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Cycle Day 3- No Stress for Me

It is the dawn of a new era: Non-stressed TTC. I have decided to be calm from now on. How are you planning such a feat, you may ask? By distracting myself with so many extra-curriculars that I simply do not have time to think about getting pregnant. I am going to write a book. Laugh, if you will, but I think it will be a great way to get involved with something else and de-stress. I’ll let you all know when I reach the NY Times Bestsellers list. LOL.

Seriously, though, all those stress hormones cannot be conducive to getting KTFU, so I am going to destroy them!

On a TTC note, I started Clomid again today. 50mg this morning to be followed by the same amount in the evening. Hopefully I won’t be mood-swinging and hot-flashing like crazy this time tomorrow. I will keep you, my loyal internet buddies, updated.

The Jerk is Back.

Of course. Cycle Day 1. I knew it was coming, so I’m not overly sad, but it’s still kind of sucky. I feel good about Cycle 3, though. Third time’s the charm, right?! Hopefully I won’t get crazy side effects from the upped dosage of Clomid. Currently, I am dying of cramps and very likely bleeding to death, so I am not at work. My Clomid periods have been horrible!

On a side note, I learned yesterday that the baby section at Kohl’s makes me physically hurt. No more baby clothes stalking for me!

Update on this weirdness

Okay, so I just got off the phone with my doctor, and she said that we are not “counting” this cycle as ovulatory. She said the goal with Clomid is three ovulatory cycles. Since the progesterone level was so low this time, we are throwing this one out (I could still be pregnant, oddly enough, but it’s doubtful I think). This gives us two more chances with Clomid instead of just one, which helps me to not freak out quite so much about going to an RE. I am going to be increasing my dosage of Clomid from 50mg once a day, to 50mg twice a day (total of 100mg). Hopefully, this will be a better solution for me and my crazy ovaries.

Also, I asked her about monitoring Clomid cycles, and they usually don’t do that just because of cost/ logistics issues. However, she thinks it will help me in regards to being so stressed out, so she is going to be monitoring me via ultrasound before ovulation during cycle 3. Yay! I feel really good about that decision and it does make me feel better. She is a very caring doctor and really tries to make her patients comfortable/ happy.

She said there is no such thing as a strong or weak ovulation: you ovulate or you don’t. A higher progesterone level is just more indicative that an o took place. I will be getting the progesterone level checked again in Cycle 3 (hopefully there won’t be another “Do-it-yourself Blood draw” this time around!).

If, by random miracle, I am KTFU, I am to call her immediately so I can be started on progesterone supplements. That’s pretty much what’s going on. It sucks, but I feel better after talking to her, so at least there’s that.

What the hell?!?

I finally got my progesterone levels back after the lovely machine breaking and it was 7.1. SEVEN POINT ONE! WTF?? My chart shows that I ovulated, but this number indicates that I did not (or had a VERY weak o).

I had my blood drawn on Thursday, but know for a fact that it wasn’t run until today. I don’t know, would that affect the levels? Probably not, but it’s so weird.

I am ready for some concrete answers.

…And we’re back.

Okay, temps. What is going on in there? My temp was back up a smidgeon this morning. Hmmm. I woke up at 5 and temped and got 97.79 (same as yesterday). I went back to sleep, woke at 6:30 and got a temp of 98.1, which I used b/c it was WAY closer to my normal temp time of 7 am. Upon checking my cervix this a.m., I found that it is STILL high. Curious, very curious. Of course I got another BFN this morning, though.

Oh, and did I mention that these cramps can go away any time now? I do believe that SEVEN consecutive days of them is quite enough. They make me panic.

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