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It’s black and white AND white and super smelly.

That would be Knox’s cow print Britax car seat… covered in puke. I cannot even begin to express how foul of a situation this was. I was driving home from work yesterday, and Knox was sipping on his cup of milk in the back seat. Soon, I started to smell something. It smelled very vomit-like, but I blamed the tiny spot on his shirt that he had doused in milk-puke that morning. He is not a frequent vomiter at this point, but he has a newfound obsession with milk. He screeches in anger when his cup is empty, but if you refill it, he throws up. So, obviously, we are discouraging second helpings of milk at this point.

Anyway, after a while, the smell got stronger. I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw the culprit: Knox was covered from chin to toe in blanket of puke. Ewwww. I called Trevor and told him he’d better get outside because I was pulling up with quite a surprise for him. We stripped the baby down in the driveway because he was literally dripping vomit. Knox was carried straight upstairs to the bathtub, giggling all the way because it’s funny to get naked outside, you know.

Then I was left alone to contend with the puke-mobile. Oh you guys, I can’t begin to describe the severity of the situation. It seeped into every single crevice of the car seat, every single strap, clip, buckle, whatever was covered and it REEKED. I carried the whole seat inside, read the instructions so I didn’t screw anything up and proceeded to disassemble every disassemblable part. Of course the cover is “hand wash/ line-dry only.” I’m sorry, but that is seriously dumb. Come on, Britax people, kids vomit, spill and generally make a mess- anything that touches their little bodies should be machine washable!! Thankfully, I have leather seats because I don’t even want to think about that clean-up process otherwise! Needless to say, after much handwashing, scrubbing and line-drying, the car seat cover is still quite ripe. I’m going to machine wash it on the gentle cycle tonight because I can’t stand another day spent driving around in a car that smells like curdled milk. Gag.

I think Knox may have a touch of a stomach virus because he thew up again at lunch today, thereby traumatizing my stepbrother who promptly asked for a box for his General Tso’s chicken. Toddlers are not for the faint of heart!


This is one of those things that begs to be shared. Remember the book I told you guys about called “Heaven is for Real?” Well, basically, it’s the story about a four year-old boy named Colton that had major surgery, and during the surgery, he claimed to have gone to Heaven. In the weeks that followed, he told his parents about this journey and what he saw. One of my favorite parts of the book was when he talked about Jesus. He had described the way Jesus looked to his parents, but every time they showed him a picture of Jesus he said “That’s not Jesus” and would proceed to tell them what was wrong with that picture.

Well, one day, the family was watching a documentary that featured an artistic prodigy that claimed to have visions from Heaven. She painted a portrait called “Prince of Peace” (when she was only EIGHT years-old) of Jesus. The image of her painting came across the screen and Colton’s dad asked him what was wrong with this picture and he replied “Nothing. That’s him, Dad. That’s Jesus.”

So cool. How could he have known this painting came from another child that claimed to have seen God? He couldn’t have. He just knew what he saw and that image matched his memories.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. My friend, Jocelyn, from bible study and our Sunday school class is a nurse practitioner and had to deliver some medication to her friend who is a hospice nurse, named Molly. Molly had been caring for a five year-old boy with leukemia. This sweet little boy died two weeks ago, but the events that led up to his death are astounding. When he was in the ICU and on a ventilator, he awoke and told his parents that Jesus had come to see him. Jesus told him that He wasn’t going to take him right now, but that He would come back for him in a little bit. This is according to the little boy.

When he was back at home and on hospice, he started to see Jesus again. At first, he was scared of Him. He would cry and tell his mom that he did not want to go with Jesus. She would try to pray with him, but he would freak out and get upset because he was afraid. After some time passed, this little boy said that Jesus was still coming to see him, but that he was not afraid of Him anymore.

One night, Molly was waiting for her relief nurse to come in, so she was sitting with the little boy. She said she felt someone walk up behind her, the little boy’s eyes got wide and the dog on his bed sat up and looked behind her, as well. She asked the boy’s mother (who just walked into the room) who was behind her. The mother said “no one.” The little boy said “Yes there is. Jesus is behind you.”

His mother also tried to show him pictures of Jesus, but he would deny any likeness to the “real” Jesus that he had seen. Well, just before his death, someone mailed them a picture to show him. When his mom showed it to him, he said “That’s Jesus!”

I wondered to Jocelyn if it was the same picture that Colton saw in the book, and we talked about how crazy that would be.

She called her friend and guess what picture it was?

“Prince of Peace.”


This is the portrait, by Akiane Kramarik.

Obviously, I have no idea if this is actually how He looks, but isn’t it kind of cool to think that it may be? I just wanted to share because it gave me chills when I heard it!

It’s Official!

Trevor and I are trying to get pregnant. Again. I am incredibly excited (and incredibly terrified), and am so ready to *hopefully* add another member to our family. I know you’re probably wondering what changed since we were not planning on actively trying again for another eight months or so.

Well, we were talking about adoption last weekend. Trevor and I both feel led to adopt one of these days, preferably from Asia, and have been thinking about it more and more lately. We were trying to figure out when would be the best time to start the process. It’s obviously a long and very expensive one, so this involved a lot of discussion. Trevor knows that I am already ready for another biological baby, and we were trying to figure out whether to adopt first or try to get pregnant first. We figured that with our current fertility issues, it would be best to go ahead and try for another biological baby while we’re still young since it could take a while. Plus, we want to have a LOT of money saved up before we adopt since that process runs in the tens of thousands of dollars, and we’d prefer to have ZERO debt of any kind before that day comes, as well as a hefty savings account.

Trevor was giving me his reasons for waiting a while longer before actively trying again- as you know, we are not using any birth control (but have not been timing things), and I’m was not on any meds for my PCOS. The more he tried to convince himself to wait, the more he convinced himself otherwise! It was pretty comical to hear him persuade himself into trying now instead of later. So, that’s how we arrived at this place where I am so thrilled to be. I called my doctor’s office last week and got a shiny new prescription for Metformin (aka excuse-me-while-I-run-for-the-bathroom-again-and-again drug). I was on Metformin when I got pregnant with Knox- it is actually a drug designed for Diabetes and helps regulate insulin levels. Women with PCOS tend to have a higher level of insulin resistance, so our bodies make too much of it which, in turn, makes our ovaries all wacked out. The Metformin helps lower those levels so our bodies can ovulate on their own- at least this is the case for some women (me, thankfully, at least last time).

I started charting last cycle (my first postpartum) just to keep track of my period. Now, I am doing it for real. We are not going to get all obsessive like last time, and I hope that will help with my stress level. Trying to get pregnant with Knox was, without a doubt, one of the worst experiences of my life. It was stressful, scary and I hated every second of it. Granted, the result was well worth it, but I seriously hope that I am so occupied with Knox this time around that I won’t have as much of an opportunity to freak out. I’m still on Zoloft, too, which I think I will stay on throughout TTC and would go off of if and when I found out I was pregnant. At least that’s the plan for now! I’m weaning up my dose of Metformin and am at 1000mg right now, next week I will go up to the full 1500 mg dose. I can’t eat things with too much sugar or fat because it WRECKS my poor stomach! Not too many cookies for me at the moment.

We are certainly not advertising that we’re trying in “real life,” but I have to have some kind of outlet to de-stress, so I am definitely discussing it here! In case you’re wondering, I am 11 days into this 2nd cycle and usually don’t ovulate until around day 20. I’m awaiting my big pack of ovulation test strips and Pre-Seed to come in the mail this week- let the POAS obsession begin again! I would really appreciate any prayers you could send our way for a healthy baby making its way into my uterus sometime soon!

Just call me Mrs. Clean

Yesterday, my dear husband had an unfortunate incident with his hair. When I say “hair,” I actually mean bare scalp. My dear, unassuming husband decided that he needed a haircut. He has been cutting it himself with this handy little hand-held clipper comb thing. It looks like a comb, it’s curved to fit well against your head, and basically, you just run it along your scalp and it cuts your hair to the desired setting. He was about half-finished, when it died. Darn. So, he was forced to plug it in to re-charge and wear a hat for the rest of the day. This was funny enough for me, and I giggled every time he took his hat off and revealed his mega patchy hair style.

It got so much better worse for Trevor later last night.

His shaver was nice and charged, so he grabbed it and hopped in the shower (since his wife does not respond kindly to piles of tiny hairs all over the bathroom) to finish the job. In a matter of a minute or two, the shower curtain flings open, and Trevor looks at me with a look that says “Oh my sweet goodness, what have I done?!!” and it was pretty apparent to me what he had done: scalped himself. Someone (ie: Trevor… despite his accusations, which I vehemently (and truthfully, mind you) denied) may have accidentally switched the guard setting from “3” to “1.5.”

I have never laughed so hard in all of my life.

Now, before you all tell me what a horrible and mean person I am for laughing at my husband in his time of great personal turmoil, it was his reaction that killed me, not his poor bald head. He knew once piles of hair started falling that something was amiss, but he never could have anticipated what his reflection would show in the mirror. When he jumped out of the shower dramatically and landed in front of the mirror, his mouth fell open, and he proceeded to lean in to the mirror and rub his head- as if any matter of rubbing would bring that hair back! He said “I’ve grown stubble longer than this!!” and that’s where I lost it. Tears poured down my face, and even though he told me to shut up about ten times, I could not stop laughing! I did take a picture of him with my phone, much to his horror, and even though he has gotten past the shock of having to shave his entire head to about 1/8″ he refused to let me share it with you (even though I BEGGED him).

So, instead, I leave you with this visual. It’s pretty accurate.

Trevor has been looking up hair-growth statistics all day long. Did you know the average human grows about 1/2″ of hair a month? Looks like about two weeks until my husband has hair again and can leave the house without a hat. Bless his poor little bald heart. His head feels exactly like a peach, if that gives you any frame of reference as to the length of this extreme hair cut. In all seriousness, he is still very hot, even as a very bald man. I am a lucky woman.


In completely unrelated (and fabulous) news, our friends, Cole and Lindsey, had their sweet baby girl, Sam on Friday! She is absolutely beautiful, and looks so much like her cute big brother, Noah. Lindsey had a much faster and easier labor this time around (thank goodness!), which was great news. We are so happy for them, and can’t wait to see little Sam again very soon! Congratulations, guys!! I snagged this picture from Lindsey’s blog, but isn’t Knox’s future wife so sweet?!!

Love this baby girl! So precious.

My Favorite Things (Toddler Edition)

I’m not quite sure when Knox turned into a toddler, but typing that made me kind of sad! Oh well, this a fun age (mostly), and I am enjoying watching him grow up, even though he’s doing it too quickly!

Now, I may not be as cool as Oprah, but I certainly have my own set of favorite things when it comes to raising a toddler. I think we have all seen a lot of “must-have” lists for babies, but there aren’t as many floating around for the one year-old and up sector. So, without further ado, these are my (and Knox’s) favorite things:


Faded Glory Pajamas

Yep. I buy my kid’s jammies from Wally World. And you should, too! Their “Faded Glory” brand of pajamas are actually 100% organic cotton, super soft and only $5! Yes, FIVE DOLLARS. You can’t beat that with a stick, folks. We love these little two-piece sets, and they change with the season (ie in winter they’re long sleeved and in spring they’re short). For smaller babies, the Faded Glory one-piece sleepers are only $3 and also organic cotton. What a deal!

bumgenius! 4.0 Pocket Diapers

You guys know this one, already, but we LOVE our bumgenius diapers! I was so excited to try out the 4.0s when they came out, and they are far superior to the 3.0. Their fit is a little wider (more coverage), and the aplix (velcro) is so much better. The old 3.0 aplix gets pretty fuzzy and beat up. These diapers fit Knox the best and hold in any mess without issue. And…they’re cute. :)

Stride Rite Shoes

Now that we have a walker on our hands, we make sure that Knox’s little feet are shoed correctly. Stride Rite makes the very best kids’ shoes and they are adorable! They can be pricey, so we never pay full price for these things- hello, sale table! We either purchase his shoes on sale or at the Stride Rite outlet. He is currently sporting some very adorable brown sandals because it’s already 80 degrees in South Carolina.


I would say 80% of Knox’s clothes hail from Kohl’s. Why? Those darn 15% off coupons they send in the mail get me every time. Seriously, their clothes hold up great, they’re adorable, and they’re nearly always priced at 50% off. That makes for a huge bag of clothes for very little money, which in turn, makes me very happy. Here is Knox in one of my favorite springtime outfits from Kohl’s: a sweet striped polo and Stegosaurus hoodie. Love it. Don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite remote control. All the hippest babies have them.


Publix Greenwise Organic Cheese Ducks

These are Knox’s all-time favorite snack! They are basically organic Goldfish, but they’re shaped like ducks. They taste exactly the same as the more expensive “Annie’s Organic Cheese Bunnies,” and they’re only around $2.99 a box. These may be why one of Knox’s only commonly-used words is “duck.”

Earth’s Best Sunny Days Snack Bars

No matter his mood or grumpiness level, Knox will ALWAYS eat these! This is a good thing, since he has refused dinner the past two nights and munched on a fruit bar and applesauce. At least there are some whole grains and fruit getting into his system! These taste like Nutri-Grain bars but better because the fruit inside is actual fruit. Only $3 and very yummy.


Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Body Wash

I will probably make Knox shower with this stuff when he’s 18. When he’s all fresh and clean from the tub, he smells just like a little teeny baby, again. It’s the sweetest smell, and a bottle lasts forever. We also use it to make a quick wipes solution for our cloth wipes (just a few drops and water), and I put a drop of it in his spray bottle for fixing his hair with- it actually creates a very mild hold so you can tame that WILD hair without hair spray.


Canon Rebel XSi and Flip Video Camera

While these aren’t official “baby” items, I wouldn’t be nearly as effective at documenting Knox’s days without our Canon XSi camera and our Flip video camera! The Canon ROCKS, and while it was pretty pricey, it was worth every cent. Plus, we actually “raised” money for it by selling about half of our DVD collection, so we didn’t pay much out of pocket. The Flip camera is awesome because it’s so teeny tiny that you can stick it in your diaper bag and purse and always have it with you to capture those important moments. Ours is not an HD Flip, but I would love to get one of those in the future.


Britax Car Seat (in Cowmooflage print)

Is it bad that I had this car seat picked out before I even got pregnant? No? Okay, good. The safety ratings on this Britax seat are stellar, it seems very comfy, it’s easy to install and, oh yeah, it’s adorable. The AAP finally released their “official” recommendation to leave kids rear-facing until age two, and I feel like this seat accommodates that pretty well. It reclines a little, as well, which helps- Knox is fairly tall and his legs aren’t terribly squished at this point. He has to bend his little knees some, but it works out great for us.


“That’s Not My…” Books by Usborne

These are Knox’s absolute favorite books. There are about a zillion of them, and they are all called “That’s Not My” Something. He loves books, and these have kept his interest for longer than any of his other touch and feel books. They sell them at Books-a-Million and Learning Express. P.S. Learning Express has a ton of awesome touch and feel books, if your kid likes them, too. They have some with three and four textures a page- this is big time stuff in toddler world.

Playskool Ball Popper

Oh, this toy. By far, this is the toy with the most staying power of any of the others that reside in our house. From six months-old to 14 months-old, my child has played with this toy almost every day. Bless it, it’s the only way I get to fix my hair in the morning without Knox climbing up my leg. Although, I will warn you, if you buy this toy for a little kid, you will get a LOT of exercise chasing these balls all over creation. At least Knox can *kind of* put them back in himself, now. Though he can also throw them by himself, so it can go either way.

Streaming Netflix

We no longer have cable in our home, mainly due to the junk that comes on it, so we absolutely love our Netflix subscription! If you have a Wii, PS3 or XBox 360 (which, let’s face it, I think most of our husbands come attached with one of those) you can get streaming netflix for less than $8 a month. Um, yes, please! That means you can get tons of movies and TV shows direct to your TV without having to send back any DVDs in the mail. This is really more of a parent must-have, but they have TONS of kids shows- we love that they have a good 10 VeggieTales episodes and lots of Disney and Nick Jr.-type shows, as well. Oh, and they JUST got Sesame Street last week! We were excited about that, too. We try not to let Knox watch too much TV since he’s such a little guy, but one show a day helps me get dinner on the table without having to chase him around the living room.


I know, I know, I’m a broken record, but seriously, VeggieTales are awesome! I love that these cute little cartoons are not only Christian-based and teach children about the Bible and God’s love, but they are hilarious! The silly songs that they sing will get stuck in your head with the greatest of ease and you’ll be singing about how “pants have six legs less than a squid” and asking things like “Oh where, oh where, oh where… is my hairbrush?” all day long. I am so happy that Knox likes something so much that does NOT drive me crazy! The first ever episode “Where is God When I’m Scared?” still makes me laugh out loud every time I see it because Larry the Cucumber? Is a riot! Knox’s latest favorite is this VeggieTales Easter special called “Twas the Night Before Easter.” It’s really cute and teaches kids about the true meaning of Easter. If you watch American Idol, Melinda Doolittle (an Idol finalist) voices one of the characters in this one.

And I guess I must blog about VeggieTales a lot because they email me and ask me to give you guys their DVDs sometimes. :) This would be one of those times! If you would like to win a copy of “Twas the Night Before Easter” for your favorite kid, just leave me a comment and tell me so. I have THREE of these to give away (thanks, Big Idea!), so keep those comments coming through next Thursday, March 31.

That’s all of the toddler favorites I can think up to share with you guys, today, but I do want to say that some of our best friends are in the hospital right now having a baby! My buddy, Lindsey, was all set for an induction this morning but actually went into labor on her own at 3 am! How lucky and awesome is that?? She was at 4cm last I heard at about 8:30 and getting her epidural. I am excited to meet baby girl Sam very soon! Send some prayers their way!

Happy Friday!

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