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The inevitable break-up

Dear Bojangles/ Chick-fil-a/ Hardees/ Waffle House,

It is with a heavy heart that I write these words to you. It’s not your fault that you are located within such close proximity of my home that I have chosen to frequent your drive-thrus for breakfast nearly each and every day. It’s not your fault that the will power of a hungry pregnant chick is next to nothing. It’s not your fault that my chins have doubled in size and in number over the past few weeks. However, I’m going to go ahead and blame you for the sheer deliciousness of your food that makes me crave it despite that fact that it is packed with fat and grease in numbers that would surely make me cringe if I actually cared enough to look them up. I am afraid that I must bid you adieu. Yes, I know that I am “with child” and therefore will be gaining some weight between now and my due date, however, I am fairly certain that your hash-browns, delicious chicken and sausage gravy are the culprits for the dramatic increase in the numbers on the scale over the past few delicious weeks.

That’s not to say that we’ll never meet again. Especially you, Bojangles, because I am fairly sure that you employ some sort of addictive substance when creating your delicious Cajun seasoning blend that you generously sprinkle over those hot, crispy, delectable creations that you call seasoned french fries. However, for now, we’re really going to have to go our separate ways because at this rate, I will have no neck and 25 chins by the time March rolls around. Plus, all of that salty seasoning has worn the taste-buds off of my tongue, and I think I need some time to recover.

Hugs and Kisses (& I hate you so much),

-Jessica and baby boy #2


Here’s hoping that if I cut myself off now, this baby won’t come out resembling a fried potato. For old times sake, though, just look at this:

And this:

Somehow, I don’t think I’m going to enjoy yogurt and granola nearly as much as these.

Getting closer

I ended up staying home from work yesterday because I felt horrible, and my boss told me to. :) I definitely have a raging sinus infection, luckily I got on some antibiotics so hopefully I will be getting progressively better from here on out. Luckily, Trevor was home yesterday so he was able to help me look after Knox. He LOVES when Trevor is home-  he climbs all over him, hugs him, kisses him and lays there in front of him until Trevor tickles him. It’s so cute.

We’ve been scrambling to get everything ready for our garage sale on Saturday, and we’re finally making progress. It would be so much easier to just donate everything, but hopefully we’ll make a couple hundred dollars to put towards our playroom makeover. We really want to make that room conducive to lots of playing for two little boys, so we’re trying to clear up floor space and add lots of storage and organization. The other goal, of course, is to get the new baby’s room cleared out completely. Anything that doesn’t sell at the garage sale is getting immediately donated to our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, so we are holding on to ZERO clutter!

Trevor has to disassemble our guest bed today so we can actually get into that mess of a room to clean it out. Hopefully it will be empty by next week so I can call and schedule the carpet installation.  That room is only one of two left in our house with the hideous FOREST GREEN carpet. Blech! Once that’s done, we can go ahead and order the nursery furniture and let the decorating begin. I can’t wait! I do know that want an espresso crib, and I do believe I am going to refinish my Craigslisted dresser in a two-tone white and espresso paint job. Hopefully it turns out like I am imagining! Something similar to this, but I’ll be spraying our hardware with Oil-Rubbed Bronze paint so it will have a more metallic look:

Here’s a picture of the actual dresser (sorry it’s kinda blurry, it’s the pic taken off of Craigslist):

I love the lines, it’s originally from Ethan Allen, so it’s a really nice piece of furniture. We paid around $500 for Knox’s dresser that went with his crib, so needless to say, we’re saving a LOT of dough by refinishing this one ourselves! It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the whole dresser is kind of an ivory color, so I will have to re-do the whole thing. I’m excited to give this dresser a new personality!

Sick and Tired

No, for real, I am both sick and tired. Knox started to get snotty last week, and apparently, he decided to share his germs with his dear mother because I now feel wretched. I feel like my head is twice its normal size because I am so congested. I hope this is just a cold and passes soon because I can’t sleep at night if I can’t breathe, and that makes for a very long day the next day! We have a ton of work to do for our garage sale on Saturday since we barely got anything accomplished this weekend. Had I known I was going to be coming down with this horrid illness, I would not have procrastinated!!

In other (and way better) news, I felt the baby kick last night!! I have been feeling random sensations which I have pretty much assumed were the baby, but this is the first time I have KNOWN it was him. I was laying in bed, watching “Friends” with Trevor, with my hand on my stomach when I felt a kick both inside and with my hand. It was so awesome! Trevor is excited to feel him soon, too, and reminded himself to start talking to this baby like he did with Knox. It’s hard to focus as much on this baby as we did with Knox because now we’re so busy with a crazy toddler, but we are going to make an effort! We still haven’t decided on a name, but we’ll figure something out soon! I am in the midst of designing our custom crib bedding- I’m still deciding what to do, but I have ordered some fabric swatches to help me decide. I will share once I figure out what I am doing!

Names, nursery and Knox

Now that we know this baby is a boy, we’ve kicked our name search into high gear. It’s funny, right as we were leaving the doctor’s office, Trevor asked me what some of the names were that I had liked and he had vetoed early on. I remembered Sawyer and Sullivan (he only liked Sullivan for a girl) right away. All of a sudden, he loves those names! It’s so weird, but hey, I will take it! Those are our top contenders at the moment, although my secret favorite is still Brody, it’s just so popular. I did look up the top 100 names in SC, though, and it’s not even on the list… makes me think that people down South haven’t gotten the memo on how awesome that name is yet. So, I’m still at a loss as to what to do, but at least we’ve got some options! I love to hear your opinions on which name you like best and which you think sounds better with our middle name of choice “Howell” (family name) and which sounds best when you yell it with Knox’s… like “Knox and _______, you better not be riding the dog again!!”

I’ve also been doing a lot of nursery planning, and so far, I do believe this is going to be my inspiration photo. It’s similar to Knox’s color scheme so they’ll coordinate, but I think they’ll be different enough. I do want an espresso crib, though. I bought a dresser on Craigslist a while back to refinish, so I’ll either do something two-tone like in the picture or paint it a really fun color.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

This morning I took Knox to the doctor because he was getting sniffly and my whole family has been overtaken by a dreadful illness that I do NOT want him (or his parents!) getting. Luckily, he probably just has a cold, but while we were there I asked the doctor about Knox’s walk. He’s been walking for around eight months now, but he seems a little more wobbly than he should be, at least to me. He does a lot of walking on his toes and lifts his legs kind of high. Dr. T had him walk up and down the hallway and agreed that he had an unsteady gate. The toe walking, he said, was worth looking into. He said usually it means their Achilles tendon is a little tight, so he is sending us to a pediatric orthopedist for another look. He checked his hips and legs, and they seem totally fine, so hopefully it’s just the tendon so we’ll be able to do exercises to loosen it up. Hopefully we’ll get things straightened out soon!

Oh, and I had my first P17 shot yesterday afternoon, and it was not bad at all! My nurse rocks and told me to ice my butt for 10 minutes first, so by the time she gave me the shot, I was totally numb and didn’t feel a thing. I could definitely feel it afterwards, just sitting there, though- it’s super thick because it’s compounded in castor oil, but I walked around a little and that helped. I think I can handle it!

Here’s a picture of Knox from this weekend that cracks me up- he loves to lounge!

It’s a …


We are thrilled to be having another little boy! We went into the ultrasound this morning and Trevor and I both told the sonographer that we thought it was a boy. The second she put the probe on my belly, we saw the money shot- no looking around necessary! She said “looks like you’re right!” It was such a great moment. Then, we just got to hang out and watch our little guy moving around, smacking his lips and boxing his tiny fists. He already looks just like Knox did at that point in the pregnancy, so I am anticipating another tiny Trevor! We love this little boy so much already!

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