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Ute: This is completely unacceptable

I hate my body. Seriously, I cannot take this anymore. I have had cramps like crazy for the past three days. So, of course, I frantically Google “cramps at xdpo” a zillion times. Apparently cramps can be good… or bad. Of course. Why is every single symptom completely ambiguous and can swing both ways?? I would like for there to be a totally separate two lists of symptoms. List 1 would contain every single symptom that I have had and be called “Things that happen when you’re pregnant.” The other list, #2, would be blank and called “Not pregnant stuff.” Mkay? Is that really too much to ask? My stupid temp dropped this morning and I literally wanted to gouge my eyes out when I used my cell phone light to read the thermometer at 7 this morning. Why is this so hard? I am not cut out for this torturous process of waiting, peeing on things and waiting some more. Not to mention the two BFNs I have gotten at 10 and 11dpo. Not very encouraging. If AF is coming, I’d like the her to arrive promptly so I can get blitzed tonight to ring in the joyous new year. Of course, Ideally, she will not come, I will get a BFP regardless of my dropping temps and I will be happy. It’s nice to dream, right?


is my progesterone level which means ::drum roll:: that I ovulated! Yes!!! I pretty much figured by my chart, but it is always nice to have some confirmation. :)

I feel like total ass today thanks to NO sleep at all. This day is super sucky.

I’m Obsessed (or so I’ve been told)

Yes, my DH says that I am officially obsessed with “my” baby stuff. I informed him quickly, and not so nicely, that I was obsessed with “our” baby stuff, lest he forget that he is part of this process, too. Despite the fact that his pronoun usage was incorrect, I am, indeed, obsessed. With each passing day, more and more phantom symptoms arise. I am now convinced that my bizarre dreams about Benjamin Button mean that I am KTFU. Seriously, though, I have had the most off-the-wall and vivid dreams for the past few nights. I also have sore nipples, which I have never had, but the kicker is that since I have not o’d in recent memory, I don’t know whether this is due to ovulation or my phantom baby. Hmmm… I had strong AF-like cramps around 5 this morning when I had to wake up to pee, so I automatically think “implantation?!” I am crazy and driving myself nuts. Although… isn’t my chart beautiful? I pray that it stays this way!! Good luck to me! Please, God, let me be pregnant!

6 DPO…

So, I am beginning to feel like I actually ovulated at 6DPO. I haven’t had any temps below the coverline (and hopefully won’t!). I had two days where I woke up at 5 randomly and had to temp then, but those temps were still up, so that’s good, though frustrating that I don’t know what my “real” temps were. Oh well! I am about to get moving so I can head to the doctor to get my CD21 Blood work done. It’s really CD22 for me, but seeing as how CD21 was Christmas, my doctor said it was fine to wait until today. I am really nervous. Not so much about blood work or my progesterone levels as I am about being pregnant. I am SO anxious for this luteal phase to move along so that I can test. At the same time, I am terrified to test and take away my “dream world” where I COULD be pregnant. I will be so devasted if that little stick says “no” to me. I had a lot of cramping the first few days PO, but not so much now. I had a major metallic taste in my mouth around days 3 and 4, but it hasn’t shown up really today at all. My nipples are sore to the touch, which NEVER happens to me, but that could also be because of ovulation, since that has also never happened to me! (At least in recent memory!) Ah, well. I guess we continue to participate in the waiting game. Joy. :)

Merry Day After!

Merry Christmas to everyone, a little late. Yesterday was super crazy for DH and I. We woke up early, went to my mom’s for presents, then to his parents for brunch and gifts, then back to our house so I could cook my contribution to Christmas dinner, then off to my aunt’s house for our BIG family dinner with all 20-ish people. It is alwasy mass chaos! We had a great first married Christmas, though. We got lots of money and gift cards, which we DESPERATELY wanted! We spent some really great quality time with all of our family, most importantly. I feel blessed to have such a great family and to have married into an equally awesome group of people. :)

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