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Oh, DH, you sneak!

So, DH surprised me and came home last night. I went to dinner with my bff, whose husband has been with DH all week. She just got in her car, and I just closed the door, when I heard the glass door squeak. I thought she forgot something, so I looked, and there was DH grinning at me. That little sneak! They always do that, those two. Last time they had a man-scursion for the weekend, they called and told us they were stuck in traffic and it would be another ten hours. Ten minutes later, they were on the porch.

Needless to say, I was very happy to see him and we got some good bonding time in.

AND I was very happy that DH didn’t flip out about the whole Catholicism thing. He is totally fine with trying out some Catholic churches and learning more about it. So, we’ll probably go to one tomorrow. Yay!


DH is coming home tomorrow! Yay!!! This week has been frightfully dull and empty without him. He should be back in the early afternoon. They were trying to make it to Beaufort, SC, today so the drive won’t be as terrible in the morning. I honestly cannot wait to see him. :)

On another more random note, I think I want to be Catholic. I don’t know where this came from, but I have always been interested in Catholism and I went to the bookstore last night and bought the Catholic Catechism to read over. I was raised Methodist, attended a Baptist church in my late teens/ early adult years, and now we go to a Presbyterian church. They’re all fairly similar. The Catholics do things differently, for sure, but I think I’m going to take a look at it. DH will rebel against this! We love to go to the more relaxed churches where you can wear jeans or whatever, and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen at a Catholic service. Who knows, this is just an idea I am entertaining, but I’m still trying to figure out all the differences between Protestants and Catholics before I make a firm decision. I am a big researcher, and I do not like to make any uninformed decisions.

Religion has always interested me, I took a couple courses in college, but I have been itching to find “my place” in my own religious life. We really need a church home, someplace we can join and go every week, and that’s what made me go ahead and look into all of my options. I think when you’re raised in a certain religion, it can be good to look at every aspect to make sure you’re where you want to be and not just going with what you know. I know without a doubt that I am Christian, but I need to find the denomination for me. If you’re Catholic, let me know so I can pick your brain!

*ETA- thanks for the Catholic girls letting me know that you can dress down in some Catholic churches! Obviously, the dress code is pretty low on my list of priorities as far as religion, but I was just wondering! I will be doing a post shortly with a blog award for some of you gals!

Ah, So Peaceful.

I think something’s wrong with me. I have felt so peaceful and zen-like for the past two days. The peacefulness became apparent when I was watching “The Notebook,” which I love, but usually turns me into a blithering mess. I did cry, but not in a crazy way. I feel like I’ve swallowed about 8 Xanax and am in that awesome medicated happy place. I can assure you, I haven’t popped an anti-anxiety pill in months. Hopefully the calm will last because it’s quite lovely. I just feel very content, which is odd considering what’s been going on in my life with TTC, work, etc. Who knows!

Back to Eating Non-Stop

Jillian Michaels, here I come! The eating is out of control. Any progress I made with the whole week and a half I did the 30 Day Shred has been covered up by new layers of blubber. Why do I do this to myself? Why can I not stick with an exercise or diet regime? I can watch my arms blow up before my eyes, and it’s revolting! Note to self: cookies with “only” four grams of fat are NOT low fat! Especially when they’re one inch wide and you eat eight of them. To help matters, what did I have for lunch today? Country Fried Steak. Like I said in a previous post, South Carolina = Hell for dieters. Salad is in my future.

How Depressing!

Wow, if you watch Jon and Kate plus 8, last night’s premiere was enough to make you cry. It is so depressing how that family has turned out. I mean, they still have adorable, smart little kids, but Jon and Kate are a mess! It seemed to me that Jon doesn’t want to be strapped down anymore and he wants out of the marriage and the show. I think Kate would work on things, but she wants to keep the show going. I honestly think they need to get out now. It was pitiful that there were paparazzi in the woods during their kids’ birthday party! No five year-old should have to deal with that kind of thing if it can be helped.

Kate needs to wise up and end the show now. It’s not “for the kids” as she claims it is, it’s about the money. They would be able to stop now, with all the money they have accumulated, and she and Jon could lead above-average lives, financially speaking. They have made about $75K per episode with 20 episodes per season, and are in the fifth season now. Let’s do the math, shall we? Try $7.5 million dollars, people, of course that’s before taxes, but even after the government rapes their profits, they’ve got at least four million just from the show, not even the speaking engagements, book proceeds and freebies. It has turned into a business. Poor kids. I don’t doubt that they both love their kids and want the best for them, but I do think that dollar signs can cloud judgment. I’m sure it is very hard to be in the spotlight, like Kate said. So remove yourself from it!

I bet this will be the last season.

On a TTC note, today is 4 dpo and there is nothing to report besides Metformin-induced gas, but that is my new normal. SO lovely. AND I am ready for DH to be home! It is uber-boring without him here!

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