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My Poor Husband and Cat Poop

I got touched by cat poop today. I had actually started to calm down and was pretty relaxed and happy this weekend. So of course, something had to happen. Stress literally chases me around and sneak attacks me, I think. Stupid, stupid, stupid cat. I am beginning to truly despise this particular species. This entire pregnancy, they have upset me to no end between pissing on guest beds, getting fleas everywhere, shredding furniture and, now, bringing their gross poop too close to me.

We all know the rule- no changing litter boxes or coming into contact with cat feces while pregnant. I was more than happy to bestow my cat poop duties on Trevor the second the pee stick showed two lines. Today, my caution was proven to be futile. Jack, the affectionate cat, came over to me wanting to get pet. I scratched his little head and he swished his tail happily into my other hand. Something hard hit me. POOP!! He had a little poop nugget stuck to his tail. I immediately washed my hands four times and proceeded to look in each of my pregnancy books about Toxoplasmosis. Don’t do that. Lots of scary things are caused by that disease. I am sure it’s totally fine, since I didn’t exactly squish it around in my hand or something, it barely touched me, but I am still calling the doctor tomorrow to check.

Trevor said this to me today (more or less, my memory isn’t a steel trap or something) anything in [] are my comments:
“If we ever have another baby [Knox is totally a hypothetical only child at this point in time due to his mother’s paranoia], when you get pregnant I am building you a safe room. It will have a filtration system that sucks out every germ or foreign substance so it’s perfectly clean. This room will have NO internet access [I tend to over-Google and stress myself out]. In fact, the only thing that will be in this room is a radio, a TV and a copy of “The Santa Clause” on DVD [my favorite movie… seriously]. I will build a slot in the door and slip your meals into you. I will let you feel all aluminum cans for dents before I prepare your food [I am neurotic. After a food safety class in college where I learned the dangers of getting Botulism from dented cans, I now feel every can for dents before I buy it. I totally have OCD]. You will sit in the room and do nothing.”

This speech cracked me up and made me feel sorry for Trevor all at the same time. I know he is so ready for me to pop this baby out so I can calm down again!


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I have so much to be thankful for. Yes, this is the obligatory “I am thankful for _____” post, but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. :)

I thank God for:

My loving husband that accepts me for who I am (nervous breakdowns and all) and makes me laugh every single day. I couldn’t make it without him.

Our precious son, Knox, who we already love more than we knew we could.

A healthy pregnancy. Despite the Braxton Hicks scare and my anxiety, everything has been fantastic so far.

A family that loves and supports me in all that I do.

Friends that are always there, no matter what.

A job. In tough times, it’s great to have a steady paycheck, especially when you actually enjoy what you do.

A warm, cozy house to come home to. A home that we will raise our baby in together.

Sweet, playful pets that love us even when we don’t deserve it.

A God that stands by me even when I doubt Him and is always there to pick me up when I fall. He looks after us and makes me understand what life is all about.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Nursery Progress Update Pics (and an emotional breakdown)

I am in the midst of yet another emotional breakdown. Pregnancy paranoia has certainly set in. Sometimes I really hate myself for not being able to relax. It’s not that I am not trying to chill out and stop worrying, I literally cannot do it. One I vanquish one fear, another comes at me full force. This week, it’s that something is wrong with Knox. Chromosomal issues, abnormalities, whatever, I have been totally panicked. Why? No reason at ALL. Every single test and ultrasound we have had has looked amazing and perfectly normal. I guess I just like to bombard this poor little baby with all of my stress hormones. I begged the doctor for an ultrasound today so I could be told everything is okay, but I was denied and offered Zoloft instead. I declined. I absolutely cannot allow myself to take medication for stress, even though I probably should. This practice says Zoloft is safe during pregnancy, but I have seen a few studies that say otherwise, I am not 100% okay with that idea. Instead, I am starting counseling next week in hopes for a “natural” way to calm down. I scheduled a facial for myself this afternoon, and I moved up the 4D ultrasound (December 7th!) which I will be attending sans husband since he doesn’t want to do it. I hate that he won’t be with me, but for my own sanity, I think I should do it! Baby Knox, I am so sorry that your Momma is a total freak.

And now, as promised, updated nursery pictures. The first is of a stool that my dear, wonderful friend “Aunt Lindsey” painted for Knox and brought over last night. She is incredibly talented and it matches his room perfectly! There are even tiny palm trees on the sides. Thanks Linny Boo (<-- just her drunken nickname, I'm J. Moo in case you wondered... ah the fun we used to have getting wasted on boxed wine, playing Super Nintendo and making up names for each other)!

Palm Tree decal, new chair (aka most comfy thing ever invented) and the curtains I am recycling in here because 1) they’re cute and 2) they were very expensive. Enjoy!

Crib complete with mattress! Just add sheets and a baby! Don’t worry, the blanket will be headed to the closet once Knox is here. :)

And a 29 Week Belly Pic for good measure:


I passed my Glucola test, good thing, too, since I’m sitting at my desk eating a giant brownie courtesy of my Chef aunt, whom I love dearly.

This weekend was a busy one, even though we mostly hung around the house. We saw New Moon on Friday, which was AMAZING! It was definitely better than the first and stuck to the book much more closely. I was very satisfied with it. We had to wait in line to get in the theater and yes, lots of teenage girls squealed every time Taylor Lautner walked on screen, much to Trevor’s chagrin.

Saturday, we decorated for Christmas, which was quite a process. Yes, it’s early to decorate, but we had the tree out even earlier last year. It’s Trevor’s fault, he loves Christmas and begs and begs to decorate earlier each year. Lucky for him, I love the holidays just as much as he does and cave every single time. I managed to make him hold out until this weekend, at least. We discovered many casualties from the cat basement disaster when they knocked over a box of ornaments this summer. Luckily, most can be revived with super glue. I’ll post pictures soon, but our house is quite festive looking.

We also tackled the dreaded guest room of doom, that had been filled with all the hodgepodge items I moved out of Knox’s room and all of my darling husband’s camping paraphernalia (which was the bulk of it). It took us about three hours, but it now looks like a guest room once more, and I am so relieved to have that task out of the way!

Knox’s rocking chair came in on Friday and it’s now in his room. It looks awesome! I need to take pictures of that, too, so hopefully I’ll have some nursery progress pics up for you guys tomorrow. My mom paid for the baby dresser today, so we can probably get that in there this week, too. I love seeing things come along in there. It makes it seem so much more real.


I have a date with Edward and Jacob. And I am so excited! Trevor, my mom, sister and I are all going to see “New Moon.” That’s right, my husband likes the Twilight movies, too, and is coming along. What a sport.

Look. So pretty.

Now, I have a bit of a conundrum. Trevor and I had been planning to do a 4D ultrasound, but suddenly, he has decided that he does not want one because he wants to be surprised with how Knox looks. I was so excited about it, but I don’t want to do it without Trevor! I don’t know what to do. I wish he had just told me this from the beginning so I couldn’t have gotten so darn excited about it first.

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