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My Husband: Lizard Wrangler

We had a few errands to run today, so Trevor and I climbed in the car and began our trek to Petsmart. We had scarcely made it up the street when we saw it. While sitting at the red traffic light, Trevor pointed out a tiny lizard on the hood of the car. “Awww!” I said. I love tiny lizards- I used to catch them all the time when I was little. Of course, it was imperative that this lizard be rescued before he turned into a spot on the highway. So, I insisted that my dear husband “Get out! Get him!!! Save him, Trevor!” A tad melodramatic, perhaps, but that darn lizard was so cute!

So, my chivalrous husband jumped out of the car and proceeded to try to catch the lizard. Hilarity insued. I seriously almost peed my pants laughing at him. I imagine to the scores of people watching at the intersection, it looked like ole Trevor was playing Chinese firedrill by himself. He was running around the car, grasping wildly at this tiny lizard who managed to evade capture. By this time, we had missed the light completely, thankfully there was no one behind us. But there were a lot of construction workers watching and laughing hysterically.

Since Trevor couldn’t catch the lizard, I proceeded to drive 10 mph into the nearest parking lot so I could try my hand at capturing him. No such luck. How something that tiny can move those wee little legs so fast is beyond me. Finally, with Trevor and I both out of the car chasing Houdini in lizard form, Trevor managed to confuse it into climbing up his arm. So, he was able to grab the lizard and deliver him safely into the nearby bushes. Upon deposit of the lizard, the grateful reptile rewarded Trevor’s kindness by pissing all over his hand.

I gave him some hand sanitizer and laughed. Good times.


I had my appointment this morning, and everything looks really good. I told the doctor I was nervous about the pressure in my cervix, so she checked me and said I was closed and very long, which was great. She made me feel a lot better! She told me that the relaxin that is hard at work relaxing my bones, including my pelvic bone, is probably to blame for the pressure. Now that my pelvic bones are starting to soften/ spread, it can cause a feeling that the baby is pushing down or falling out. It is normal, which is good to know. She also said that since I am petite, I tend to feel everything as far as contractions go and the machines will pick up my
BH contractions more than other people’s. I’m glad I’m not just paranoid thinking I feel a million different things all the time- I really do feel it!

She checked my fundal height, felt around the belly to make sure baby is still “floating” (he is) and listened to his hb on the doppler which was in the 160 range. She told me that since the contractions seem to be under control that I can stop the medicine, only taking it as needed. She said if I start to contract, drink a big glass of Gatorade, lay down for 15 minutes, drink a glass of water, lay down again for 15 minutes. If the contractions continue, take a pill. Sounds like a plan, and now I need to go get Gatorade. Things feel tight and stretchy in my belly right now, and I guess that’s a part of getting bigger. I can definitely tell that I am growing- always a good thing since that means Knox is growing, too!

All was well until I almost fainted. Grr. I was sitting on the exam table, legs dangling, when I started to feel woozy. I told the doc I had to lay down for a minute, and she promptly got me water and ginger ale. I think the combo of the racing heart from the Brethine and dangling legs did me in. So, I had to lay on the table, still half naked from my exam and try to drink enough water to keep me coherent. I told Trevor to make sure I didn’t roll off the table if I fainted, and the I went to readjust myself. Apparently poor Trevor thought I was headed for the floor because that guy was out of his chair and across the room in a half a second! He was not amused when I laughed at him. At least he was taking his post seriously!

We scheduled all of my appointments through February 1, which was totally bizarre. I go back mid November for my glucola test. Yum-o.

My Cervix

Because that is all I can think about right now! Ever since yesterday, I have had very odd pains in my cervix. Now, I am getting more of these fun feelings. Thank goodness I have a regularly-scheduled appointment in the morning. The doctor told me that my long cervix is more telling than checking my dilation, but this weirdness makes me feel like there’s something going on down there. Hopefully, it is nothing and just discomfort caused by the contractions. I just want to go in tomorrow and hear that everything looks okay. I am going to forcefully request that they make sure I am not dilating- the nurse in the hospital didn’t seem very sure when she said it all “seems closed.” I don’t like the word “seems” in this context… I want to hear “closed tight like Fort Knox.” <--- I think that is going to be my new nickname for my cervix because it's very appropriate. Maybe my dear cervix will be inspired by this new, strong name and do it's job really well so I don't freak out. Let's hope, shall we? I’ve been chilling out on the couch all day today, and it looks like more of the same for tomorrow. I haven’t been on my feet for more than 30 minutes at a time, and that was when I was taking a shower and blow drying my hair. I am curious to hear from the doctor if I need to keep up this modified bed rest or what’s going to be the deal from here on out. It would help if I could see the same doctor more than once- they were starting to rotate me this week between doctors, and I have seen an on-call doctor and spoken with my own doctor this week. Nothing like three chefs in the kitchen.

Trip to the Hospital

After yesterday’s appointment, I was hoping that the Brethine/ Turbutaline would help stop the BH contractions I was having. No such luck. I had more last night and this morning, and I started to get a very odd discomfort near my cervix. Of course, I started to panic that I was dilating. I called my doctor’s office this morning and told the nurse what was going on and she put me on hold. In a couple seconds, my doctor got on the phone and wanted a recap of what was happening. She said for me to go up the hospital to the maternal assessment ward. She wanted to figure out what was going on. This is where I started to freak out even more. Trevor was gone attending a funeral (I wasn’t there becuase of the contractions and because this Brethine makes me extremely jittery and short of breath) so I couldn’t get him on his phone. So, off I went to the hospital alone.

I went in through the ER entrance, per my doctor’s instructions, and a nice old man wheeled me up to the third floor. Let me say, you know you have bad motion sickness when riding in a wheelchair makes you want to throw up. As soon as I got there, they set me up in a room. I got in a gown and the nurse checked my cervix. She said everything felt closed. Then, they hooked me up to two monitors around my belly- one for my uterus and one for Knox. I had a couple light BH contractions, but nothing to be concerned over, said the nurses. I was there for about two hours laying there getting monitored. They did give me some different medicine to take with the Brethine that helps with the shakiness. Turns out I had a fever of 100 degrees when I arrived, as well, which was news to me. Knox was bouncing off the walls the whole time- they had the sound turned up on his monitor so I could hear all of his flips and kicks, as well as feeling them.

They didn’t see anything too worrisome, so they told me I could go home. I have to take the meds every six hours for a couple days regardless of if I feel contractions or not. The nurse said to wake up to take it. I am also on modified bedrest for a few days. Only laying in bed or on the couch is allowed- no prolonged standing to cook or going anywhere. I’m glad I am on vacation so that this is an easier feat to accomplish. This has been a really scary couple of days- I hope that we have no more drama and a nice, calm duration of the pregnancy!

Not such a relaxing vacation so far!

Aside from the sickness I’ve been dealing with, this weekend also brought another stress: Braxton Hicks contractions. I’ve been getting these off an on since about 20 weeks in the normal way, a couple painless contractions a day. However. On Saturday, I experienced no less than 40-50 of them. I finally downed about three glasses of water and laid down on the couch and they stopped. I was still worried about it. Sunday brought more, though not as many. I called the doctor’s office this morning and told the nurse on call about it. She said that was way more BH’s than they want me having at this stage in the pregnancy and that I should come in.

So, luckily Trevor and I are on vacation this week and were able to go together. They did an internal ultrasound first thing to check my cervical length, which was great. They want it to be over 2.5 and mine was 3.8, which is average. Then, she checked on Knox, who was doing wonderfully. His heart rate was 161 and he has moved into a head-down position (who knows if he’ll stay that way). He was moving his little mouth a lot and had those tiny hands right in his face, as is normal for him.

I met with the doctor on call, who was AMAZING and had the best nurse ever, and she made me feel a lot better. She gave me a prescription for some meds that will stop the contractions if they come back, and I just take it as needed. She said that the contractions could have been caused by dehydration (even though I was drinking a lot- the sickness could have required more water than I was getting) or, it could just be normal for this pregnancy. I hope it’s not something that I deal with all the time! She said I should call if contractions start to hurt or if the medicine does not work in stopping them. I was supposed to go in Thursday for my regular appointment, but she rescheduled for next week so we could see if the pills were working.

She said that because of my cervical length, even though I am having preterm contractions, they are not worried about preterm labor, which is great. She did mention bedrest may be a possibility for me later in the pregnancy if the contractions become the norm- let’s hope they don’t! Chill out in there, Knox!

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