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Just say NO to ‘stache

Oh dear me. My husband came home yesterday and informed me a lovely new addition to our lives: a mustache. In fire recruit school, they have very strict rules about your appearance, including keeping your uniform immaculate (no strings allowed!) and keeping facial hair shaved and maintained. They are not allowed to have scruff or beards, but they can keep a neatly-trimmed mustache. Well. Being that Trevor is in his twenties and not his fifties, having a mustache wasn’t really an option he’d considered… until now. Apparently Trevor and his group (about four guys… forgot the “technical” term) decided to make a pact to grow out their mustaches until graduation… in September. Oy!

And the best part? If someone caves and shaves their mustache? The other group members have their permission to hold them down and shave off their EYEBROWS. What the heck is wrong with men?!! As much as I hate the idea of Trevor with a mustache, I prefer that to a husband with no eyebrows!

Here is my artists’s rendering of what I’ll be coming home to in the next few weeks:

Hold me.


About a month ago, I applied to seminary. After much prayer, thought and discussion, I decided to make the move to (eventually) have a career centered around God. I am really, really excited about this, but also kind of terrified! I am no Bible expert (hence, needing to go to school!), and I’m kind of worried that I’ll be the least-knowledgeable person in my classes. I will be taking classes predominantly online, but the local seminary I will hopefully be attending also requires one week intensive courses throughout the year. This should work out great with my work schedule and such. I’m just waiting to hear back on my acceptance. I had to have referrals from my pastor and two others, as well as write an essay on my Christian experience and fill out an application. The application  even asked questions like “have you ever used tobacco or alcohol?” Um, oops. Hopefully they don’t take a big red X to mine because I like wine!

In all seriousness, I am really ready to get started! With any luck, I will begin this August. It’s a new chapter, and definitely an exciting one! As of now, I’ll be pursuing the ministry leadership track within the Masters of Divinity degree. I’m thinking women’s ministry is my long-term goal, but who knows how God will choose to use me. I’m open to His instruction! Any prayers you guys could send my way would be greatly appreciated!

Who would have thought… me turning into a pastor?! Crazy.

Party Animals

Sunday was Trevor’s 28th birthday, and we had a really nice day, just hanging out and celebrating. Trevor’s parents came over for a dinner of steak and cake (sounds good, right?). Knox had a grand time playing in the wrapping paper and climbing up the huge box that Trevor’s birthday hammock came in (can’t wait to put that up!). Here are a bunch of pictures from our low-key day.

Knox's chewing on Eeyore's face. Poor Eeyore.

Part of Trevor's birthday feast- filet mignon wrapped in bacon and a chocolate cake. Yum!

Take a deep breath and...

Blow them out!

Yay, Daddy! Great job! Notice my "dear" husband putting out the trick candles in MY water!

Ribbon is fascinating stuff.

... but Dora the Explorer is even more fascinating!

Mother, I told you, I don't want this junk on my head! I'm not a chick!

Family picture. Note my husband is riding Knox's train, and Knox is trying to escape so he can play in the wrapping paper again.

This afternoon, I am taking poor Knox to the doctor because he is so sick! He has no appetite, a fever, stuffy nose and he just looks like he feels awful. Hopefully he’ll be on the mend, soon!

I’m a budget failure.

I went to the grocery store on Saturday, armed with my e-mealz list, determined to spend NO MORE than $125. Guess what? I spent $200. Blast! I have no idea how that happened! You guys, I am the WORST at sticking to a list. Seriously, I cannot do it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I was so disappointed when I got to the register and that total kept climbing. From now on, I am going to start bringing my calculator with me to the store. That way, I can hold myself accountable and TRY to meet my budget numbers! I am GOING to whittle this bill down to $125 a week! Or less. Mark my words, blog buddies!

In other news, we’re supposed to schedule our appraisal this week for our refinance. Yay! Ready to that show on the road. The best part about refinancing is that you generally get to miss a month’s payments AND you get whatever cash in is your escrow account ($1300 for us!). So ready for that! See, who said budgeting isn’t fun??

Tomorrow, I’ll post a zillion pictures of Trevor’s 28th birthday and Knox REALLY enjoying some ribbon. You know you’re excited. Okay, okay, here’s one picture:

Knox is like "you're insane." LOL. I look maniacal!

Santa Fe Chicken (a Crock Pot recipe)

I stumbled across an amazing Web site the other day, called Seriously, guys, it is a wealth of deliciousness! I have been trying to incorporate more healthy, low-fat recipes into our line-up of traditional Southern (ie: FATTY) staples. Most recipes I come across that are low-fat or low-cal look incredibly unappetizing. If the food isn’t satisfying, there is no way I can stick to a healthier lifestyle and make better food choices. No way, no how. I like food too much to eat something I don’t fully enjoy. Imagine my sheer joy when I found this site where the food all looks like REAL FOOD. And? If you do Weight Watchers, Gina puts the point value on each and every recipe, along with the other nutritional information.

We tried out her Santa Fe Chicken recipe last night, and I have to say, I was incredibly impressed. I really wanted to share it with you guys because we liked it so much, and it’s very budget-friendly! It made enough for at least two or three full meals for our family. It was a bit spicy for Knox, so if you’re feeding kiddos, leave out the cayenne!

Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken
Gina’s Weight Watcher Recipes
Servings: 8 servings • Size: 1 cup • Old Points: 3 pts • Points+: 4 pts
Calories: 190 • Fat: 1.5 g • Fiber: 5.6 g • Carbs: 23.1 g • Protein: 21 g

  • 24 oz (1 1/2) lbs chicken breast
  • 14.4 oz can diced tomatoes with mild green chilies (Publix has their own brand for cheap)
  • 15 oz can black beans
  • 8 oz frozen corn
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
  • 14.4 oz can fat free chicken broth
  • 3 scallions, chopped (I used one small onion)
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp onion powder (I omitted this since I used real onion)
  • 1 tsp cumin (I used a healthy shake, not a full teaspoon)
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper (again, I just gave a shake- I think a full teaspoon would have burned my taste buds off)
  • salt to taste (make sure you taste before serving and adjust your salt)

Combine chicken broth, beans, corn, tomatoes, cilantro, scallions, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, cayenne pepper and salt in the crock pot.  Season chicken breast with salt and lay on top. Cook on low for 10 hours or on high for 6 hours.

(This is going to look really watery, but don’t worry, once you shred the chicken into it, it evens out). Half hour before serving, remove chicken and shred. Return chicken to slow cooker and stir in. Adjust salt and seasoning. Serve over rice (extra pts).

This is pretty true to what it ends up looking like. We didn’t top ours with any cheese or green onion- it really didn’t need it. Trevor told me “Wow, this tastes nothing like it looks. I saw that and thought it was going to taste kind of bland.” First off, I wanted to say “I don’t ever make bland food, crazy man!” LOL, but seriously, he was right- this stuff was flavor-packed. It didn’t feel like “diet” food at all, even though there are only 1.5 grams of fat in a serving! We served ours over brown rice, and it was delicious- can’t wait for the leftovers! I have to say, this would also make a pretty rockin’ soup or stew if you didn’t want to add rice.

I’ll make sure to share new recipes we try and love with you guys!

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