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Motivation and an Update

So, it’s been a while since I blogged! I think I’ve only posted twice this week, which is not normal for me, but I have really been enjoying the down-time this week. I have Friday through Monday off again, and I have to say, these two three-day weeks are really spoiling me!

I have been ridiculously motivated over the past couple weeks, to the point where I don’t quite recognize myself! I have been working like crazy in Brody’s nursery- I am definitely obsessing over getting everything done, but it seems to be working. When I was pregnant with Knox, I was so overwhelmed with all of the zillion ideas I had for his room that nothing seemed to happen. I have seriously just now finished his room (well, once we hang one more thing up, it will be “finished”). Well. This time, I have Pinterest, and it has been so helpful to keep my ideas all straight! I am moving right along in the nursery this time. I have been taking on little DIY projects that have been a lot of fun (or really annoying, depending on the project) and have really made his room feel personalized. Here’s a little sneak peek at some of the things I’ve been working on:

I was up until 1 a.m. last night sewing. For real, I actually used my sewing machine again since that one time I used it to make a crooked pillow. It really does get easier each time you do it! Proof that I actually had the machine on and running:

What was I making? First, a pillow for Brody’s glider (LOVE that fabric… it has cute safari animals amidst the swirlies) that is actually NOT crooked! Woo hoo for me! Small steps, people, small steps:

I also sewed these book slings!! This was a Pinterest idea that I adored, and y’all… I did it. I actually made them, and my seams weren’t even crooked!

I still have to install them, but you get the idea. Here is the idea I pinned, below, if you want to see what they’ll look like hanging and learn how to make them before I actually take the time to explain the process. I promise I’ll talk more about them, though, when I do the final nursery reveal (and the super smart idea I had that saved me a lot of time on the sewing end of things!):

I’ve also taken full advantage of this time off (and all of my Christmas gift cards) to get most of the shopping done for his room. Instead of doing the traditional name letters over the crib, I decided to go with a huge “B” for next to his window. It looks like this one, but in mustard yellow and is 30″ tall.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest


I’m still waiting on his crib skirt to come in, the girl making it had some hold-ups with moving to a new house but assures me it will be here soon! It’s made out of this fabric, which I fell in love with immediately and had to track down because, of course, it’s been discontinued (like all of the good stuff seems to be).


I did some shopping over the past two weekends and bought a basket for Brody’s toys (not really a bargain at $30 bucks, but I love it), $13 bamboo roman shades for his windows (thank you JC Penney clearance section!) along with a curtain rod and white curtains, a hamper, ridiculously expensive picture hangers ($7 a piece, I think that’s nuts) for the animal silhouettes over his crib (because I don’t want them falling off!!), two floating shelves, some cute knick-knacks for the shelves, a few picture frames and a cheap silver floor lamp. It’s really coming together, but I’m going to make you wait a little longer for a picture of the whole room!

Now that I’ve actually written a post, I am going to get back to my riveting New Year’s Eve of washing more baby laundry and eating Hot ‘n Spicy Cheez-its… don’t judge me, Trevor is working, and I’m pregnant and hungry.

Happy 2012!!

Christmas Day 2011

On Christmas morning, Knox woke up around 7:30, and I took a picture of his cute bed-head in his Christmas pajamas and sent it to Trevor- I knew he’d be missing his boy at work!

We ate a quick breakfast, then headed over to my mom and stepdad’s house. My mom called for our ETA because she wanted to capture Knox’s reaction to his “big” present right as he walked in. Sure enough, we were greeted by a crowd of paparazzi right at the door! Luckily, it was worth it- he was absolutely thrilled to his see his life-sized black lab dog!

Can’t you just feel the joy radiating off of him? When we were crib shopping for Brody, Knox saw this dog in the baby store and freaked out- he tried his darnedest to drag it around the store with him. I told my mom about it, and she had to go get it for him for Christmas. I wish so hard I had filmed his reaction! He squealed, danced and talked like crazy for about 15 minutes about it.

After he calmed down, we sat down and started to open presents. By that point, Knox knew the drill! He had quite a pile to get through, too, so it’s a good thing he was pretty efficient.

He was very excited to see Rock ‘n Roll Elmo! For the record, it is MUCH less irritating than Chicken Dance Elmo!

I helped him open the rest of his gifts- he also got some adorable clothes, a Little People Fire Station and a dashboard (with steering wheel for realistic driving). After Knox was finished, I moved on to Brody’s gifts, then mine- I didn’t see much of anyone else opening their gifts because I was so busy with the boys’ presents! Brody got lots of sweet clothes, a couple stuffed animals and also the baby monitor we needed, which was amazing- thanks, Mom! My mom gave Trevor and I some gift cards (you really miss shopping when you’re on a stiff budget, so we love to get them!!), some clothes and she gave me a pretty cross ring that I love. We bagged up Trevor’s gifts so he could open them when he got home the next day. We definitely got spoiled!

Knox had a fabulous time playing with the piano.

He was so funny to watch because he really thought he was playing a song and took his playing so seriously- my brother filmed this video, which cracks me up at the end when he finishes his song with a few higher notes, ha ha! I literally laugh every single time I watch it- I think he will grow up to play some sort of instrument, for sure.

The highlight of the morning for Knox, though, was his strawberry Ring Pop. He really never has candy, so he was pumped to eat this thing and sucked it down to nothing in no time!

He also found a brand new box of Nilla Wafers in my mom’s cabinet and helped himself to opening them!

We stayed for a very good lunch, and my mom sent us home with more food and tons of dessert. Knox took a short nap, then it was off to the fire station to visit Trevor. Trevor got temporarily relocated to a new station (only for a month or so longer), so it was our first time seeing it. Trevor showed Knox around the bay where they keep all of the fire trucks, and shockingly (or not), Knox was quite pleased to get to touch every single truck he saw! This station has a lot more trucks than Trevor’s normal station because they’re in charge of Haz-Mat (hazardous materials clean-up) in this area, too.

Trevor let Knox “drive” the big fire engine and even turned on the lights for him. He liked it, just a little bit.

After visiting Trevor, we headed home to eat dinner and relax after such a busy day. I don’t let Knox watch much TV at all any more (maybe 20 minutes a day while I get ready), but since it was a holiday, we splurged and watched his new DVD of “The Princess and the Frog,” which is inexplicably one of his absolute favorite movies.

It was a great, and super busy, day, and it was great to get to spend time with my family since I couldn’t be with Trevor all day long.

Monday we managed to pack up all of the Christmas decorations and get the house almost totally back in order. With the influx of new toys, I also went through all of Knox’s old toys and pulled a lot of things out to donate. I have decided to do this yearly after Christmas! I filled up an entire trash bag with toys and also took a few large stand-up toys, as well. I feel like we have a little bit more space, now!

Well, if you made it to the end of this post, good job! That was pretty long-winded, but I want to make sure to remember all of the little details from the day. I hope you guys had a great Christmas, too!

Our Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was more like our Christmas Day this year, since Trevor had to work on the “real” day. Santa came to our house early, though, and delivered the goods for Knox. Trevor had me cracking up when he was explaining to Knox why Santa was coming early (not like Knox understood a word Trevor was saying!). He got a “phone call” from the big guy, then told Knox that Santa owed him a favor, so he would be able to come a day early to our house. Apparently, the elves were doing some welding in the workshop and caught the place on fire (because elves are terrible welders, you know). So, Trevor, like a good firefighter, went and put it out for him- hence, the favor owed. LOL, it was a riot to hear him tell the whole story to Knox!

So, Christmas Eve morning, Knox woke up and we ate breakfast together before heading into the living room.

We definitely did not go crazy, and I am so glad, because just that stack of gifts was overwhelming for him! He is so serious in all of the pictures, and I know it’s because he couldn’t figure out what to look at/ play with next. We’ve talked about starting to do just three gifts on Christmas (that’s how many baby Jesus received), and we may do that next year, especially since Knox’s birthday is less than a month away!

He really likes the new basketball goal and was actually shooting baskets last night- like shooting, not just dropping the ball in, and I was so surprised! He also got a box of Melissa and Doug wooden cars, a road rug to drive them on, a MagnaDoodle, small firetruck, M&D Wooden Tool Box and M&D farm animal sound blocks (I stock up on M&D toys throughout the year when they go on sale!). His stocking had a few matchbox cars, cookies, little things like that.

Over the course of two days, he became an unwrapping pro! He even opened all of Trevor’s presents for him yesterday morning.

He LOVED the MagnaDoodle! Do y’all remember drawing on those when you were little? I used to love mine, too.

We played with the new toys for a while before getting dressed and ready to head over to Trevor’s parents’ house. Knox brought his new fire truck and scared Trevor and I every. single. time he pushed the siren button- it sounded so real! We planned on spending the day with his parents before going to his grandparents’ for dinner. Once we walked in, it didn’t take Knox long to spot his gift… which he played with ALL day long! I’m sure his Grandpa and Daddy had sore backs from climbing through those long tunnels with him!

He got kind of excited when he saw the Elmo guitar…

Getting some help from Mimi

We had such a fun day hanging out over there. I LOVE my in-laws (I know everyone is not so lucky)! We ate a delicious lunch, then Knox played until he passed out and took a nap (thankfully!) on his Grandpa and Mimi’s bed. For our Christmas gifts, Trevor’s mom picked up all the necessities for after Brody’s born, and what a HUGE help that was!! She got me several nursing tanks and new pajama pants for the hospital, and they gave us a huge bag of the essentials we had yet to buy for Brody, like a crib mattress cover, sheets, sound machine, baby wash, breast milk storage bags, etc. I was so excited! Of course, Trevor got some man things, too, like a new watch and other gadgety things because men don’t care much about breast milk bags, LOL.

When it was time to head over to Trevor’s Nan and Pop’s house, Trevor’s mom, Knox and I went ahead while the men fixed up the hayride for later that night. Knox had a wonderful time being the center of attention in front of Trevor’s whole family! He was such a little show-off!

For dinner, we do finger foods (I made hot bacon dip and s’mores dip… both are awesome and SO easy!) which is my favorite thing ever! After we ate, it was time for Knox’s hay ride. Trevor’s dad hooks up a trailer to their lawn mower and fills it with hay, then he rides around the pond. They used to do this with a bunch of the kids when Trevor was little, but so far, Knox is the only one, so he rides with his Daddy!

Christmas Eve was a fantastic day, and I could not have asked for anything better. We attempted a family picture, but as usual, Knox had other ideas!

We went to bed right when we got home because Christmas was going to be a busy day, too! I’ll post on that tomorrow. I hope you all had an amazing and very blessed Christmas holiday!!

Christ is Born!

“And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.  This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

-Luke 2:8-12 (NIV)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Ho, ho, ho!

We took Knox to go see Santa Clause last night, and I am so happy to say that it went much better than last year when Knox stared at him for a while then did this:

Knox was actually pretty amused by the jolly old guy this year, at least from a distance. He was NOT going to sit on his lap, even with much cajoling from Trevor. Finally, we just plopped him down, and Santa had to really try to hang on to the wiggliest child ever. These pictures crack me up because you can see Santa’s mouth in motion trying to convince Knox to look at the camera and be still… nice try!

The winner, crazy hair and all:

Santa insisted that I come over for a picture with him, and I insisted that Knox come along with me! Here is our first picture of Knox and Brody with Santa Clause. I love Knox’s face of “why are you touching my mom, old dude?”

I am so happy with our decision to avoid the “big” mall in town and visit an older, smaller one because our wait was (get this) ZERO minutes! We were in and out in ten minutes, which was amazing. We also got to use our own camera and take as many pictures as we wanted. We will be making that decision again next year, I do believe!

I am so looking forward to this Christmas, now that Knox is a little older and is actually reacting to things and getting excited. We’re planning on doing our “Christmas morning” on Christmas Eve since Trevor has to work on the actual day (boo). After we do the Santa experience at our house, we will head over to Trevor’s parents’ house for lunch, gifts and general merriment. Then, that evening, we’ll head across the pond (not the ocean… literally it’s a big pond) to Trevor’s grandparents’ house for their traditional Christmas Eve get-together with the family.

Christmas morning, Knox and I will head over to my mom and step-dad’s house for gifts and lunch. I think my mom may be a *little* excited to have me back for Christmas morning… but she’s way more excited for Knox to be there! It’s okay, I know my place- standing behind my child. Ha ha! After lunch, we’ll head home for Knox’s nap, then we’re off to the fire station to hang out with Trevor for the rest of the day. His station is doing a big low-country boil (huge pot of shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes… YUM) for dinner and invited the families of the firemen on duty to join them. I’m so glad that we can at least see and hang out with Trevor on Christmas, even if he can’t be at home with us. We found out Trevor works EVERY SINGLE holiday next year, too (thanks, leap year, for screwing up the rotating schedule), so we’ll probably be repeating this schedule again next Christmas, just adding another boy to the mix.

If I don’t have a chance to post again before Sunday, I wish you all a very blessed Christmas!!

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