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Trevor’s Blogging Debut…

Is coming very soon. :) I asked my dear husband if he would be game to do a Q&A post as his intro into the blogosphere, and he reluctantly agreed. (I think he’s a little nervous!) So, please comment on this post with your questions for Trevor. Ask anything that you want (really, anything) and he will answer all of your burning questions in his post. Get excited, I know that I am!

AND… sweet Knox is two weeks old today! I can’t believe it! He is so, so precious and I am more in love with him than I would have ever thought possible. To celebrate his two week birthday, here are some pictures.

Check out the hair on this kid! I love it!

BFing Update

Our meeting with the lactation consultant went really well. She seems to think that my supply has gone down some because I am not pumping as much and because of Knox’s nursing style. Read: Knox’s latching on and sleeping style. She says he is what they call a “gourmet” nurser- he takes his time, enjoying everything, looking around, sleeping and takes forever (at least an hour) to nurse. Basically, he’s a lazy eater. Since I had such an abundance of milk in hospital, my body got the message when milk was left over in my boobs that it was making too much, so it cut back. Luckily, based on her weight calculations and measurements, I am making just enough for Knox’s needs right now. (Though, I have to say, I really miss my huge boobs! They were hot, even though they leaked every time I bent over.)

She weighed him, I fed him on the right side, she weighed him again. He gained less than an ounce. He then ate on the left side and she weighed him again. Much better on his ‘favorite” side. He got about 2 and a half ounces total, which is what he needs. She suggested that I feed Knox every two hours during the day, three at night, and pump after each feeding until empty. I need to pump at least 4-5 times a day, according to her, just after feedings. Not much pumping required at the moment, I only get about an ounce after feeding him. She said we just want to make sure to protect my milk supply now, in these early days, so it doesn’t continue to wane while we’re getting Knox to feed better and more effectively. We have to do a LOT of stimulating him while he’s eating by rubbing his head vigorously, ticking his feet, moving his arms, etc. Trevor’s new job in life is Baby Head Rubber.

Also, his new “fun” latch (aka the nipple ripper) was a concern for me. My nipples are RAW, red and so painful. She said they’ll toughen up soon, in the mean time, I am must making sure he gets on there well and re-adjusting if he slips at all. She gave me some nipple cooling gel pads that stick to your boobs and are lovely. I’m also using Lanisoh, which may be slightly helpful. I am just glad that she seems to think everything will regulate and be okay because breast feeding is so incredibly important to me. I want to do what’s best for him, no matter how bad it hurts my nipples!

The medicine is okay to use, according to her, but I don’t like that I found it should only be used by infants over one month of age. I think I”ll wait on taking it, as everything down south seems to be calming down. Oddly, it started to improve after I stopped taking Vicodin and switched to a Tylenol (as needed), sitz bath and Tucks pads regimen. Sweet relief.

Thank you guys for all the good advice!!! I really appreciate it!

And here is your daily Knox fix. His first tummy time experience. Not successful.

Trevor couldn’t stand it and rescued him within five minutes.


What the heck. I woke up yesterday and my boobs had shrunk to about half the size they were the day before. They are no longer firm, they’re soft like “normal” boobs. I am not producing as much milk at all. Maybe half of what it was. Is this the breast feeding kind of “normalizing?” I know they won’t be engorged and hard forever, but this is seriously freaking me out. I’m pumping after feeding, now, and I am barely getting anything out. I have no idea what happened. Two days ago, I’d hook up to the pump and between both boobs I’d fill the bottle in five minutes. Last night, I got half a bottle in twenty minutes. This is completely freaking me out. Breast feeding is THE most important thing to me. I have a call in to the lactation consultant to try to figure something out. Any words of wisdom to help me not have a coronary??

I started taking Macrobid for the UTI after okaying it with my OB and Knox’s pediatrician… do you think this could have done something?


What in the HELL-O do you do for this insane perineal pain?!! I had a second-degree tear and am at the end of my rope. I am fairly certain that I have a UTI, as well, what an awesome combination. My doctor’s office called me in a prescription for the UTI and guess what… bold letters on the bottle said “DO NOT USE IF BREAST FEEDING.” Awesome. I called back and sure enough, not safe to use. Now, I am paranoid that any medicine might interfere with Knox’s heart meds, so I’m worried to take anything.

Any natural remedies?? I’m doing the peri bottle, Tuck’s pads, Sitz baths and Dermaplast spray. Help, help, help!

Bless my husband. (And look how cute my baby is!)

He let me take a five hour nap today. It was heavenly. The days and days of no sleep finally caught up with me last night. I did all of Knox’s feedings in the hospital, the nurse in the NICU told me that I was the first mom she has seen in a VERY long time to do all of my baby’s feedings in the special care nursery. Well, I can say, it was exhausting, but I couldn’t have imagined NOT doing it. Anyway, I have tons of breastmilk in the freezer (I pumped the whole time I was in the hospital) so we prepped a Dr. Brown’s bottle for Trevor to feed him with while I slept. I really didn’t want to give him a bottle, but like the pediatrician told me this morning, you need sleep to produce lots of good milk, so I went with it. Trevor held Knox the entire nap. He was telling me how he changed his diaper and got poop all over himself (Trevor did his first diaper change EVER in the hospital- somehow I ended up getting peed on… go figure), he’s trying so hard to learn, and he is really doing a good job at Daddyhood so far.

We finally got released from the hospital at 6:30 last night, what a long day of too much waiting! His echo came back looking good, and with that, we were out of there.

I felt like I was going to Disney World or something, it was the most amazing feeling to step out of that hospital with our baby in tow.

Knox got his first bath last night, which he despised, to put it mildly. Around bedtime, he started to get all nasal and snorting, which scared the mess out of me. I was terrified he was getting sick. Luckily, the pediatrician squashed that fear this morning. We had our first appointment, and Knox looked great. We go back next Thursday for a weight check since I’m breastfeeding. His billyrubin level went from 12.7 yesterday to 7.6 today, which is amazing, so no worrying about jaundice anymore.

The cardiologist’s office is pissing me off, royally. They wouldn’t let the NICU schedule our appointment, instead, they said the pediatrician’s office had to call them for a referral. Even though this cardiologist was treating Knox via the phone ALL week. Whatever. So, they finally called me to schedule the appointment. The neonatologist said it was of “the utmost importance that Knox is seen this week.” So, naturally, the douchebag on the phone scheduled him for NEXT Monday. I don’t think so. He argued with me on the phone, wouldn’t let me choose the doctor I wanted to see and was generally a butthole. So, I am going to call in the morning and speak with the office manager, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll have the pediatrician call them and set him straight.

That’s all for now, I am going to get back to holding my little man and trying to straighten up the house. I need to get him over his aversion to my right boob, too, because it HURTS even after pumping an entire bottle out of it.

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