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Maybe a future in football?

I was really trying hard not to buy too many maternity clothes this time. After all, I am pregnant during the exact same time of year as I was with Knox, so I should theoretically be able to wear all of the same stuff. Yeah, about that. My belly has plans of its own, apparently, which probably include taking over my entire body. I have definitely already outgrown some of my maternity stuff: things that I wore up until almost the very end with Knox. Granted, if Knox had been full-term, I would have had to buy a few more shirts, but we didn’t quite make it to that point with him since he was born at 36 weeks.

Yet, here I am at 26 weeks having to move up sizes. I get asked all the time how much longer I have left… they look positively appalled when I say “three months.” That part is actually kinda funny. Outgrowing my husband’s undershirts that I use to sleep in? Not so much. If you come over late at night and it takes me a while to answer the door, it’s because I’m naked since none of my clothes fit me. That’s a joke, don’t worry. I’m not wandering around the house in the nude… generally.

At this rate, Brody may end up being a linebacker. Either that, or I’ll be getting recruited, myself, by February.

I would totally play for the Dillon Panthers. I borrowed my physique from Tim Riggins, in case you were wondering. Because if I were a boy… I would really want to look like that.

When DIY goes terribly wrong

After what seems like an eternity of talking about it, we actually got down to refinishing Brody’s dresser this weekend. I bought it from Craiglist and we soon figured out that the top (which I planned to stain dark) was veneered. However, after researching, it seemed like this would not be an issue since it was a thick piece of veneer that could be sanded down before staining.

The before (well, this is as “before” as it’s going to get since I forgot to take a picture before Trevor started sanding!):

Well. That was quite a process to get all the off-white paint off of the top. It took Trevor many hours to do. It definitely looked odd once stripped, but it still looked like wood.

I went ahead and applied the stain Friday morning. I waited the designated 20 minutes, then went to wipe off the excess. I was so excited because the color looked awesome! Until I wiped. And every bit of the stain came off on my rag. Disaster! So, I reapplied, and waiting for 45 minutes. Yeah, same thing happened. The stain absorbed on the edges, but not on the top. It appears that the veneer was either not actual wood or was sanded way too smooth to absorb anything- either of these could be true.

This was after the stain… obviously, not the best look with stained trim, zebra-esque top and seeping edges:

After I got over the overwhelming urge to cry, I started to formulate my back-up plan. I decided to keep with the two-tone look I had my heart set on, so I made a quick trip to Home Depot and bought a small sample-sized can of paint in a dark brown for the top. At this point, I have painted two coats of brown on the top, primed the body of the dresser and the drawers, as well as painted two coats of white latex paint on the body and drawers. I have also spray painted the hardware all oil rubbed bronze.

tonight, I am tackling one of the last steps in distressing the piece- I’ll be sanding the edges and probably hitting those sanded edges with some stain to darken it up a bit, depending on how it looks after sanding. Then, I just have to polyurethane the whole thing and let it dry before reinstalling the hardware. Of course, I’m making you wait for the finished product before showing any more pictures! Hopefully it all goes well and we have no more DIY disasters!!

Thankful and blessed.

“Rejoice evermore.┬áPray without ceasing.

In every thing give thanks:

for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

-1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Today, I am thankful for so much. God has blessed Trevor and I with our marriage, our sons, our families and friends, our home, our jobs and countless other gifts. We’ve been given so much, and despite the stresses and trials that creep up in our every day lives, I try to remain forever mindful of just how much we’ve been given. To say that I’m thankful for this life is such an understatement. Thank you, Lord, for everything.

25 weeks

How far along? 25 weeks and 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: 23 pounds
Maternity clothes? Uh, yes. Is it bad that my maternity pants are starting to get really tight? Yes? Okay, ignore that comment.
Sleep: Once I’m asleep it’s fabulous. I just have to get comfy first with my new SNOOGLE pillow! It doesn’t really work better than my pillow nest, but it certainly is a lot easier to get in and out of.
Best moment this week: Yet to come… finishing Brody’s dresser. Maybe if I type it out, it will actually happen.
Movement: Definitely. He is getting so strong, it’s crazy! I’m feeling his hiccups now, too.
Food cravings: Chocolate milk, sour candy, Pilsbury holiday cookies
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: No thank you. I’m feeling good about these P17 shots so far. I was already contracting like mad and on Terbutaline at this point with Knox.
Belly Button in or out? Out. All the way out. Ick.
Stretch marks? I don’t want to talk about it. :( On top of my belly button and on my lower abdomen. They’re just little ones right now, but they’re sure to grow.
What I miss: No back or rib pain… apparently two of my ribs were actually out of place, so I got those popped back in yesterday. Hopefully it helps!
What I am looking forward to: Getting the nursery painted, which is still not finished! If I could only balance on a step ladder, I would do it myself. Alas, I’m pretty sure I would take a tumble, so this remains on Trevor’s to-do list.
Weekly Wisdom: Don’t eat too much turkey or pie. This is me warning myself in advance.
Milestones: Brody’s apparently big/ strong enough to move my ribs. Kind of a sad milestone, but it’s all I’ve got!

Now, how about another belly comparison? Let’s see how I compare to this point in Knox’s pregnancy. I’m in the same shirt, and I think it’s pretty obvious that I am bigger this time!

Left: Knox @ 26 weeks, Right: Brody @ 25 weeks

Get ready…

I don’t think you’re ready for the supreme sexiness I’m about to show you. Oh yes, indeed, I am now rocking a full-fledged ginormous maternity support belt. My back pain has reached the level where I could not care any less about how I look if I can get some sort of relief. I tried out a small support belt from Motherhood Maternity first, but that sucker did zilch. So, yesterday, I returned it and bought the biggest, least-popular belt they have in stock- it’s so unpopular because it is so freaking huge there’s not a good way to conceal it under your clothes. And guess what?

I like it.

It hasn’t taken the pain away completely, by any means, but it definitely has helped to redistribute some weight across my back so that the pain isn’t as intense. Of course, it doesn’t do much for my new rib pain (I seriously think one of my ribs on the right side is out of place because it hurts in the same place, front and back), but one thing at a time! I wore it all last night while I lounged around the house and have attempted to conceal it under my clothes today… yeah, you can still see it… and it has seemed to do me some good. Sitting in an office chair all day has just about killed me thus far, so I am super pumped to have at least some relief.

Now, without further ado, check out this baby:

That’s right. Large and in charge! It’s three separate pieces- the lady at the store was shocked I figured out how to put it on without assistance. As Trevor said, all I’m missing now is a pair of suspenders. It’s okay, though, I don’t think the world could handle quite that much sexy at once, so I’ll go without for now.

In case you’re super jealous of my awesome fashion statement, you can pick up your very own massive maternity belt of pleasure here. You may have to beat your husband off of you with a stick, though, because you turn super hot the second you put it on. Or they may laugh at you… yeah, probably the second option. Oh well.

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