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Free Stuff Friday Winner: BabyLegs

Okay, now for the winners of the BabyLegs edition of FSF!

Organic Marzipan: Shannon and Ryan Hedges

Green Plaid: Laura

School Bus: Ryan, Christy, Landen and Jackson

Congratulations to the winners! Please email me at within 48 to claim your prize.

It was more complicated to pick these, so I had to formulate a fair and random way to do it. I printed the comments, numbered them according to entry (there were a lot of combination entries ie: more than one entry per comment) then went to to pick random numbers that corresponded to the entry numbers. I kept clicking until I had a comment for each pattern, if that makes any sense at all. I promise it was as fair as possible!

Rebel Yell

It’s official: Knox hates his crib. Almost as much as I do! I have been dreading moving him into his own room for, well… since he was born. I love having him within arm’s reach in our room. I love hearing him breathe while he sleeps. I love being there in seconds when he cries. However, the little guy isn’t quite so little anymore, and is continuously waking himself up hitting the sides of the bassinet with overzealous stretches. So, I figured it was time to make the big move. Friday night, I put him in there, he woke up twice and ended up in our bed around 5, which is the norm for us. Then came Saturday aka The Night No One Slept (except for Trevor… it takes something akin to a sonic boom to wake him up). Knox woke up no less than ten times. I thought I would lose my mind. The second I’d get him back to sleep, I’d no sooner touch his tushy to the crib mattress than he’d start wailing. After nine or so times, I made it back to our room, looked at the monitor, and there he was kicking his legs and squirming around.

I cried.

I was just so tired and nothing was working. Daddy time! Trevor to the rescue. Maybe Knox just needed a calm person to pick him up because within minutes he was asleep. Though we stuck him back in the bassinet that time and he slept until morning.

I maintain that he doesn’t like to be alone. His cry when he wakes up in the crib is really different from when he wakes up in our room. He sounds frantic and just SCREAMS. He may be 8 and sleeping in a sleeping bag on our floor. I’m a marshmallow like that.

Remind me never to go anywhere with a pool again.

Objective: Find swimsuit that makes me look neither 1) Frumpy 2) Lumpy 3) Clueless about the state of my postpartum body.
Scene of the crime: Every single store within city limits that sells swimwear (and some that sell vodka)
When: Friday. For TWO AND A HALF HOURS. ::gags::
Victims: Knox and my poor saint of a mother
Result: A hole, burned straight through my wallet, as well as supreme mental exhaustion and the strong desire to run 45 miles.

Well, y’all… that sucked a lot. What began as a lunch break shopping excursion turned into a marathon of disastrous proportions. I swear, something about a swimsuit highlights every single negative feature on your body. I knew going into this that the old standby triangle top bikini was not going to cut it. My boobs are bigger, change sizes throughout the day and are covered in pink stretchmarks that radiate outward from my nipples like a sunshine from Hades, so I need more coverage than two miniscule swatches of fabric. I really didn’t want a tankini because my stomach is still fairly flat, the linea negra is *almost* history and my side stretch marks are fading, so I think a little sun will render them invisible (at least I’m going to pretend I can’t see them). I figured I could wear a more structured two piece. Ha. HA. HAH. Self, you are a moron for thinking this would be an easy task.

I probably tried on 15 bathing suits, and each one made me feel more saggy than the last. It is amazing what having a baby does to you. When I wear clothes, I feel pretty good about how my body looks, but this is a whole different ball game. I think I look worse in bathing suits than I do totally naked. Seriously. Thankfully my husband still thinks I look good naked and tells me so often. Bless him.

Anyway, after trying on a ridiculous amount of lycra or spandex or whatever the heck these things are made of, I FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING that looked decent at Belk. The bottoms are a fold-over looking bikini thingy (very technical terminology is used ’round here) and the top is kind of bandeau-ish, but with support and structure so it doesn’t give you that skinny mono-boob look. My mom loved a tankini top I tried on with those bottoms, but I don’t think I am mentally ready to give up bikinis yet, although life would have been easier if I were. I’m just masochistic like that. Anyway, here is what I got because I know my descriptions leave much to be desired:

I got this top:

This is the top my mom wanted me to get in pink. It’s really cute:

I got these bottoms in pink:

I look nothing like this chick when I wear it. I don’t think I like her very much, either.

By the time I tried on something that actually made me feel pretty good, I was ready to get out of there. I was then hit with sticker shock at the register. My 40% bathing suit was still $83. I’m sorry, but that is dumb. I know my mouth fell open because I am WAY too cheap to spend that much money on a bathing suit, but at that point, I could not handle starting over, so I decided that my sanity was totally worth $83 and bought it. I will be wearing it for the next five years. Unless we have another baby, then I am going to be wearing something else… think: 1920’s style suit with sleeves and a bonnet.

Throughout this expedition, Knox was a perfect angel. My mom showed him a Playskool glow worm at Target (our first stop) and he fell madly in love with it and spent the rest of the afternoon cooing at it and making out with it. He was really just nomming on its face, but it totally looked like kissing and was very cute.

Pool attire aside, I am very excited about leaving for Florida on Friday! I need a vacation most desperately. Our last real vacation was our honeymoon two years ago. I won’t be able to sleep in because my child hates sleep lately, but you know… at least my mom can babysit him while I take a good nap! And I can’t wait to put him in his turtle swim outfit and let him “swim” in the pool with us. I am so looking forward to spending quality time with he and Trevor (and the rest of the crowd) in a relaxing environment!

Free Stuff Friday: Baby Legs

If you ask me, one of the cutest things ever is a baby wearing BabyLegs Legwarmers. Y’all know how much I love them for Knox, so I am incredibly excited to say that today, is BabyLegs giveaway day! Woo hoo! BabyLegs are not only the most adorable things ever, but they’re also functional. They make diaper changing a breeze, they protect the knees of your little crawler when they’re on the move and their one convenient size can be used on tiny babies on up. I’ve shown you Knox in his leg warmers a time or two, but let me refresh your memory:

And here are some of his newest editions:

Yes, that is a firetruck! I heart these.

And BabyLegs baby socks that look like shoes.

There really is something for everyone: Patterns, solids, girly designs, trucks, sports, socks and even organics (my fave). If you would like to adorn your baby’s legs with something precious, BabyLegs is offering you a discount through July 11th by using the code “SouthernBelleBaby” when you place your order. And, of course, someone is going to win some today. Here are your potential winnings:

School bus:

Organic Marzipan:

Green plaid:

To enter, just:

1) Follow BabyLegs on twitter, Like them on Facebook and/ or join their forum (you can do any or all of these- one entry each- leave one comment for each)
2) Tell me whether you want to win the school bus, organic marzipan or green plaid pattern BabyLegs (one entry- leave one comment)
3) Vote for me at TMB here (one entry- leave one comment)

Good luck! You can enter through Tuesday at midnight, winners to be posted Wednesday morning!

Diapers and fangs

I have decided to keep on keeping on with cloth while on vacation. It didn’t occur to me NOT to use them until everyone started asking me about it, so I figured that said it all. I will definitely be looking into disposable inserts and hybrid systems for any future trips without laundry facilities. Now… onto news of the weird: Knox is apparently half Cullen. After a particularly horrid day of teething, the first spec of white has come through. It’s his top right canine. Yes, that’s what I said. My sweet baby is sprouting fangs first. What. The. Heck. ??? I do believe I will be asking the pediatrician about this one.

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