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Look! It’s a Baby!

That was, by far, the coolest thing I have ever seen. Needless to say, the ultrasound went amazingly. We saw our little baby, measuring right on (by my calculations) at 7 weeks 4 days. AND we got to hear the heartbeat. I could have listened to that little blip all day long. It was beating along at around 160 bpm, which is fantastic. I was a nervous wreck by the time we got there, and I was so glad Trevor was with me. We had to wait longer than normal because Dr. T was running behind. She had been on vacation for two weeks and had lots of catching up to do. When she finally got to us, she told me she had been thinking about me on vacation and hoped I hadn’t had any spotting or anything worrisome. So sweet. Anyway, she stuck the probe in and we saw that sweet little blob. Trevor definitely smiled when he saw it, and he loved hearing the heartbeat. We kept talking about how cool it was that we got to hear it.

The first pic shows the yolk sac (at bottom right within the black gestational sac) and the baby, and the second is just our little baby blob. We are so in love!

First Baby Gifts and Major Nervousness

So, DH’s birthday was Friday, as I discussed last week. The in-laws came over for dinner to celebrate and brought with them mucho gifts! They gave DH lots of fun tools to play with, and some cute baby things! I refuse to buy anything for the baby until we’re out of first tri, but I don’t have a problem with other people buying stuff (why? don’t know!) Anyway, they got us a red Chicco Backpack from Babies ‘r Us for carrying the baby around. DH used to ride in one of these when his dad mowed the grass, so they really wanted him to have his own. So sweet, and it’s my favorite color: RED! Then, they got us this cute Infantino surfboard tummy time mat because DH loves to surf. It was a really fun night.

Saturday was the BFF’s baby shower, which was great. It went really well and she got lots of great stuff. It was so hard to keep my mouth shut because there were three other pregnant women there and that’s all anyone was talking about. I wanted to yell “I am, too!” but didn’t, of course.

Now, onto more pressing matters. Our u/s is tomorrow. I. AM. A. NERVOUS. WRECK. To put it very mildly. I didn’t have barely any of my normal symptoms this weekend, like the food aversions or nausea (except once Saturday night when I hung over the toilet for 15 minutes waiting for vomit that never came) so I have been a freaking mess worrying about it. I am not as bloated as I have been, either. I am so glad I get to go tomorrow and check on things because I can’t wait any longer. I don’t know how people can wait for 12 weeks for one ultrasound, I think I’d die of anxiety. Anyway, I pray that everything looks good tomorrow with our little monkey. I did start to feel icky this morning, so hopefully all is well.

7 Weeks and DH’s Birthday!

Wow, 7 weeks today, I cannot believe it! Today, our little squirt is the size of a blueberry. Our ultrasound (the first DH will see) is on Tuesday at 11:30, and I am SO ready for it. I am so excited, but it makes me nervous to get too excited, you know? I am really trying to hand all of my worries over to God because I know that I am doing everything I can do, but the rest is up to Him.

Today is also DH’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Trevor! He is the big 2-6 (doesn’t look a day over 25, I tell you), and I hope he has a great and fabulous birthday. We are cooking out with his parents tonight for a little celebratory dinner at our house. Last year, I arranged for DH to be off on his birthday but didn’t tell him until that morning. He got up, got dressed and I said “What are you doing?” He got all irritated and said “I”m getting ready for work, what do you think?” Then I said “Why?” and he made a mad sound and tried to ignore me. I said “you don’t have to go to work today.” Him: “Yes, Jessica, I do. What is wrong with you?” Then I got all excited and said “No, you really don’t, I talked to your boss and you have the day off and so do I!” He was so excited and we had an awesome day playing and going to the movies. So, of course, he asked me this morning if he really had to go to work. Sorry, babe, but you do. I told him no more free days off with all the upcoming ultrasounds and doctor appointments.

Tomorrow is my bff’s baby shower, and I am really excited. A lot of planning has gone into it, and I hope she has a great time. I will post pictures on Monday. :)

Baby’s brain — both hemispheres! — is growing fast, generating about 100 new cells every minute. Arms and legs are emerging as joints start to form, and a permanent set of kidneys (baby’s third!) is now in place.

I Don’t Get It.

I saw the most horrifying thing on the way to work today (at least for me, dog-lover extraordinaire). I was driving on the interstate when, in front of me, I see a truck with a dog in the back. Normally, this makes me a little nervous, but I understand it’s a legitimate way for dogs to travel. However. This particular truck had no tailgate. So, the poor Rotty riding around in the back would be totally screwed if his a-hole owner slammed on brakes. To make matters worse, the guy is going at least 75, and every time he switches lanes, the dog jumps. Why? Other than to give me a heart attack, I don’t know. No one would ride behind this truck, I know because they were worried the dog would fly out and they’d run it over. He finally got off on an exit, but man, I just don’t get that. And no, the dog wasn’t wearing a leash that was tied to something or anything like that.

To me, that is irresponsible. Maybe it’s just me, but I care enough about my animals to make sure they can’t fly from my vehicle at a moment’s notice. My smaller dog rides in my lap (because she pukes if she’s anywhere else in the car) and our big dog rides in a dog hammock across the back seat of our SUV. Granted, Brock (the big lab) will never be trusted in the back of a truck again because of his idiocy…

Funny Story: My FIL was driving Brock somewhere and had him in the bed of the truck, but had his leash pulled through the back window so he could hold onto it. This was lucky because Brock soon decided to jump out of the truck while it was moving. Fortunately, they weren’t out of their neighborhood yet, so they were going slow, because Brock essentially hung himself out the side of the truck and was being dragged along the road. Idiot dog. Granted, most normal dogs do not do death-defying jumps such as this out of a moving vehicle, but the point I am trying to make is that dogs should be properly restrained when riding anywhere!

::steps off of soapbox::

PSA- they do make these things:

Less Than a Week

Until our next ultrasound. Yay! This was supposed to be our first one, but they didn’t take into account psychotic pregnant lady (aka me) and her many freak outs. Even though I literally just had an u/s a week ago and saw that little heartbeat, I am a nervous wreck for the next one. That is crazy, I know, but I am so emotionally invested in this baby, already. I love him so much and just want him to be healthy and safe.

For a slight departure from that worry-fest, and a little humor, DH and I were laying on the couch the other night, and my shirt kept rolling up. DH joked about my “fat” (also known as mega bloat) and I told him how gross it was and gave it a good pinch to illustrate the magnitude of the spare tire. His face went white and sick looking and he yelled “You’re crushing him! Stop it! You’re crushing him!” I couldn’t help laughing as I explained to DH that our baby does not reside in my fat layer, but several inches below the surface in my uterus. Bwa ha ha. Crazy guy.

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