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Free Stuff Friday: Canvas Press

I think we all know that I am a *tad* obsessed with taking pictures of Knox. But, really, who wouldn’t be?! I realized the other day that even though I’ve been taking pictures like crazy, I don’t have any pictures of him hanging up in the house! What an atrocity! Canvas Press to the rescue! This company does fabulous work, guys. I sent one of my favorite digital images to them via their Web site, and a few days later this arrived on my doorstep:

Isn’t this the best thing you’ve ever seen?! It’s Knox! Larger than life-size! Truly amazing. Trevor and I are slightly obsessed with our new canvas print, and it has a place of honor hanging in our stairwell where everyone can see it. Knox didn’t care where it was as long as it wasn’t next to him!

I can’t say enough about the quality of this picture. It’s gorgeous, crisp, the canvas wrapping is perfect, it’s just great. Don’t you want one, too? I thought so! In addition to giving one away for FREE here today, Canvas Press is also offering a discount for those of you who just have to have one of your very own (you all should because it’s awesome!). All you do is enter the code southbelle15 at checkout for 15% off of any order. This code is good through the end of May.

To enter to win your very own FREE canvas (a $117 value, y’all!) you can do any or all of the following to create entries (leave separate comments for each entry, please!):

1) Follow Canvas Press on Twitter (@canvaspress) (one entry- leave one comment)
2) Vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs! Clicky
3) Tweet (I’m @southbellebaby) or blog about this giveaway (one entry-leave one comment)

Good luck! I’ll post a winner on Tuesday!

Just an FYI

I am totally going to have to start vlogging out of necessity. My baby now refuses to take naps. He starts talking, spitting, yelling, head thrashing, anything and everything to keep from going to sleep. His new thing: refusing to suck on things because he KNOWS it will make him go to sleep. So, no pacifier (which he only allows in his mouth if he’s super tired or freaking out) or boob. That’s right, he won’t latch on when he’s tired anymore. He gets my nipple in his mouth, licks it, talks (basically stimulates let-down), then blows. Milk flies all over creation. It’s a mess.

That is all.

::wipes milk off of keyboard::

Oh, and from now on, reviews or giveaways will only happen once a week- on Fridays. And I’ll try to post a “real” post, too. I don’t want it to become free-stuff central over here, which is kind of what I am feeling like. Do y’all even like them? You can tell me. I won’t bite you (at least not hard).

Knox loves Techno!

Trevor is really good at making these crazy Techno/ beat-box noises that will drive you up the ever-loving wall. He was doing them for Knox last night, and man did the baby LOVE it! Knox was smiling and kicking his legs the whole time- it was precious! I will say the “Techno” doesn’t record very well on our Flip camera, it just sounds like a bunch of clicking, but in actuality, it sounds crazy with all these weird throaty noises. Anyways, here is a video of Knox jamming to Trevor’s beat:

Tee Hee

So, I was messing around on Google Analytics today and decided to see what people look up on search engines to wind up at my blog. The most common is just of course someone googling “Southern Belle Baby” or “Southern Belle Baby Blog” to find me.


Then there are some “other” more interesting means of arriving here. It seems there are an awful lot of people googling “Southern boobs” or “Southern belle ass.” The things people are into… I can’t help but think they must be disappointed once they get here considering I don’t have much of either of those. Oh well!

Then, you get the more random and hilarious “baby ate my breast pads.” I don’t recall Knox ever eating my breast pads, but I would certainly like the backstory behind that search!

And by far, the best one was “dulcolax+torture.” Not sure if the Dulcolax was torturing them or they were looking to torture someone else, but nonetheless, entertainment for me. :) For the record, yes, I did blog about Dulcolax and torturous rock poop when I was in the early pregnancy constipation days (link 1 and link 2, for old time’s sake), but I find it comical to think that someone looking up how to torture someone else with laxatives would come across this blog.

Just thought I would share.

Product Review: Anima Soap

I love organics. Y’all know that. So, when Anima Soap contacted me about a review, I was definitely willing! They sell awesome handmade, organic soap that smells like… GRAPEFRUIT! I swear, if everything smelled like grapefruit, the world would be a better place. They sell two types of bars: the grapefruit scented face and body bar and a non-scented baby bar. They are both great products, though the baby bar is not a “no tear” formula, so you have to be careful around those sensitive baby eyes. I love products with an ingredient list that you can actually read, and Anima Soap has one just like that. Here’s the line-up: water, certified organic palm oil, certified organic coconut oil, grapefruit essential oil, rosemary extract, lye. Generally a soap with that type of top-quality ingredients is, what, $5 a bar? Not this stuff! Try $1.89 a bar! Awesome. It leaves your skin with that squeaky clean feeling, too. Two thumbs up!

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