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Trick or Treat

Tonight we’re taking Knox trick-or-treating for the very first time. We’re going to our friends’ (Cole and Lindsey’s) neighborhood and taking a group of the kids out there. Knox is going to be a greaser, and I cannot wait to see him all dressed up! We’re putting him in rolled-up jeans, a white t-shirt and a tiny “leather” jacket I found at Target. Trevor really wanted him to have black Converses, but I couldn’t justify buying another pair of tennis shoes when we just bought some from Stride Rite, so his outfit won’t be entirely historically accurate! I’m sure he will hate me slicking back his hair, considering his recent rebellion against styled hair of any kind, but hopefully he’ll leave it alone long enough for me to take some pictures! At least the rest of his costume is very comfortable.

I promise to update with pictures later this week!

Knox’s New School

This morning we had a meeting with the director of the child development center at our church. We talked with her, introduced her to Knox, and proceeded to visit his potential classrooms and take a tour. The teachers in both one year-old rooms were very nice and were holding kids and playing when we walked in. One of the rooms is the same one Knox stays in for nursery on Sundays, so he ran in and started playing with the toys. We actually left him in there to play while we took the tour. We were so impressed with the center. Each room we visited (which was all of them) was busy doing some kind of craft or educational activity. None of the kids were upset or crying- everyone was happily listening or following along with the activity.

The director explained that there isn’t a real educational curriculum for the “Ones” just because they’re so little, but their focus is really on socialization. They do art projects (even though they are heavy on teacher assistance!) and lots of tactile activities like we saw this morning- sorting pumpkins out of a bucket of macaroni noodles. They read the kids books, take them on walks outside in the “bye-bye buggy”, and every school day they play in the treehouse room. What a cool space! Trevor and I had never ventured that far down the hall before so we’d never seen it. It’s a huge, open indoor playspace with huge playground equipment, a rock wall and a big tree house (that’s safely low to the ground!). I know Knox will love that! The older kids also have music once a week, but he won’t start that until he’s 2.

We both felt really good about the experience, so I went ahead and paid our registration and first month’s tuition. Knox will start “school” on Wednesday of next week. I mentioned to the director about Knox’s lack of talking, and she told me that she has a two year-old grandson that doesn’t talk, and that they’ve been working with Early Intervention for him. I was so encouraged to hear that because I know they’ll be very supportive of Knox in that environment. Plus, she said it had done wonders for her grandson and he was starting to talk. Our doctor referred us to E.I. as well for an evaluation, so we’re just waiting on our call from them to make our appointment. We really think all of these things are going to be great for Knox and are very excited to get started.

Knox was THRILLED to be at church, I don’t think he stopped smiling the entire time! People kept telling us how cute he was and what a great smile he had. He was just radiating joy, so I really think he is going to love this preschool experience!

I had to share these pictures with you guys. I went out for a birthday pedicure on Saturday, so Trevor watched  Knox. Apparently, they must have played very hard because Trevor said he looked down, and amidst the chaos, Knox had totally passed out while playing. He has never done this- he generally only falls asleep in his bed or in the car. He was holding a wooden puzzle piece when he fell asleep. So cute!

The silent type?

I’ve mentioned briefly before that Knox had not been talking much comparative to what he “should” be doing at this age. We took a watch and wait approach, but things just have not progressed. At 21 months old, Knox has decided to forgo speaking, whether by choice or for some other reason. This has been the cause of constant concern for me, and I have to say, it’s gotten to the point where I’m getting more worried about it.

He started talking before he turned one, saying the typical “Mama,” “Dada,” “bye-bye,” “moo,” and the ever-so-random “I do!” What’s so weird is that he seems to learn to say something, then he’ll suddenly ban that word from his vocabulary- like it’s boring to him or something. For example, he was on a huge “I go” kick a couple months ago, now he refuses to say it. A lot of people have asked me if it’s his hearing, but we’ve talked to the doctor about it and done a lot of observation, and he can definitely hear. He loves to be read to, he cracks up if you start reciting a favorite book (like “Moo, Baa, La la la”) and he comes running if he hears certain music. However, he can tune you out like a champ! If he doesn’t want to listen to you, he won’t. He HATES if I ask him to show me his nose or any other body part, but if he’s in the mood for it, he’ll grab MY finger and show me where his nose is. We were looking at a picture of he and I last week, and I pointed to him and asked “Is that Mommy?” He smiled, grabbed my finger and moved it over to the picture of me, so I know he understands when I ask him something (he also could not see my mouth when I asked, so he heard me fine).

I’ve brought this up repeatedly to our pediatrician, and he has talked to Knox, watched him and really thinks it’s just a lack of motivation. He says Knox is obviously smart, but he is stubborn and has his own ideas about when and how to do things. I am really hoping that’s all it is, but just in case, we made him an appointment with a local agency that does hearing/ speech evaluation on kids. Of course, the waiting list is four months long, so we don’t go until February after Knox turns two.

In the meantime, I really think Knox would benefit from some more interaction with kids his age- positive peer pressure seems to really work on him. When we were teaching him to walk, we visited his buddy Noah who was running all over the place. Knox pulled himself up, watched Noah, then let go and tried to walk by himself. We are hoping the same thing happens with the talking! Being that he comes to work with me, he’s not around other kids as much, other than Sunday mornings at church. So, Trevor and I decided that sending Knox to preschool may be a good idea.

We were planning on starting him in the fall, but I called our church’s child development center, and they randomly had just one slot available now… for a one year-old! I was so excited. We go on Thursday to meet the director and Knox’s teacher to make sure it’s a good fit for him. If so, he’ll be starting next week going two days a week. It’s an actual pre-school program with a curriculum, so he would be getting lots of instruction (each class of eight kids has two teachers) and time to play with the other kids. It’s just for three and a half hours a day, so I’ll pick him up one day and bring him back to work with me, and Trevor will take him the other day and keep him at home. I’m looking forward to this for Knox, and I really hope he learns some things and enjoys himself.

Because this guy? He’s my world.

Baby Gap Giggling Turtle Bedding Sale

So, given the fact that we’re getting new bedding for Brody, we won’t be re-using Knox’s bedding. Knox slept in our room for the first four-ish months of his life in a co-sleeper, so to say that his bedding is in great shape is a bit of an understatement. Once we lowered the crib all the way, we went to just using a minky sheet that didn’t even come with his original bedding. It looks brand new- there are no spots, stains, snags, etc. This 4-piece set comes with the bumper, sheet, crib skirt and comforter, and I am asking $100, originally I think it was $250ish. If you are interested, let me know by emailing me at thesouthernbellebaby {at} yahoo {dot} com.

This is what it looked like inside Knox’s crib:

The mobile is not included... Trevor is attached and refuses to let it go!

Brody’s room… in progress

Friday, we went furniture shopping for Brody. It was a lot of fun- I love this part of the process! It was way easier than it was when we were looking for Knox’s furniture since I actually had an idea of what I wanted this time. We went to our local baby furniture store (which is amazing) and browsed. Well, the adults browsed for a minute before chasing Knox around the store for a while- for whatever reason, he LOVES that store! He loved climbing the beds and tried to drag off a life-sized black lab stuffed animal… I guess he thought it was his dog, Brock!

The first crib we saw as we walked in, Trevor said “I like it. Let’s get it.” Well, that actually ended up being our favorite. Before we purchased it though, we walked to the store’s clearance center next door. It’s brand new and we had never been in before. Lo and behold, a nearly identical crib was inside. Both were the same brand (Baby’s Dream) but one had feet and the other had crown molding at the bottom. Also? One was $200 less. Yep, that’d be the one we picked!! Here is our crib, Baby’s Dream Legendary in an espresso finish:

I love it, and I love it even more for the great deal we got on it! We also bought a Colgate spring mattress, which is the same one Knox has. We didn’t find a glider we liked there within our budget, so we ended up buying one from… Wal-mart! Our friends have the same one (Enchanted Camelot Glider in espresso) and have loved it, so we decided to go with that one. It’s the exact look I wanted (identical to my inspiration room), and for under $400, a great price!

We’re picking up the crib and mattress next week, and the chair should be here within the next two or three weeks. That leaves us with the dresser to refinish and the bedding (dun, dun, dun!) to buy. I have hereby decided NOT to do custom bedding. Even though I found a place in town that does it for a reasonable price, I have to go ahead and “Just Say No” for sanity’s sake. I cannot decide on a fabric to save my life. Actually, I can’t find a darn thing I like, to be honest with you, and if I have to look at another swatch I may throw up all over it. So, I am giving up and buying pre-made!! We are deciding between these two:

Serena and Lily “Ben”

Restoration Hardware “Embroidered Safari

Ironically, I do not generally like things with “themes” or pictures on them, but I do like both of these. Trevor likes the Serena and Lily best because it’s brighter, but I know his room will be bright and cheerful with the wall color, accessories and art work, so I’m not worried about the colors as much. I’m just trying to decide which I like better. Of course, the RH Baby set is $100 cheaper, too, so that doesn’t hurt! I like the serenity of that set, but I like the color scheme of the other.

As far as artwork goes, I’ve pinned a lot of ideas, and I have a lot of plans, but I know for sure I just have to have these decals- they are so much fun!


I am so thankful we refinanced our house a few months ago, I can’t even tell you! We got just enough money back to pay for all of Brody’s furniture and new carpet- how perfect is that?! It almost makes it worth the incredible headache I received working with the underwriting company for what seemed like years. :) I have to say, it has been a fun birthday weekend so far, even though my actual b-day isn’t until tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed time spent with my boys, a nice dinner last night and a long pedicure today. I love to get things accomplished, so that’s made it an even better weekend so far!

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