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Free Stuff Friday: Bazzle Baby

Knox drools. He drools a LOT. So when Bazzle Baby contacted me about their Banda Bib for dribbly babies, I said “yes, please!” This bib is precious. When I opened the package and saw those owls, I couldn’t help smiling. I put it on him, and I swear, it makes me think of a tiny cowboy with his little bandanna on. So cute! They have so many different prints available, and what I love is that the bib looks more like a part of his outfit than a bib. That is my major gripe with regular bibs; he has to wear them (or he’ll soak through his shirt in no time!), but they inevitably cover up his cute little clothes and never match quite right. That’s not the case with the BandaBib– I want that to be seen! My only miniscule critique of this bib is that it tends to ride up over his little chin, but that does prove effective in keeping drool off of his clothes.

If you would like to win your own award-winning BandaBib, all you have to do is vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs (here) for one entry. Another entry for telling me your favorite print (here). Happy Friday, y’all!

Q and A answers: Part Two

I know you tried to be very prepared before Knox’s arrival, so what has been the most surprising thing about motherhood?
For me, the most shocking thing since he has arrived was finding out he had to stay in the NICU after he was born. That’s not really about motherhood in general, but that’s what comes to mind when I think about “shock.” It was a horrible, gut-wrenching feeling to hear the doctor say “Mom, we have some problems.” Terrifying. Thankfully, Knox is looking excellent now and should be coming off his medicine at six months because according to the Cardiologist, he has probably grown out of the SVT.
As far as motherhood, I don’t know if it’s really surprising or not, but you never know how much you’ll love them until they get here. It’s the most all-consuming feeling you can imagine, very primal and instinctual. And amazing. Oh, and you don’t get tired of them. You know how when you babysit someone’s newborn, you are all excited, but about four hours in, you think “okay, when are your parents coming back?” It’s not like that with your own! I can’t get enough of him.

What was the worst part of pregnancy? Labor? Delivery?
The worst part of pregnancy was worrying constantly. I am a little anxious by nature. Okay, I am insanely anxious. I was on Zoloft (self-requested) before we starting TTC, and let me tell you, I missed it every day of my pregnancy! It was hard for me to remain calm.
The worst part of Labor was contracting after my water broke. Ow, ow, ow. After the epidural, it was awesome.
I can think of nothing negative about delivery, it was an amazing experience. Unless you count the after-delivery vagina care regimen. What a pain (literally) in the lady parts! I was sore for a good two to three weeks after. Tears are no fun.

Everyone writes about their favorite baby products. What’s something you got for Knox that you hate or find useless and why?
Skinny burp cloths! You know, the decorative little things shaped like a long, skinny oval. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Don’t waste your money on them, use cotton pre-fold cloth diapers, instead. They’re bigger and can actually contain the puke. Also, don’t buy any medicine that isn’t dye-free because it stains everything, and don’t even consider buying a nasal aspirator/ bulb syringe because the only one that works is the one they give you at the hospital.

Favorite food of all time!? ??
Probably spaetzle topped with gravy. My grandma was from Luxembourg, so we got to experience all kinds of European goodness when it came to eating. It’s like a noodle/ dumpling combination made of flour, eggs and water. Spaetzle is one of Trevor’s favorite thing to eat, now, though he doesn’t like gravy on it which is just a sin, as far as I am concerned.

What do you want Knox to be when he grows up? (and not whatever he wants!)
Happy. I don’t know what kind of career I’d choose for him, but I want him to be a good, moral Christian man, husband and father. I want him to be an inspiration to others, and I wish for him the same kind of happiness that he has brought to us. Career-wise, I want him to do something he enjoys and perform that job to the best of his ability.

Did you buy your diapers before Knox was born, or did you wait? Either way, did you buy a couple of several different brands, or just go off of reviews and stock up with what looked good?
I bought about 15 before he was born. I read TONS of reviews and decided on the bumgenius 3.0. I did purchase a Happy Heinys and FuzziBunz to compare, but they weren’t as user-friendly, so I went with my initial inclination. After he was born, I did a trial-run, liked the BGs and ordered the rest.

How do you cope with working and looking after Knox during the day?
Better some days than others! It really depends on Knox’s mood. Sometimes, he is in a very happy mood, is content to play quietly and not very fussy. Others…. it’s rough. Today has been a rather moody, teething day. He’s pissed off, and I had to resort to playing VeggieTales for him on my laptop until he quit screaming (that show has magical powers… for real). Then, I walked him around for half an hour until he dozed off. My mom works with me, which pretty much saves my life most days. He’ll hang out with “Gigi” and let me get some stuff done! It’s way harder than I imagined it would be. WAY.

Have you and Trevor tried you boobie milk yet? If not, I’m gonna need you both to do so and tell what it tasted like. Hehe. And, please tell Trevor that the use of the word ” cream” when describing the taste is strictly prohibited.
Lindsey asks me this question every time she sees me, LOL. Trevor has not tasted my milk, the thought of it freaks him out and he hasn’t even touched my boobs since Knox was born. I think he’s afraid I’ll lactate on him. I am sure he would just say “creamy cream” if she asked him (Lindsey’s least favorite word of all time is cream, so Trevor incorporates into nearly every conversation they have).

I, on the other hand, have inadvertently tasted it. I was pumping one day, spilled some milk on my hand, and instinctually… sorry guys… licked it off. I realized what I had done after I did it, but seriously, it wasn’t that big of a deal. It just tasted really sweet. I’m sure most bfing mom have tasted it (in it’s original state or as vomit when your baby lets out a geyser into your face) whether they wanted to or not.

Well, that’s it, all of your wonderings have been put to rest. :) Thanks for all of the great questions! Happy Friday, guys!

Q and A answers: Part One

Okay, guys, here are the answers to your questions! Several of you asked similar things, so I tried to meld those together. If y’all have any more questions, feel free to leave them in comments, and I’ll answer them in part two.

I love Knox’s name, where did you get it?
Thank you! Trevor and I both wanted Knox to have a more unique/ different name. My name is super common, and I have despised it since the first day of Kindergarten when my teacher tried to nickname me “Jessie” to differentiate between the other Jessica and me. It didn’t go over well. Trevor also LOVES having a name that not many people have, so it felt right to name our son something uncommon. I scoured endless name Web sites, made lists , checked the Social Security Web site to make sure my faves weren’t anywhere near the Top 100 names and took my favorites home for Trevor to judge. Knox was the one name we both loved right away. It was a fairly simple decision. His middle name “Compton” is a family name and we knew from early on it would belong to him. ?

How many children do you want (or do you want any more)? If you do want more how do you plan to space them out?
First off, we feel incredibly blessed to have Knox, considering we were originally told IVF was our only shot at getting pregnant. If possible, we would certainly love to have more children, but we have agreed to take no extraordinary measures to get pregnant, again (ie: no IVF, maybe a few IUIs). We differ on how many kids we would ideally choose to have. Trevor would be fine with one because he was an only child and loved his own childhood, but he says two would be good for him. I would love four or more. Ideally, if it were up to me and work, finances and IF weren’t an issue, I’d get pregnant again when Knox was two and have a kid every two years until we were “done.”

If you could trade places with any character from a book, who would you pick and why?
If you asked me this ten years ago, I’d have said “Scarlett O’Hara” with no questions asked. However, I have to say that now, I’d say Bella from “Twilight” or Claire from “Outlander.” Namely because of Edward Cullen and Jamie Fraser. Plus, in the case for Bella, vampires are hot and can do cool stuff, ha ha.

How many diapers do you have for Knox? What is your wash routine?
Knox has 25 diapers. I will probably be ordering about 10 more soon because I’d like to space out washings another day. I wash diapers every other day in the evenings. We use a wahmies pail liner for our diaper pail, and it works great on containing any odors or mess. I do a cold wash, medium-sized load with a ½ pump of Charlie’s Soap, followed by a hot wash, medium-sized load with a ½ pump of Charlie’s Soap, then a cold rinse. I dry the inserts, wet bags and pail liners in the dryer and hang dry the diaper shells (generally over the shower curtain rod… two many stinkin’ bugs outside for a clothesline at the moment). I fold the following evening, so I deal with diapers pretty much every night.

I am also a working mother, and I have wondered what your job description is. Can you tell us what you do for a living?
Sure! I am a Public Relations and Marketing Director. I started off as a real estate agent for a commercial real estate company right out of college. Then, we started developing a huge project that was an entire business unto itself, and I ended up heading up the PR and Marketing for it. It is crazy how my job changed (for the better, might I add) in the span of a few months. My degree is in PR, so it was a perfect fit.

Did you ever give up cable? If so, was it hard to do?
We did give it up. We made the decision, and I cancelled the DirecTV the following morning so it happened fast! The first few days were kind of tough, but after that, not at all. I can honestly say that I do not miss it at all. Our house is so much calmer, and I get so much more done! We do have a digital antenna for local channels, but we never watched anything on it aside from “Lost.” We also have streaming Netflix to our PS3, so we can watch some things on there if we need to. We generally only watch about an hour of TV a day, now, lately it’s been “Friday Night Lights” while we eat dinner. We used to watch TV constantly, even in bed, but now we read the Bible and do a couple’s devotional before bed. It’s a much better situation and we have gotten closer because of it!

I will post part two tomorrow!

Sneak Peek!

Here’s a look at our family photo shoot! I love how these turned out, Knox is so blue-eyed in them, it’s so sweet. I love these two boys, I can’t even tell you how much!

::runs off to buy frames::

Free Stuff Friday Winner: Miss Lucy’s Monograms

Because I love this giveaway so much, I decided to let Knox do the honors and pick a winner in another lunch break vlog. I wrote all of the entries on tiny pieces of paper and let him “draw” a winner. Considering his motor skills aren’t exactly developed, it was an “interesting” production. The winner is in the last 15 seconds if you don’t want to sit through two minutes of Knox staring at 85 tiny pieces of paper.

Also, if you have any burning questions for me, now is the time to ask! See the Q&A post, I’ll be writing that tonight, so give me some good ones to answer!

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