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Don’t hate the player… hate the game.

My boys have become engrossed in video games, lately. Trevor busted out the old skool original Nintendo (think: 1984 and Duck Hunt) and has been playing Tecmo Bowl to his heart’s content in the man room. Knox is very into this new pastime, and flings himself out of my arms in a desperate attempt to get Trevor’s controller. I sit there and laugh, because inevitably when his game is getting “good” (you know… when one pixely dot is about to tackle another pixely dot) he starts pushing the buttons faster, thereby causing Knox to fly into a frenzied hysteria of NEED for that controller. Finally, after losing frequently to the computer because his controller was being eaten by the baby, Trevor cleaned off an unused controller for Knox to play with. Now, they both sit with their controllers and play Nintendo. Of course, Knox isn’t as much playing as he is slobbering, but still, he thinks he’s doing something.

Lost Giraffe: Reward $$

A very sad thing happened over the weekend: Sophie got lost. It happened somewhere between Grandpa and Mimi’s house Saturday night and church on Sunday morning. I checked all the nurseries that Knox was in at church and called their lost and found, alas, they haven’t seen her. Obviously, Knox doesn’t know she’s missing, but I do, and it makes me want to cry. I know that’s stupid, but she’s his first favorite toy. :( He’ll pick her up out of a line up of toys every single time. He plays with her at lunch everyday, in the car when he gets upset and she’s been our go-to item. I’m going to have to go buy another one (expensive chew toy at $20…), but I just hate the original is lost. I’m sure this will happen many more times as he grows up, and at least he doesn’t realize it this time!

So, in a blog memorial to Sophie #1, here is my favorite picture of Knox with his giraffe buddy (he was so little!):

Happy Fall, Y’all!

Hee hee! I love it. Here is Knox in his Halloween costume, which by the way, he did not appreciate being dressed in today. I took a good 40 pictures, every one of them featuring a frown. Except for this first one- I’m pretty sure that was a fluke and he was about to scowl. Regardless, he’s precious, and I LOVE this outfit!

Free to a Good Home…

Since having Knox, we have started to have some issues with our little dog, Abby. She has become a terror. She already has OCD, a flea allergy, and is “slightly” neurotic, but despite her issues has been a really great dog over the past few years. Enter: baby. She hates Knox. She is so jealous of him, which I can’t blame her considering she used to be the center of my universe and has since been displaced by the baby. We were trying to just give her extra attention, but it didn’t seem to work, and over the past two weeks, she’s tried to bite him twice. I’d understand it if it he were pulling her hair or something, but just for crawling towards her? I wish I could explain things to her. She doesn’t understand what happened to her world, and I hate the thought of gettng rid of her, but I can’t have her biting him. I don’t know who I could get to take her, especially since the thought of giving her to a stranger is more than I can take. We’ll have to figure something out soon before something happens.

I had written an entirely different post earlier today thinking about getting rid of our two cats, too, but I cry just thinking about it. I love those cats, and it’s not their fault we had a baby. They haven’t done a thing wrong, so I’m just going to suck it up and make time to give them more attention. I never thought it would be so hard to juggle pets and a baby, but man alive, it sucks. I know it will get easier once Knox is bigger, then they’ll be buddies and we’ll be glad for it.

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