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Cheers to Cheerios

Like most kids his age, Knox is a fan of Cheerios. We keep a container of them in his bag all the time, but he has recently discovered that it is way more fun to feed your Daddy Cheerios, than it is to feed them to yourself.

What, you mean you want this Cheerio? Too bad, I’m eating it.

Well, since you’re sad, I guess you can have one.

Here ya go!

Wait a minute, where did that thing go?

O. There it is.

Daddy, I just want to take a closer look at this before I commit to giving it to you.

I think I’ll keep it.

Ha! You can see Trevor starting to say “NOOO!” in that last picture. Knox grabbed that thing out of Trevor’s mouth so fast, he didn’t even have a chance to move his head to stop him. I was cracking up. Not the most sanitary thing ever, but, hey, worse things have happened.

These pictures were taken after Knox had a run-in with our metal fireplace screen on Friday night. Let’s just say that Knox decided he needed to climb it and the screen disagreed. He ended up with it on top of him and sported a huge knot just over his eyebrow. It scared me half to death, and I felt absolutely awful about it. That’s one of those moments as a parent where you feel like total scum for letting something happen to your sweet baby. I know he’ll get bumps and bruises, but man, I wish I could prevent all of them.

In weaning/ sleeping news, Knox is doing awesome. Saturday, he actually slept from 10:30 to 7:30! I was thrilled! He was definitely put down earlier than that but rebelled. Oh well, at least he got good sleep. He woke up a couple times last night, but is going for nice long stretches. We also found something that he LOVES to drink- Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Smoothies for babies. He has never reacted to something like he did to that. I gave him one yesterday, and he chugged the whole cup in two minutes!! He will gulp down water, but has never drank a whole glass of something at once before. I think we have a winner! He’s already had a whole one this morning with a little whole milk added, so I think this will be our method of getting milk into him until he’s acclimated to whole milk (which we’ll be gradually mixing in). He does like soy milk better than whole milk at this point, so we’ll keep giving him some of that, too.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Woo hoo!

We are well-rested today! My sweet mom volunteered to come over last night to help me with Knox. I’ve managed to get yet another sinus infection, I think this is my fourth in six months?? I used to only get sick twice a year, at the change of seasons (yes, we only have two seasons in SC… hot and hotter), but I guess that’s what lack of sleep does to your immune system! Anyway, the plan was for me to get a full night of sleep so I can try to shake this illness, and she would wake up with Knox. Well. The kid only woke up twice! Can you believe that?! I couldn’t! He is doing so much better (knock on wood)- I guess it’s a combo of the Advil and the weaning, which is amazing. He went down for a nap so easily today, too, so something is going right.

Unfortunately, his seemingly easy transition to milk was merely a tease- he now wants nothing to do with it. Oh well, back to the drawing board on that one! He still wants water, though, and is guzzling cups of  it like he’s dying of dehydration. He’s very dramatic. Wonder where he gets that from? 😉 I tried to just give him milk in hopes he’d give up and drink it, but I knew he was thirsty and once he got a hold of that water, he drank and drank. Our doctor said we could try soy milk, so maybe I’ll try that straight or mix it with whole milk. Or I’ll try mixing milk with his favorite thing ever, yogurt, like blog reader Kate recommended. One way or another, this child will be getting some milk in his system, like it or not!

I’ll take it!

Well, last night was certainly a surprise to me. I fully expected the first night with no nursing to be a disastrous one with no sleep. I have never been so happy to be mistaken! Don’t get me wrong, it was not the ideal night by any stretch, but I couldn’t believe how well Knox did. Before bed, we gave him a cup of whole milk, which he’d been rebelling against until we added a teaspoon of chocolate syrup to it. Our pediatrician okayed this, and we figured if he liked it, we’d slowly cut it back until he’s drinking straight milk. Cow’s milk isn’t nearly as sweet as breast milk, so it made sense to me, and MAN did he like it! Like, wouldn’t let me take the cup from him, like it. See? (Sorry for the poor quality, I took the pic on my Blackberry and zoomed in too much)

This was a huge relief for me, knowing he wouldn’t be starving to death through the night. Then, we gave him some Advil for his teeth, and Trevor took him upstairs. It was my night to host bible study, so while I delved deeper into the book of Esther with friends (and Beth Moore via DVD), Trevor got Knox to sleep.  That, just in itself, was awesome.

He woke up in about an hour and was initially very annoyed when I wouldn’t whip my boob out. He kept rubbing his face on the strap of my tank top, obviously not understanding the delay. After about ten minutes, he was over it and back asleep. After that initial waking, he slept in two-hour stretches before waking up. The awesome part? He didn’t freak out when I didn’t breast-feed him! I was shocked. I picked him up, and he’d be back asleep almost instantaneously.  This meant I was only up for about five minutes each time and actually got some sleep. I’ll take that over our previous night any day of the week, thank you very much!

Hopefully it wasn’t a fluke and tonight will be better than last night. I will say that it is such an odd feeling to have to create a new routine. Our lives had revolved so much around nursing, it’s weird to cut that out. We were up at about 6:30, made Knox’s milk, he gulped down half of it (yay!) and we had a relaxing morning. I can’t remember the last time we got out of the house on time because I’m normally so tired I can’t function. This is a good thing.

The down side? Yowch, yowch, yowch! My boobs freaking hurt! I did pump last night before bed and this morning, which helped immensely. I only took about two ounces off each side, which believe me, ain’t much considering the size of these suckers. I felt like I was sleeping next to two boulders last night. My original nursing bras were D cups (they had shrunk a little since then), but I am literally spilling out of them. Well, I guess they’d be spilling out if they were soft like normal boobs, but they’re HARD, so they’re just kind of forcing the bra outward at an unnatural angle. Hopefully they’ll go down soon! I plan on pumping twice a day just a little until they go down, then decreasing to once a day. I’ll take any tips you can give me in that department! Thanks so much for all your comments about this weaning process and these sleep issues- they are so helpful and made me realize I am NOT alone, by any stretch!

The End.

As of right now, I am no longer a breast feeding mom. After the worst night of sleep ever, we made a command decision not to let this drag on any longer. I took Knox to the doctor to make sure he didn’t have an ear infection considering he is waking up screaming bloody murder several times a night. He doesn’t. I talked with our pediatrician for a long time about his sleep (or lack thereof). He said it’s totally fine to let him go cold turkey- the gradual weaning is more for me than him. We figure he’ll just feel teased by being able to nurse sometimes and not others, so that’s that.

I had to nurse him one more time after the appointment so I could enjoy our last breast feeding session. I made sure to take the time to study his sweet little face, his tiny hand holding onto me and just soak in that last moment of nursing him. I will sorely miss those sweet times, but I am ready to move onward and get the weaning over with.

Last night, I decided not to let him breast feed when he woke up during the night and not to put him in our bed. By 3 a.m., I had been up six times since 10 p.m. Then, at that point, he decided not to go back to sleep at all. He was exhausted, but man can that kid put up a fight! By 5 a.m. I gave up. Of course at that point, he was so overly tired, it didn’t matter what I did- he was ticked off in a major kind of way. He still woke up every 30 minutes or so, which is what has pushed me to the breaking point today. We figure his teeth are hurting, which is why he’s waking up, but then he is demanding that I soothe him once he’s up. We’re switching to Advil from Tylenol tonight to see if that works any better, but hopefully, after he understands that the boobies are no more, things will calm down at night. I plan on pumping a couple times a day until my supply decreases enough to just let things dry up on their own without agonizing boob pain. Now all that’s left to do is… oh yeah, suffer through this week while Knox learns to sleep without me. Should be fun!

I know… I’m a broken record

I was talking to Trevor last night, and I said “Remember back when Knox was actually sleeping through the night? What happened??”

This is the great, unanswerable question, apparently.

I thought I had this whole night-time parenting thing down pat when he was sleeping from 8 to 6 at around six months old. And then, reality struck. Knox decided: “Hey, sleeping is for losers… Let’s play ALL THE TIME!!!” Oy. That’s when the night turned into the bane of my existence. I seriously dread bedtime. Every. Single. Day. I was telling Trevor, it’s not even so much the lack of  sleep because I have become accustomed to running on very little- it’s the lack of alone time. I feel like a huge jerk, but I want to scream at the sound of Knox waking up for the umpteenth time a night because all I want to do is sit by myself and look at the new “Better Homes and Gardens.” I never thought that reading a magazine for 15 minutes would turn into an impossible task. Letting him cry, as we have established, does not work because not only do I hate it, but he throws up after five minutes of it.

It’s not that I don’t adore this child with every fiber of my being, because I obviously do. I mean, y’all have seen this blog, right? I prayed constantly for him before he was even here, and I still thank God all throughout the day for bringing him into my life. I truly believe that he is the greatest blessing I have ever been given. But I do not think it’s wrong for me to want him on a normal sleeping schedule so that I can have some R&R. Especially after months and months of this. I am hoping DESPERATELY DREAMING  that weaning helps with this situation. Because seriously? If he could be soothed by Trevor when he woke up, that would rock. At the present, all he wants is me. Well, that’s not even true, all he wants are my boobs. Let me just say it: I am sick of being a pacifier. I feel like my nipples are going to be an inch long before this is all over with because they’re used way too often.

If we have another kid, we’re using a pacifier. No joke. Mama needs some sleep.

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