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34 Weeks and The most expensive trip to Target EVAH.

Yesterday, we hit 34 Weeks! Trevor and I went to the doctor in the morning, and I am happy to say that everything looks great. Knox’s heartbeat and my belly are right on track. I was back to seeing my regular doc, and she told me that studies show that Terbutaline does absolutely nothing to stop pre-term labor. It does stop pre-term contractions, though, and that’s its main purpose. She told me to take it as I need to, so I am only taking it when I get upwards of six contractions an hour, because that’s how many I am allowed according to the doctor. They moved me to every week at the doctor, thankfully, so I will be going back on the 7th. She told me I will be getting an internal next time, so we will see if anything else has changed since last week.

Now, on Monday, Trevor had the day off, so he and I made a trip to Target to pick up all the little things we still needed. Holy moly, we spent SO much money! Luckily, we had about $175 in gift cards thanks to showers (and repeat gift returns from showers) and Christmas money from family, so we didn’t spend any “real” money. We did get our swing, which was $150, but our total was $430!! Yipes! Those little items really add up. I did have to get some nursing bras, which are hard to buy when you have no idea how big your boobs will get, so I just got really stretchy ones and hope they work. We bought sheet savers, Mylicon drops, breast milk storage, organizational stuff, Infant Tylenol, items for my hospital bag, etc. As pricey as it was, I am SO glad that’s over with! I think we were there for almost two hours, so I exceeded my time-on-my-feet-limit, but I actually didn’t have a single contraction while I was there. That’s proof that shopping at Target is good for you. :)

Stuff. Everywhere.

Knox really did pretty well for himself on Christmas. Our house is so full of stuff, it is kind of insane. Our parents went a tad bit crazy with his first Christmas presents, and it really makes me wonder how nuts it will be once he is actually here! We got the Chicco pack and play and Arms Reach mini co-sleeper bassinet from my mom and stepdad, and the red Chicco Cortina travel system and second car seat base from Trevor’s parents.

Of course, we also got piles of new baby clothes and other necessities. It took Trevor MANY trips to the car to get everything inside. We also got the closet organizer with little fabric drawers, Trevor still needs to put that (and everything else!) together. I am so excited for all that organized storage space!

I still have three more loads of baby laundry to do, I don’t think I’ll ever finish it because it keeps multiplying! His dresser is almost full, already, which is crazy because it has some seriously deep drawers. Once I finish this laundry, it will be bursting at the seams. Oh, and the closet is pretty full, too. I feel like I have SO much to do before Knox gets here. I still need to wash the bottles and pacifiers and make some room in the kitchen cabinets for his feeding items. I am planning on breast feeding, but I know there will be times where I will be more than ready for Trevor to take over a feeding, so we did need some bottles!

We are going to make a run to Target tomorrow (my one hour outing for the day) to get all the little things that are left that we need (like Mylicon drops, bottle nipples, etc) and our swing. I am excited to get that all done and out of the way so I can TRY to get everything else organized. I so badly want to clean our house from top to bottom, but I am relegated to straightening very small segments at time and delegating all the rest to my husband.

It is insane to me that in just over two weeks, I will be taken off bed rest and then Knox could literally come anytime. It’s kind of terrifying. I had a stressed out day today, and I think that’s why. I start to panic about Knox’s health, going to the hospital, how I will handle labor, everything. I am trying to stay positive and just focus on all these things I have to do to prepare and not think as much about the stressful parts!

Christmas Belly:

Trevor playing with the Trio toys (like Legos for littler kids) my mom bought for him and Knox. He cannot wait to build Lego castles and pirate ships with our son. I have a feeling that Knox won’t be playing with them as much as Trevor and I will!:

Merry Christmas!

What an amazing day it has been. We have amazing families that love us and our little Knox so much, and it was great to spend the whole day with them. We did a lot of rushing around (and I did a lot of laying around) but all the chaos was so worth it. It was our first Christmas as Knox’s parents, and even though he’s still in the womb, he’s already changed our lives so much for the better. We love you, little guy!

Merry Christmas to you all!

What was he thinking???

I was supposed to go to Target tonight with Trevor to do some Christmas shopping, but my contractions started picking up. I had to call the doctor and ended up having to take more Brethine and chill out for the evening. So, my dear husband got sent to pick a few gifts and necessities. I told him to get wrapping paper, gift tags and a bag of bows. This is what he brought home. I swear, this is actually what he bought.

Spiderman wrapping paper. Batman wrapping paper. Blue and silver bows. Some awful cartoon looking gift tags. He justified his purchase by saying that the wrapping paper had red and green in it. I am surprised I haven’t broken out into hives from the mismatching tackiness spread out before me. I am someone that loves pretty paisley wrapping paper with matching hand-made bows and gift tags made from recycled paper. I did gift wrapping for two Christmases, so I get kind of into it. I guess I have to laugh because it’s so ridiculously “male” of Trevor to do this, but it still makes me very uncomfortable to actually have to wrap my Christmas gifts in this mess. Oh well.

At least everyone will know who was behind this situation.

Good Appointment

We just got back from our follow-up appointment, and I am very happy to say that everything is looking good! The doctor checked my cervix right away and pronounced “You’re the same!” Woo hoo! Knox’s heartbeat still sounds excellent in the 150s and his movement has certainly stayed very strong. The doctor wants me to take the Terbutaline every six hours, so four times a day, because it does seem to be working to control the contractions. I will be on bed rest until 36 or 37 weeks, and then they’ll let me off of it and the medicine. She did tell me that since Knox has had both doses of steroids in the hospital, if he were to be born now, he would behave more like 35 weeks than 33. She also said that if I were to go back into preterm labor, they wouldn’t do as much to stop it because we have had the steroids. Scary, I don’t want that to happen! Even if he would be okay, I want to be able to take my baby home with me when he’s born and not go to the NICU, so he needs to stay put until full term!

They hooked me up to the NST to check for contractions, and I didn’t have any when I was there, although my uterus is “irritable.” It shows little spikes and bounces on the monitor, even though they aren’t actual contractions. She reiterated that it is okay for me to do small errands because I told her I was scared to do anything other than get up to pee and shower. She said I may contract when I’m up walking around, but as long as I’m not up for too long and go right back to laying down afterwards, it will be just fine. That made me feel better. So, here I lay, making my list for our outing to Target this evening. I haven’t done my Christmas shopping, so Trevor and I are going to try to make a quick trip tonight. Who knows, I may end up rocking the motorized scooter, I promise to take pictures if I do.

I have lost a few pounds as of today, I am assuming from being in the hospital. I was so pumped full of fluids and forcing down a ridiculous amount of water, so my appetite wasn’t the best. I am making sure to eat enough while on bed rest, and Trevor fed me a huge hamburger for lunch today, so I am sure that helped, too!

I leave you with some pictures from this week:

In the hospital. You can tell how thrilled I am with Trevor for taking my picture.

After we found out we got to go home the next morning. Note my red cheeks from the magnesium sulfate. Sexy.

Trevor preparing his first bed rest dinner. I had to get off the couch to document this one!

He’s very angry at the pepper grinder. LOL. I love this guy!

For the record, Trevor made tacos, and they were very good. :)

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