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Wall Letters: Complete!

I got inspired this weekend to be crafty, so I decided to go ahead and tackle the wall letters. These are the letters I saw on Etsy and loved, but I refused to pay $20 PER letter when I knew I could do it myself.

I went to Michael’s and got all the goods to do it for $30. I couldn’t find basic circles to use, so I got circular plaques with a beveled edge and just used the back. I painted each circle the background color, first. Then, I freehanded the letters on paper and made myself stencils so I wouldn’t get pencil all over the circles. Then, I started with painting the letter and added in details. I did one letter at a time. Then, I put a clear topcoat on each one to prevent scuffs or nicks and hot glued the ribbon to the back. Voila! Wall Art! Here is the finished product:

We really like how they turned out! It took about three hours to do the actual painting, and only about 15 minutes to attach the ribbon.

We also went browsing for baby furniture this weekend, and MAN are there WAY too many choices!! We got stuck between about three. Of course my favorite is the most expensive, but that’s always the case. It was espresso and had lots of pretty details. Trevor fells in love with a big, chunky crib (which was awesome) but the finish was antique black, and it didn’t go with the idea I had for the room. It didn’t come in espresso, either. Boo. I think we’ll have to go back again so we can make a final decision!

Bought Some Crib Bedding!

So, I have been looking online at crib bedding since before I even got pregnant. May seem extreme, but I am SO picky when it comes to that kind of thing, preliminary research was necessary. It didn’t take long to discover that I don’t like anything out there under $400. Yikes. I refuse to spend that kind of money on bedding for a tiny baby! If money were no object, my favorite thus far has been this little number called “Argyle Sage” by Little House for $340:

So cute (I am obsessed with Argyle), but way too much money.

Enter TJ Maxx last night.

I was perusing the baby section, the first time I’ve been since we found out the sex, and found the cutest little changing pad cover in an argyle print. I snagged it up and secretly wished to find bedding in the same print. Lo and behold, around the corner was the same print in baby bedding! Score! $60. Bigger score! It looks almost identical to the expensive brand that I adore for WAY less money. It’s “Argyle” by Wendy Bellissimo (a brand Babies ‘r Us carries) and it’s all 100% cotton and actually has higher thread count compared to some of the pricier brands. I went ahead and bought it, figuring if Trevor hated it, I could just return it. He liked it! Yay! Here are some pictures:

This is the top of the packaging it came in- you can see the sheet and skirt patterns better:

Better picture of the argyle fabric:

I really like it, and the cool thing is, that I found these adorable letters on Etsy this week and they match EXACTLY! The girl that does these must have looked at this bedding as inspiration or something. The letters on Etsy go for $20 each, so I am going to do them myself, instead. I’ll just use the picture as inspiration:

I have many more nursery ideas, which I will share as we put them into being. We are going with our moms to browse nursery furniture this weekend, but I don’t think we’ll actually order it until after our anatomy scan at 21 weeks. Happy Friday, ladies!

Oh, and here’s a belly pic from today:

And comment moderation is now on. :) Some “people” are starting to irritate me, and I am stressed out enough being pregnant- I don’t need any further annoyances. Everyone’s comments will be approved unless they’re unnecessarily obnoxious. Kisses!

Ways to Make a Pregnant Chick Feel Fat

So, Trevor got measured for a tux yesterday (for a wedding we’re both in September 12). I picked up my bridesmaids dress, which is not even close to fitting (thanks Knox!), so I am going to have to have it majorly altered. Trevor disagreed with the chest measurement at the tux place. “They said my chest was 40 inches. I don’t think so. Will you measure it?” So I measured his chest. 42 inches. Nice. Trevor was pleased. This started a trend: measure my bicep, measure my waist, measure my… LOL, JK. Anyway, I measured his waist 32 inches. Then comes “Let’s measure your chest and waist!” Bottom line. I am now a brick that measures 36″ 36″ 36″. Wow. My husband has bigger boobs than me (which I knew) and now has a smaller waist. It’s okay, the baby is well worth the fatness, but I just thought I would share that my husband is a hot piece of ass that is continually getting more attractive and well-built while I am getting rounder all over. How fair is that? Where is that sympathy weight he is supposed to be gaining? Not saying that I am fat, I know I am growing a baby, but come on, DH, no more measurement comparisons!

Meet Knox!

Here he is, in all his adorable glory! I have looked at these pictures a million times already… And thank you guys for all the congratulatory messages yesterday. I spent all of yesterday daydreaming about our baby boy- it is so amazing to be able to say “him” and refer to him by name.

Profile Shot:

Hands over his face:

Money Shot:

Doing Crunches- guess he is already into working out like his Daddy:

Playing Peek-a-boo:

Baby Foot:

It’s a…

BOY!!! We are so beyond excited that we’re having a son! We went to the imaging place, and I got to sit in a comfy leather recliner. Trevor sat right next to me and we watched on a flat screen monitor. First we just saw the baby’s profile, which was awesome. Then, she checked out between the legs. The cord was right in the way, and I couldn’t help thinking “Man! We’re not going to be able to see!” But before long she said “I think you have yourselves a boy…” You should have seen Trevor’s face! He lit up and got on the edge of his seat waiting for the confirmation. Sure enough, she pointed out the little penis and scrotum. Trevor was so incredibly excited and smiled from ear to ear. I teared up at the word “boy” and was so happy!

She did the 3D sneak preview for us, which was so cool. I will post pictures tomorrow after I scan them all in at home. Trevor took them to work with him to show everyone. We also got a DVD of the whole ultrasound, which is so cool, and I’ve already started to watch it this morning, even though it’s only been about 30 minutes since I was actually watching it! We are so excited about our little boy! I wouldn’t be surprised if I came home to tons of tiny sporting equipment today! :)

ETA: Obviously, I have redesigned to reflect today’s news! And I added our baby name, which we have had picked out for a while, now. Compton is a family name on Trevor’s side. :)

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