective coat over the wood, so I used 80 grit sandpaper to remove that, then 120 grit to smooth it out, then 220 grit to really smooth it out. Yeah… that was tedious. Then, I applied a wood conditioner, then the stain. I was so nervous to wipe the stain off after the disastrous experience I had with trying to stain Brody’s dresser (that wasn’t actually a solid piece of wood… live and learn), but thankfully, it worked as it should have!

Stain applied... I let it sit for a good 20 minutes before wiping it off.

I did two coats of stain and think I’ll do one more tonight before I start sealing it with the Waterlox because apparently the Waterlox will cause the stain to lighten a shade, and I’m pretty happy with the current color. Side note: I got stain all over myself. I looked like I had age spots all over my hands because somehow, I managed to spray stain all over my hands, arms and neck. Yes, it was very attractive. Luckily, some painter’s wipes took care of my false premature aging.

What’s left to do? Oh, only painting all the kitchen beadboard, trim and cabinetry. Painting the walls in the kitchen and living room. Building and hanging our open shelving in the kitchen. Hanging a new ceiling fan in the living room. You know, just a couple quick things. One day I’ll learn to take on only one project at a time. Maybe.

A quick before and after

There was a nail hole beside our front door that’s driven me crazy forever. The previous owners had some kind of plaque up by the door and took it out, leaving a giant hole in our siding. So pretty. I knew I needed something to cover it up, so I started searching online. Um, yeah. Address plaques are ridiculously expensive. We have a door knocker on our door that I adore, I can’t remember where I found it, but it was an online buy a few years ago.

Pineapples are the symbol for hospitality and are a very Southern thing. I have them scattered around our house and absolutely love their look and connotation. I figured something similar would look good but couldn’t find anything in budget. Then, I decided to look at some thrifted stuff on etsy and struck gold. Literally.

I found this pineapple welcome plaque and fell in love with the cute vintage design… but not the shiny brass color! However, being that color is really a non-issue when something can be painted, I went ahead and bought it for a cool $10. TEN. DOLLARS. That’s cheaper than a door mat!

Once it came in, I spray painted it oil rubbed bronze and sanded it ever so slightly to give it the same worn effect our door knocker has.

Perfect! A new look for just $10 and some spray paint I already had?! That’s what I call a successful crafting session!


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