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Mr. Sandman: Please come to my house ASAP

After a good four weeks of a sleepless child, I figured it was time to drag him to the doctor’s office. I mean, this can’t be normal, right? Waking up five or six times PER NIGHT? Usually I can pull him in bed with us and he chills out. Last night? He started clapping. I guess he was all “Woo hoo! Play time with the ‘rents! Yay!” Oy. I am so tired. Anyway, today’s visit reiterated how much I love our pediatrician. He used to be my pediatrician, and I may or may not have seen him until I was 21. Maybe. He chatted with me for a good half an hour about this sleep problem.

His opinion is that this is purely behavioral, Knox doesn’t have any underlying ear infection, sickness or anything that could be causing this (which is what I was wondering about). He said teething could play a part in things, but not for this length of time and certainly doesn’t warrant waking up that many times a night (especially since I give him Tylenol for teething pain). We talked about his routine, what he does when he wakes up, what and who he wants when he wakes up, etc. Basically, the problem is that Knox likes me too much. What a problem to have, right? While I am quite flattered that he wants to spend every second with me, I am also a very tired person.

I tried to let him cry some again last night, and yet again, vomiting ensued. Dr. T said that this overly-sensitive gag reflex certainly complicates letting him cry and definitely understood why I was not comfortable with it.

He said that at this age, especially with him still nursing, babies love their mamas. Knox wakes up and has separation anxiety, so he wants me and he wants to nurse. Dr. T asked how long I planned to breast feed, commended me for sticking with it for so long. That being said, he told me he wasn’t suggesting that I stop breast feeding, rather making sure that I am aware that if I chose to stop, it wouldn’t make me a bad mother- just a tired one. I know that, but I have to say, I am determined to make it a year. What’s another six weeks in the long run? I really want to go a little longer than a year, but I don’t think I can keep up this sleep schedule much longer. He did suggest giving him a cup of milk, and I do think I am going to start pumping again and start replacing some of Knox’s nursing sessions with a sippy cup of breast milk in hopes that this helps with the night time situation and weaning totally in January. My guess is that this will tick him off beyond belief, but we’re doing it anyway.

The doctor’s main suggestion was that I have a night away every once in a while for 1) health reasons( ie: sleep) and 2) sanity reasons. He said to make sure to say goodbye to Knox and let him see us leave the house so he doesn’t expect me to come pick him up when he wakes up. So, I think my mom and sister may come over Friday while Trevor and I do whatever elsewhere. I like the idea of keeping him at home so he relates waking up in his own room with the fact that I don’t have to be the one to pick him up. The doc thinks this will help start the process and let him know that there’s a new situation starting in our house, and it does not include getting up 45 times in one evening.

Wish me luck, and keep my poor babysitters in your prayers because they’re going to have a hard time!

Two rights don’t make a… pair?

I hope all of you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We definitely did, and I thoroughly enjoyed having five consecutive days off! We did have a minor mishap over the course of those days. Well, two small mishaps, actually. Knox is a well-known shoe hater. This child despises wearing socks or shoes, and he rips them off at the first opportunity. Just this morning, he kicked off his left shoe a good five times while eating his yogurt. It is key to note that he particularly hates his left foot being shoed.

On Wednesday, Knox and I ventured out to my least favorite store on the planet: Wal-Mart. I broke our shower curtain rod (don’t ask) and we needed a new air filter for my car and milk. The only store that carried all of these items was the aforementioned icky one.  I may actually like Wal-Mart if it didn’t have any other people in it, but as we all know, that is not the case. We were finishing up our shopping trip in the auto care section whilst searching for the correct size air filter (aren’t you guys impressed that I even know what an air filter looks like? I know, it’s shocking) when a auto shop guy approached me. He obviously didn’t think I looked like someone that should be perusing the oil and air filter aisle because he said “Can I help you find sumthin, hun?” Then he said “Looks like someone lost a shoe.” I looked down, and sure enough, there was Knox, dangling a bare foot out of the cart. Blast! (<– my new exclamation of frustration that is NOT a curse word)

His sock had fallen onto the rack below the cart, but the shoe was missing. So, I backtracked through Wally World, retracing my steps in search of the left shoe. It was nowhere to be found. I was annoyed.

I called Trevor, and he stopped by Kohl’s on the way home to pick up another pair. He got the exact same shoes in a size up since the previous pair fit Knox perfectly, we knew he’d outgrow them soon.

Fast forward two days to Friday. Black Friday, if you will. I once again ventured out into that fateful store, Wal-Mart, amongst the shopping crazies. My mom, sister, Knox and I finished up our shopping and were on the way to the car when my mom said “Uh-oh. Looks like Knox lost a shoe.”


To say I was irritated was an understatment, especially considering I said before we even walked in “let’s keep an eye on Knox’s shoes today!” Did we? Nope. Note to self: take own advice.

What’s worse is that during our search for left shoe 2.0, two people told us they had seen a baby shoe laying on the floor in electronics. Was it still there? No. Did anyone bother to pick it up and turn it in? No. After searching under a lot of dusty shelves and visiting customer service a thousand times, we gave up. I have since called the store, and no one has turned in either of the missing shoes. Blast. Again.

So, that’s how Knox lost two left shoes in Wal-Mart in a three day period.

Now what do I do with these?


After spending a very busy day with my two amazing boys, it is more clear than ever just how blessed I am. I am thankful for so many things, and Thanksgiving Day is a great day to reflect on that. We had a great day spent with our families, just hanging out with everyone.  There was a lot of driving around, cooking and rushing, but amidst that hustle and bustle, I had time to spend with my husband and son.

Trevor and I truly love each other, and I know that not everyone is so blessed to be married to someone they not only connect with, but someone that makes them completely happy. I could never have known how the addition of our sweet Knox could have enhanced our relationship, but it really has. His birth marked a new phase in our lives, and after the infertility problems we had, we feel blessed beyond belief to have been given the gift of this precious baby boy. He is truly a miracle, and each day we’ve had with him is one that we’ve known greater happiness than we’ve ever experienced before. These two boys have added more to my life than I could ever say. I thank God for them both every single day.

There is so much going on in the world today, and am very aware just how many blessings we have been given. I am so grateful for our health, our safety, our happiness, our jobs, our home, our freedom and, more than anything, I am grateful to be a child of God and have a Savior that shows me mercy and grace even when I’m not deserving. I have so much good in my life. I am thankful for all of it.

Casanova in the making

Knox has a way with the ladies. Everywhere we go, he takes notice of certain women and goes after them with his mad flirting skillz. He tends to prefer brunettes with long hair (I tell you, the boy has good taste), and when he spots one, he turns it ON. In particular, there is a hostess at a restaurant we frequent for lunch that Knox adores. She is such a cute girl, around college age, and she LOVES Knox. He is always so happy and smiling when we go in, and she greets him by name when we walk in the door. Well, yesterday, Knox decided to up his game.

When she stopped by our table to say “hello,” he started leaning over towards her, smiling shyly while leaning his head to the side and then reached for her. Well, that’s more than anyone can resist, so she held him. He gazed at her face, reached out and touched her cheek. Then, he started hugging her. The hostess was cracking up. Then, he tried to kiss her. She didn’t realize what he was doing so she kept hugging him, but we knew exactly what was up. He grabbed her neck and tried to pull her over, mouth agape. Good thing he didn’t catch her because Knox’s definition of a kiss is biting your chin HARD. His kisses hurt even before the tooth appeared, so he probably would have scared her away with a big smooch. Isn’t 10 months a bit early to be picking up women? I do believe I will have my hands full in about 15 years.

A shift

As a serial mind-changer, I have decided to… change my mind. Here is the invitation we’re using for Knox’s birthday:

As you may have noticed, there’s a cowboy on it. That’s because we nixed the whole “Great Outdoors” theme for something more broad that we can actually agree on! Welcome to the West! Did you know that there is an invariable smorgasbord of adorable cowboy birthday stuff out there? Note to self: you are on a budget, and Dave Ramsey does NOT care about coordinating decor items. Never fear guys, I’ll be making a ton of stuff myself for this party. Even the invitations are budget-friendly because I can print them myself!  DIY is fun, so I am pretty pumped.

At least this is one thing I can cross of the list. Next up? Teaching Knox to sleep.
Edited To Add: I am taking a party planning break. For at least a week. Don’t let me talk about this dang party for at least seven full days because I look back at the woodland forest invitation and still want it! Who knows what the heck this party will end up like. By the time I figure out what I want Knox will be 17.

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