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How Now Brown Cow

Knox is quickly outgrowing his Chicco car seat/ carrier. More like, my arm can’t handle the weight of him in the carrier, but still. I know he can be in there until 22 pounds, but he’s 18 now, not to mention how much that carrier (which I believe is stuffed with lead weights) weighs, and I am a weakling. I should have major “guns” by this point after lugging that thing around for six months, but I think they’re in hiding. He is so tall that his little toes are at the very end of the seat, so I do believe it’s about time to do the car seat switcheroo.

We bought this when Knox was about two months old:

I swear to you, I knew that my child would have this Britax Marathon car seat before I was even pregnant. I am “udderly” obsessed with like cowprint, and, most importantly, it’s has excellent safety ratings. So it’s been hanging out in our guest room for four months awaiting the day when it would be sprung from its box. I do believe the time is upon us.

I’m scared.

It’s so nice having Knox be able to stay asleep when we go places and have his own little space, away from the germy touchy-feely people. Now, he’ll be loose and able to flail about to his heart’s content. He can’t sit unassisted yet, but is fine supported. He usually naps when we go out to lunch at work, but I guess that won’t work anymore. It’s one of those Catch 22s- do I want my arm to fall off at the shoulder from lifting that heavy carrier so he can sleep during lunch, or do I want to lighten the load and increase the stress with a tired, wild child baby in a highchair at lunch. Decisions, decisions. Although, it’s not much of a decision since it will HAVE to happen within the next month because he’s growing like a weed.

I am going to have to fight the urge to dress him in his cow print diaper, cow print baby legs and stick him in the cow print car seat. You know this.

And I’ll probably do it anyway.

Pressing Business

As you may (or may not) have noticed, my blog was MIA for a few hours today. That is because I am in the midst of transferring over to WordPress! I am quite excited about this “move” even though the actual blog won’t be going anywhere, same domain name and such. Y’all shouldn’t have to do anything, but I’ll let you know if that changes.

I am already LOVING my new hosts at Twenty70, because Kelly is awesome and helps me do everything, which is always nice. Once we’re all WordPressed, the blog will have a slightly updated look- a little primping every once in a while is always a good thing, after all.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know what’s going on if things look a little strange over the next week or so.

P.S. Knox just threw up in my bra. Again. Third time this week. It’s like he knows when I wear my favorite nursing bra and ruins it on purpose. He’s comedic like that. Boys.


I don’t think I have ever felt so badly about something: I yelled at Knox last night. My sweet, innocent little squirt, who had no idea he was irritating the piss out of me. He had been extremely ornery all day long, whining and “Ehh!!!”-ing constantly, and by the time I got home and was sitting down to eat dinner, my patience was at a breaking point. I went to nurse him and he started arching his back and yelling “EEHHH!” I snapped. I told him to shut up. I seriously regretted it the second it left my mouth. He looked up at me, obviously unfazed, like I was a lunatic. And in that moment, I was one. Then Trevor was mad at me for yelling at him, which made me feel ever worse than I already did. I cried sitting there holding him because I was so unnecessarily mean to him- it just killed me to think about it. Why did I take out my frustrations over a crappy day on the one little person that deserved it the least? This morning, I still feel awful. Knox obviously doesn’t remember, happily grinning at me while eating and spitting bananas all over me, but I remember. And I am completely guilt-ridden over it.

What’s worse is that our work life is getting busier at the same time Knox is becoming more high-maintenance, and by the time I get home, I feel like taking a swig of vodka and going to sleep. Of course, that’s not exactly a possibility, but I feel like I am worn so thin, I can’t stand it. I hate getting so frustrated with him when he doesn’t even have a clue of what’s going on, but some days, I feel like I can’t do everything all day long. It was just one of those days. I think about maternity leave sometimes, and how awesome it was. I wish so hard I could afford to stay home with him because I know it’s not him that’s making me feel this way- it’s everything else.

No use crying over eaten bananas.

It’s official: Knox is mad at me. Over bananas. Today was new food day, and I chose bananas. Good choice I suppose, but I may live to regret it because Knox will probably never want to eat anything else. I just peeled a banana, smooshed it and gave it to him. You would have thought I just fed him filet mignon- he said out loud : “Ohhhhhahhhmmmmmmm!” after his first bite this morning. I think that’s baby speak for “Oh dear me, that is delicious!” Today, for lunch, it was banana time again. He devoured 1/3 of a banana and then SCREAMED at me and cried when I had no more to shove into his little open mouth. He sat there looking at me, mouth agape like a baby bird, waiting. I felt kinda bad, but I had no more banana! It’s not like I was purposely withholding it from him. Oh well. He’ll get over it, I suppose.

P.S. Coming later this week: a cloth diaper giveaway. Because that’s the kind of thing I get excited about!

Knox Noms: Avocado

This is certainly one of the easiest baby food recipes EVER. Avocados are a great first food for babies and are probably one of the most complete produce items, nutritionally speaking. They’re loading with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and good-for-you fats and oils. I used organic Hass avocados. To choose a good one, look for a dark green (nearly black) skinned oval fruit- it should give just slightly when you push on it but be firm- mushy ones are overly ripe. If you have never had avocado, it has a very fresh taste- it’s the main ingredient in guacamole and is also the green part inside of a California sushi roll.

You start with a ripe avocado:

Cut the fruit longways all the way around:

Twist and open. To remove the pit, wack it with your knife and pull out or use a spoon to scoop it out.

Score the flesh of the avocado down to the skin in a grid pattern.

Use a spoon to scoop out the chunks.

Mush ’em up with a fork. Don’t be shy… really smooshy is the goal.


Serve immediately or mix with rice cereal for this green concoction.

Avocado puree freezes very well, but if you store it in the fridge cut for more than a day, it’s going to turn brown on you, so eat it quick or freeze it! Knox gives it his seal of approval.

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