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Getting Married Makes You Fat… Really??

Let me answer that with a huge, resounding YES! In the five short months since my blessed nuptials, I have put on a ridiculous 12 pounds! Some of you may think “Shut up, I’ve gained more than that!” For those of you, I say this: I am 5’3″ and now feel like a fat lard. Granted, I was three pounds less than my “normal” weight at our wedding, but my frustration is not at the weight gain, it’s at the impossibly stubborn nature of its staying power. Usually, if I want to shed some lbs, I simply eat “healthy” for a week or two and it slides off. This time however, I feel like a fat lard that keeps rolling in more lard, creating numerous layers of mushy, dimply fat.

I have been on this diet from hell for over a month now and will lose maybe two pounds, then gain them right back. I do not understand this crap! I even started to exercise (which for the record I despise!!) hoping for better results. Alas, I have been denied. Even now, the thought of that measly Lean Cuisine flatbread that I had for lunch makes my fat mouth water! I am so hungry!! My goal is to get back to my goal weight before I get pregnant. Maybe that’s dumb, to get skinny before I get fat, but to me it makes sense. If I get fatter than I already am, that’s just additional weight for me to lose later. I’d rather do it now if at all possible. Oh well. Off to dream of mexican food. Mmmm chimichangas!

Hey Ya’ll

Hey, ya’ll, welcome to my life. I’m a 23 year old living in the South with my husband, Trevor, our two dogs and two kittens. We got married in May and are TTC. I watch too much TV, am moderately snarky and love my man more than words.

I have come to realize that after getting married and buying a house, I am in huge amounts of debt. I am pretty sure that I have a slight, scratch that, major shopping addiction. I just love to decorate and make things comfortable, so I have made a bit of a problem for myself. I, thankfully, came to realize this and have decided to do Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover aka youwillneverhavefunorspendmoneyeveragainbutyouwillbeoutofdebt.  Anyway, it makes me happy to know that there is an end in sight, but it’s really hard to deal with the fact that I can literally spend nothing for quite a long time. I think I needed a good kick in the tush, though, because I certainly cannot afford to spend money like I do.

I would like to have some of this debt tackled (or at least on the way too being erased) by the time we get pregnant. Mainly, I want money in savings for when that happens so that I can splurge and buy cute baby stuff. (I think I’m regressing before I’ve even made any progress…. oh well) I’m off to get back to work (my favorite thing- ha, yeah right. I’d love to know what dumb woman fought for a woman’s “right” to work. What happened to my “right” to stay home, fry things and have babies?) I digress… my birthday is tomorrow, though, yay!
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