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Practice Makes Perfect.

Knox really likes babies. Let’s hope this is a trend that will continue into the next year when we’ll be adding one into our household! He’s never exhibited any jealously when I’ve held another baby, which is fabulous, and he is so interested in what they’re doing. His cousin Addison came over a week or so ago, and they spent their time cracking each other up. Addison is highly entertained by Knox, and Knox thinks Addison is very funny. We posed them on the couch together, but of course, “Dora the Explorer” proved more interesting to both of them than focusing on the camera.

Holding hands... we didn't even force this- Knox grabbed her hand on his own!

"Hey Addison, try this! Fingers are delicious!"

Chilling out... I can't believe how huge Knox looks next to his tiny cousin!

YES!! Apparently, something fabulous happened on "Dora!"

Hopefully by the time his new sibling arrives, Knox will have had lots of practice being a big brother!

Knox’s Blocks

Knox’s favorite toys are his Melissa and Doug Nesting and Stacking Alphabet Blocks. We have built thousands of towers with these things, and I must say, it was the best $11.99 I’ve ever spent (even though I actually spent less because they were on sale!). Now that he’s interested in counting, he also points to each block while we count to ten, then he claps. It’s so cute.

Knox's blocks are always surrounding him- see them all over the floor?

In addition to stacking them tall and nesting them inside of each other, Knox loves to hold the smaller blocks while he sits on the floor or watches a movie. I don’t know why, but he also really likes to chew on them. It looks like a mouse got a hold of of each and every one of them with frayed little corners. They’ve definitely seen better days, but he doesn’t seem to mind. They actually make wooden ones, I’ll probably end up getting before he ingests a pound of cardboard.

Last night I was sitting on the couch having some alone time after he was in bed, and next to me on the couch was the smallest “Z” block. It’s Knox’s favorite one, and he almost always keeps it nested inside the “WXY” block. I picked it up, looked at that tiny block all covered in tiny tooth marks and totally lost it! It just hit me like a ton of bricks (or blocks in this case) how much I love that little boy. The power of love is truly incredible, and sometimes, I feel like I just can’t contain all the feelings I have for him. Who would have thought a chewed-up toy would have made me freak out like that?! Of course, then, I start worrying about him, nothing specific, just in general. Because that’s what I do.

When I was pregnant with Knox, I cried almost daily and had new paranoid fears creep up every five seconds or so. I worried about him constantly and was a total wreck. With this pregnancy, I worry a good 90% LESS than I did the first time (thank you, God!), but I find it so strange that the cause of my worry isn’t always this new baby: it’s still Knox. That’s not to say I don’t have my moments daily of worry for this new baby, too, because I do, but the brunt is still over Knox. I guess since he’s here and I can touch and hold him now, it’s easier for my worry to find him as a landing place. That poor guy- his mother is never going to stop obsessing over him.

For right now, I am just going to concentrate on enjoying the here and now and having faith that everything will work out according to God’s plan. I am so thankful for this pregnancy, and also so thankful for the lack of mega-anxiety that I experienced before. I can honestly say that I am enjoying this time, not worrying it away. While I can’t wait to meet this new baby next year, I am also treasuring these last few months of having my little guy as my only child and making sure to dote on him as much as possible- and that includes building lots of towers with Knox’s blocks.

Oh snap.

So, we sent Knox’s diapers off a while back to be converted from velcro to snaps, and they turned out awesome! “Convert My Diapers” did a fabulous job on them, and we were very happy with the results. They look like totally new diapers, and I definitely wish I had bought snaps from the beginning! Live and learn, right?

These aren't actually ours, but this is what the converted diapers look like.

While the diapers were away for a few weeks, we had to use disposables. This was bad news. They worked just fine (we used Target’s Up and Up Brand), but they caused me to develop a small problem: I don’t want to do diaper laundry ever again. Oops.

I used cloth exclusively (even on vacation) for over a year before I ever strapped a disposable to Knox’s tush. Eventually, we decided to use them occasionally if he was on antibiotics (diarrhea city) so I didn’t have to scrub that situation out of the cloth and so we could cake his cheeks in more potent diaper rash ointment. Then, I figured, using them on vacation was a good plan, too, so I did. These small ventures did nothing to deter my love for cloth, whatsoever. I jumped right back into it with no problem.

However, a month without diaper laundry PLUS a newly pregnant/ nauseated sniffer= no thank you, stinky laundry. I still love using the actual diapers just as much as always (CLOTH DIAPERING 4EVAH!!), but my gosh, I am so unmotivated to wash/ fold them, now! It’s definitely a love/hate thing with the diaper laundry- some days, it’s no big deal and just as normal a part of the routine as brushing my teeth, but others, I don’t know, it just strikes me as such an annoying task.

I decided that I have to get over this and made myself sit down and stuff diapers last night. Guess what? It took five minutes and didn’t even hurt. I’m cured! Okay, maybe not totally, but at least I’m getting back in the swing of things. I decided that on days when I feel like I”m going to vomit, it’s totally okay to delay the laundry until the next day, and if that means Knox has to rock Sesame Street characters on his butt, so be it. I don’t think adding vomit to the diaper pail would help matters much, do you? My thoughts exactly.

Isn’t it too early for this?

Here I sit, 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant, rocking my maternity pants. Let’s be honest. I haven’t been able to zip my pants since about the five week mark thanks to some incredible bloat. I remember it being the same with Knox, but I feel like I look a lot bigger than I did with him- everyone says you show faster with the second, and I believe that to be true! Of course my stomach comes and goes each day- the early “bump” is really just your bowels… isn’t that sweet? However, now, it is apparent that there is a certain bit of belly that is there to stay. Here is my progression from four weeks onward so you can see what I mean:

Please ignore my dirty mirror. I promise, I actually do clean it sometimes.

Oh my. It’s not going to be long before people are asking me “Are you sure there’s just one in there?” Which, while we’re discussing it, why do people think it’s okay to ask that??!

Ever since our ultrasound on Friday, I am feeling so much more connected to this baby. The first time around, all I had to focus on (and obsess over) was Knox- this time I obviously have many more distractions. I guess because I had no medical confirmation of blood work or anything, I had this panicky feeling of “is it really in there?” The relief I felt when I saw that little heartbeat was immeasurable: it’s in there. And oh, how I love this baby already. God has blessed my life in some truly miraculous ways!

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I’ve been holding out on you… just a little bit.

June 27, 2011 was a very awesome day:

Today? Was even better.

That would be our Baby #2, measuring at 7 weeks and 6 days with a heartbeat of 167 beats per minute. Love at first sight!

*If you’re friends with me in “real” life or on Facebook, let’s keep this one a secret for a while, okay? We’re not spilling the beans everywhere until 12 weeks! Thanks!*

Um, yeah. I was kinda shocked. Obviously, we’ve been trying to get pregnant for several months, now. However, that Monday marked day 44 of what I thought was an anovulatory cycle. I was no longer doing my basal body temperatures, so I had no way of knowing when or if I ovulated, other than the ovulation tests that seemed to be ambiguous all month long. So, when I got home that day and checked the mail, I was excited to see that my online order of pregnancy and ovulation tests had arrived. Before getting in the shower, I took one of each, since I didn’t know what my crazy ovaries were up to at that point. When I got out, my mouth nearly hit the floor. A very positive pregnancy test was sitting on my counter. I couldn’t help myself from squealing and doing a little jump of excitement! I took another one (hey, that could have been a fluke!) and instantly, a second line appeared again. I sailed down the stairs, waving my pee sticks in front of Trevor’s face.

That had been a seriously exhausting day in fire school, and I swear, the poor guy had no idea what was going on. He asked “is this real?” I said “Yes!” He then asked “What is this for? Pregnancy?” Ha ha! He was really happy but was way more pumped the next day once he had some rest! Being my paranoid self, I had to go to the drug store to get two other brands of tests to take- obviously, those were positive as well. Judging by the darkness of those lines, I knew I was further along than I had been when I found out with Knox at 11 dpo. I looked back at my chart, and figured I was probably ┬áright around 4 weeks along (14 dpo ish). Woo hoo!

We told Trevor’s parents and my mom right away. I also told my friend, Lindsey, because she made me swear to her I’d actually tell her if I got pregnant again since she had to snoop and find out last time! Plus, I had to have someone to talk to every five seconds about it! Everyone was totally thrilled at our news. We figured we’d wait until after the first ultrasound before we told a few more family members, then until 12 weeks to tell everyone else- that’s just what we did with Knox.

I ended up caving and telling my siblings after about a week, too, but I was so glad I did because they were super excited, too. I felt great for about a week until the nausea started up. It was pretty mild, though, worse if I got hungry. So, I started to sleep with a granola bar by my bed so I could eat it first thing in the morning. Right around 6 1/2 weeks, though, the granola bar trick failed to work any longer. I felt like CRAP! This is far different from my first pregnancy when eating almost always made me feel better (even though I couldn’t eat much because I had so many food aversions). I feel sick from the time I wake up, to the time I go to bed. I have hour-long periods during the day where I feel okay, but they are few and far between. The food aversions have definitely begun, and meat is the #1 offender. But you know what? That’s okay! Every nauseated moment means this baby is growing and doing just fine!

Oh, and I’m huge. My bloat is out. of. control. None of my pants fit me after about the first week. I’ve been wearing lots of elastic waistbands and dresses!

We are THRILLED about this baby, and it was killing me to keep this from you guys!! I opted not to have my beta levels drawn this time around, so I really wanted to wait until we confirmed the pregnancy with an ultrasound first. So, needless to say, you’re about to get flooded with all the baby chatter I’ve been holding in for almost four weeks!

My due date is March 3, 2012- of course is this baby is anything like Knox, he or she will be rolling in sometime in February!

P.S. I’m forever mindful that my happy news may be someone else’s bad day, so to all of my readers going through IF or difficulty TTC, hang in there! You are all in my prayers!

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